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Some of the Most Unique Restaurants In Germany

What Are Some of the Most Unique Restaurants in Germany?


If you have been vacationing or even residing in Germany for quite some time, you have probably had your fair share of schnitzel and bratwurst because these are some of the top foods that are commonly offered at the different restaurants throughout the country.


Restaurants in Germany
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However, if you are looking to enjoy the taste of new and exciting food that is a lot different from what you have already consumed while traveling throughout Germany, these are some of the most unique hot spots in the area.


Choosing to eat at a unique place is ideal because you may want to try new foods. Trying out new dishes is a great way to become even healthier. You truly do not know what you will like if you do not give it a chance by eating at places that serve foods that are considered slightly different and out of the ordinary. You could end up enjoying a lot of healthier cuisine in the long run.


Cookies Cream


When most people think of German cuisine, they often think of meaty dishes because meat is commonly included in meals throughout the day in Germany. However, those who are trying to live a meat-free lifestyle will absolutely love the Cookies Cream restaurant. The restaurant provides light dishes that are perfect for both vegetarians and vegans. Some of the tasty selections offered at this restaurant include parmesan dumplings with truffle, quail eggs, celery salad, and more.


Asia Unique


Another one of the unique restaurants in Germany is Asia Unique, a family-owned eatery serving some of the tastiest Asian dishes. Those who have stopped by this hot spot in the past have raved over the low prices, generous portions, and flavorful dishes that are served here. There are many great options on the menu for you to choose and try, including chicken skewers with rice and peanut sauce, duck with broccoli and vegetables, duck in peanut sauce, and even soybean salad. If you love Asian food and you are missing out on the taste of it, stop by Asia Unique while you are in Germany to fulfill your cravings.


NENI Berlin


Another unique and top-rated restaurant in the country is NENI Berlin, a place that is known for its delicious food and amazing interior design with excellent views for guests to enjoy while they are dining. The restaurant serves some tasty fare, including roasted eggplant, beetroot with horseradish, beef and lamb kabobs, Korean fried chicken salad, and even a pomelo salad that comes with pomegranate seeds and mackerel. The meals that are featured on the menu of this eatery are far different from the common and traditional items found on menus of other eateries throughout the country.


There are hundreds of different places to eat good food in Germany, but these are some of the most unique hot spots. If you are looking to find food that is not traditional German food, you should visit one or each of these different restaurants and try out what they have on their menus.


Whether you want a vegetarian or vegan dish, Asian food, or even something much different than you have ever had before, these eateries will not disappoint.

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