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The Caribbean is a hugely popular tourist destination for a reason.


Well, several reasons if we’re honest, but the sun, sea, and sand aspect of things is out in front of the rest. The popularity and sheer volume of paradise island-style resorts is not lost on any traveler.


And yet, ask yourself… do you think of it as a family getaway?


Romantic sunsets, carnival-style parties, and sunbathing are a stock-in-trade aspect of Caribbean holidays. However, all of these aspects have something in common.


For a child, they could be considered either boring or inappropriate. For this reason, when we think of “family” holidays, we think of destinations like Disneyland or educational trips to the Grand Canyon.


We rarely think of the Caribbean, and this means that young and old both can be missing out.


Go to the same old family haunts and it soon becomes repetitive for parents. Holiday in the chic fairytale destinations that you see on TV, and kids will – in short – be bored out of their skulls.


Or, you could take yourself to a spot where sunbathing, nightlife, excursions and family activities are such an option. Do you know of such a place?


Well, thankfully the Caribbean has lots of islands to choose from, and plenty to do while there.


For kids of all ages, there are delights in store on the islands.


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Here are My Choices of Kid Friendly Caribbean Destinations

The Bahamas


Film fans may think of the Bahamas as that spot on the map where Chief Brody goes in Jaws 4 to get away from the shark-based horrors of his past (instead of somewhere less coastal like Wyoming, weirdly…).


The islands of the Bahamas are, no doubt, popular with retirees, but there’s a lot here for kids too.

While parents may look at the island of Atlantis and crave the magnificent French restaurants and spas, kids can marvel at the free cinema and kids-only pools.


The whole family, meanwhile, can gaze in wonder at the 97-acre waterscape where marine life swims all around you (though safely behind Plexiglass).


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An interesting fact about Barbados: in its capital, Bridgetown, all houses are built from stone. This is due to an ordinance issued after a fire in 1666, which tore through the wood-built town.


That fact may bore your kids, but one thing that won’t is the family resort at Saint Peter. It features a shaded playground, where kids can play to their hearts’ content, as well as a swim-up cinema. Maybe they even show Jaws…


For parents, coastal safari tours and afternoon tea are a major attraction. For the whole family, the views and family atmosphere are hard to beat.


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is the one country most synonymous with the Caribbean, but as a family holiday destination, how does it fare?


Well, while many resorts are adult-focused, the world famous Montego Bay is renowned for being family-friendly. While parents may enjoy a romantic rafting trip or evening at the swim-up bar, kids can enjoy tennis clinics and reggae dancing classes.


The options truly are limitless. When it comes to having a kid friendly Caribbean vacation. There truly is something for everyone! 



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