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Heading to St. Barts? Here’s 5 Exciting Things to Do

Saint Barthelemy, also called St. Barts, is not only a perfect location for relaxation, it offers much more excitement for adventure lovers.


Is it the crystal clear water? Or the lush foliage that is only available in the Caribbean? There are a lot of things to explore here. As an intrepid explorer, you get more than enough fun at St. Barts.


Did you know that St. Barts was voted #1 best Caribbean honeymoon location? This petite island in the Caribbean is perfect for couples, single travelers, and families alike!


Many celebrities have been known to frequent the island. The island has the perfect blend of European and Caribbean influences- there are lots of hotels, restaurants, and nature to explore. 


The environment of this island has several wonderful water sports. It is very suitable for hiking and other fun outdoor activities.


This guide shows you some of the places and activities to explore on the Island of St. Barthelemy. You will want to be here for your next holiday.


Below are the five best activities and places to explore at Saint Barthelemy.

st. barts

Top 5 Best Places and Activities on Saint Barthelemy

Deep-Sea Fishing

In Saint Barthelemy, you will find some of the best deep-sea fishing spots in the entire Caribbean islands. What else can you ask for than to return with a trophy fish after a fun day of fishing activity?


St. Barts fishing expeditions like hunting tuna, marlin, wahoo, sailfish, and barracuda – especially happen between May and September. Between December and April, there is abundant Mahi-Mahi.


When fishing in St. Barts, you can be assured that you are being environmentally friendly! The tiny island seeks to preserve the local wildlife by creating “reserves” to fish in.


Of course, if you go on a fishing charter or boat that’s guided by a captain, you won’t have to worry about finding where these reserves are.


And because snacks, drinks, and fishing gear are available, you can relax and focus on catching the biggest fish for the day. You may also buy anything you need onboard.

st. barts

Have Fun on The Beach

If you are looking for an amazing destination for white sand, the little volcanic island of St. Barts is an ideal place to be. The beach is located in the heart of the Caribbean Ocean.


Here, you’ll take advantage of varieties of fun activities, including canoeing tours.


What’s more fun than visiting the Bay of Flanders? This is the longest beach on St. Barts island. Also in the south of this island is the Governor’s Beach.


The choice may confuse you, as you will need to pick between golden sand and turquoise sea. You won’t know where to begin.


If you have enough time, exploring a treasure is possible. According to history, a pirate was said to hide one there.


If you need some off-beat experience, don’t forget to visit the Anse des Colombiers, situated on the West of the island.


The island might be small, but it is packed with beaches to visit. There are actually 11 beaches that you are able to access. 


Perhaps, if you’re looking for something that is right in the heart of the island, try St. Jean beach. It’s surrounded by shopping, restaurants, delicious waterfront bars, and more. 


However, no matter which of the beaches you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a relaxing vacation on the tiny French-speaking island of St. Barts. 

st. barts

FlyBoard and Jet Ski

Looking to add a bit of excitement to your vacation to St. Barts? Consider an attraction such as using a flyboard or a jet ski! For adrenaline junkies, this is perfect. 


The race of Fly Ski in St Barthelemy offers you day-to-day fly ski excursions. This is often from Gustavia to the quiet waters of the island.


As well as offering Jet Ski rentals for a portion of a day, a day, or the entire day, you will get the most selective action.


Flyboarding is a new extreme sport that permits you to fly in a moment! It is a frill that connects to the personal watercraft (PWC).


It permits the Flyboard to impel itself through the air and water. Impetus is conveyed through the essential mouth that connects to the Flyboard feet of the user.


Regardless of its intuitive activity, the Flyboard is a movement to be drilled with cautiousness.

st. barts

Walks and Hikes

Even with the many energizing choices to explore the oceans encompassing the island of St. Barts, there is more fun on land.


Some great ways to have more fun here are to explore pleasant seashores, volcanic stone arrangements, and striking shorelines – by foot.


There are several trails you can walk by with family and friends. Tour the short path to Colombier – it begins at the stopping point past Flamand’s ocean side.


The posting point by Torny, or the paths to the ‘clothes washer’ of Grand Fond.


For more adventurous individuals, they are free to hire a guide to help them tackle the lofty trips of Mount Vitet. This gives you the most elevated perspective on the islands.


A visit to the natural pools of Petit Cul-De-Sac is also a great destination visit.

st. barts

Cruising Tours or Boat Trips

Do you want a more relaxed sea experience? Sure you can captain yours, or simply unwind on board as a visitor upon a boat or sailboat.


Moor and go snorkeling off the boat at a few mystery spots to see fish, or spy moving birds as well as nests not apparent on land with binoculars.  


With the availability of a full and half-day, you can pick a fast whip around the island with an exciting excursion-style lunch. Also, a more loosened-up trip with a connoisseur supper prepared new at hand is available.


If that’s not enough, you may visit any of the nine best eateries in St Barths. Additionally, those who need to simply have a play on the waters can go cruising for a little while.


The delicate breezes of Grande Cul-De-Sac, Public, and Colombier make them the best spot for doing such.

st. barts


St. Barts island remains a top destination for fun activities. This location is perfect for adventurers and vacationers. Tour any of the beaches and get involved in the activities. You won’t regret any of these experiences!


You can come to St. Barts and relax on one of the many beaches. You can enjoy a drink at any of the beach restaurants like the Sand Bar at Eden. You can go on a relaxing hike or boat tour. 


But if you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, you can rent a jet ski and zip across the turquoise waters. You can opt for a deep-sea fishing trip and get the catch of the day! 


No matter what you choose, you’ll definitely have fun on St. Barts. There’s plenty to do for adults, kids, and grandparents alike! This tiny island in the Caribbean is suitable for anybody to come! 


Between deep sea fishing, exploring the beaches, going for a walk, jet skiing, or going on a boat trip, there are so many experiences to enjoy on the island of St. Barts. 


Plus, if you’re looking specifically for kid-friendly Caribbean places to visit like St. Barts, check out our guide on that!

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