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traveling in belgium

Practical Tips for Traveling From Brussels

If you are a holiday traveler with any experience, you will know that transport is one of the most important things to consider. Traveling in Belgium is no exception. 


You might have to consider your flight to and from Belgium from wherever you may be. You might also have to think about how you’re going to transport yourself around the country once you’re there. 


Getting to your destination is crucial, but so is knowing how to travel within the place you have visited. It all depends on the mode of transport, and which one is most convenient for you. 


Research is needed to be able to make the right choice. In a place like Belgium, there are many ways of getting around. It all depends on where you are coming from and where you are going.


Since there are so many different options when traveling in Belgium, it can feel quite overwhelming to plan your transportation routes and expenses. 


That is why guides like this one exist. What is the best way to travel between Brussels, which is the main transport hub, and Bruges, which is the major tourist center in Belgium? This article will answer that.

traveling in belgium

Traveling in Belgium: 4 Practical Tips 

Traveling Around Belgium

First up on our list of practical tips while traveling in Belgium is the main international airport. It’s absolutely necessary that you’re familiar with this popular travel destination. 


The most convenient way to get into Belgium itself is through the main international airport. That is Brussels Airport—Zaventem.


It also goes by the name Zaventem Airport because it is situated in Zaventem, on the outskirts of the capital.


This international thoroughfare is one of the busiest in Europe.


In addition to that, it also functions as the headquarters for operations of the national Belgian Airlines. Belgium’s airspace is generally considered to be the most complex in Europe.


Trains, buses, automobiles, or aircraft are all viable modes of transportation to get to Brussels Airport – Zaventem. However, taking a bus is the cheapest method.


The bus routes are well maintained and reasonably priced. From the city of Bruges, there is a direct connection directly to the airport itself.


There is so much convenience in having a direct line from here, without any hassle or stress.

traveling in belgium

Zaventem As A Transport Hub

Next up on our list of practical tips while traveling in Belgium is using Zaventem as a major transport hub, no matter where you’re going. 


The integral role of Zaventem cannot be overstated. European Air Transport has its head office on the grounds of Brussels Airport, right in Zaventem.


The facility is very close to the city center of Brussels, and it is also convenient to find transit to other Belgian cities. Charleroi Airport is far better connected to the Brussels city center as well as other parts of Belgium than Charleroi Airport is.


You can catch trains or buses to cities like Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, and Leuven if you wish. There is much to explore in Belgium beyond what you will find in Brussels.


Even around Zaventem, there are many interesting locations to visit and savor. While undoubtedly very busy from all the international travel, this is an area where many undiscovered jewels are waiting to be explored and visited.


It is a good place for physical activity, whether you enjoy cycling or hiking. There are many cathedrals, museums, and other monuments for those who love cultural, artistic, and historic relics.

traveling in belgium

Exploring Bruges

Next up on our list of practical tips while traveling in Belgium is learning how to explore each city you go to.


Before you decide to leave Bruges, you have to make sure you have truly savored the experience and enjoyed the city to the fullest.


While it is not very large, Bruges is packed with sites like Stevens. The Old Town is especially stunning.


There is an abundance of picturesque medieval buildings and bustling squares, and the small area means that much ground can be covered in just a day or two.


Its medieval streets spread out from the squares, still made from cobblestones, with horses clomping by. It is like going back in time to a peaceful period in the Middle Ages.


Bruges is regarded as one of Europe’s most romantic cities due to its tranquil and emotive atmosphere. That does not mean it is restricted to only couples, however.


It is truly a fantastic destination to visit, whether for the lone traveler, a family with kids, or a friend group.


The local market square is the main highlight and the focal point to explore from.


What were once over-colorful step-gabled homes and merchant quarters are now restaurants and stores in Market Square, but the essence of the past remains and is celebrated.


The streets here are cobblestoned to encourage walking and sightseeing.

traveling in belgium

A City Of Canals And Great Food

Speaking of exploring, make sure you take in all the sights, culture, and food. This is one of the last tips on our list of practical tips while traveling in Belgium.


Bruges has been nicknamed “The Venice of the North”, because, like that Italian city, Bruges is a city of canals. Taking a boat tour is one of the things you simply must do in Bruges.


Another thing you must do is eat. You can sample some food in Market Square or find local mayonnaise-topped French fries.


Ask anyone, those fries are Belgian. You have not been to Belgium if you have not tried Belgian waffles. These waffles are a source of national pride because they are bigger and fluffier than waffles you would find elsewhere.


Bruges is one of the best places to truly savor Belgium’s chocolate culture. You may even visit a chocolate maker that offers a guided tour if you want to discover how Belgian chocolate is prepared. 

traveling in belgium


Traveling within Europe is always a breeze, especially while you’re traveling in Belgium. The major places are very connected by well-maintained modes of transit and are a highlight of visiting just about any country in Europe.


Traveling within Belgium is no different. Get more information from here.


Europe has so many different options for transportation, no matter the country. Traveling in Belgium is no exception. 


There is plenty of options for car rentals, motorhome rentals, as well as public transport. There are options for every type of person that plans on traveling in Belgium. 


The biggest hurdle while traveling in Belgium is planning. You just have to be able to research where you’re coming from and where you’re going. There are lots of options out there as long as you do the research and plan accordingly. 


When you’re traveling in Belgium, make sure you make it a point to stop at each location and really soak in the sights. Belgium has many cute towns and delicious foods to explore, like the Belgian waffle.


By doing so, you can really get the most out of your time traveling in Belgium. This is how you ensure you make the most out of your vacation! 


Stay practical, do your research, and be ready to have the trip of your life. 


However, just by reading this article, you’re already a step ahead! If you’d like more information on traveling in Europe, we’ve got plenty of travel guides for that too. 

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