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Top 10 Last Minute Weekend Getaway Ideas With Mom

While the world can sometimes seem like a scary place, there’s always one person we can safely rely on to find comfort and affection- our mom. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to let her know how much she means to you by planning an exciting weekend getaway with her.


These last-minute weekend getaway ideas are sure to please. Keep reading to discover some fun ideas.


We’re sure that by the time you reach the end, you’d have gotten your suitcases and backpacks out, all set for your adventures!

weekend getaway, cheap getaway

Top 10-weekend Getaway Ideas to Have with Your Mom

Mother’s Day is the best excuse to take your beloved mom on a fun weekend getaway that will let her feel how much you love and care about her. Also, since you are planning a trip for Mother’s Day, make sure that you make your mother feel like a queen.


Thus, instead of asking your mom to do the packing and planning, take charge and pack her luggage.


Likewise, it is an excellent idea to plan your trip, make all the flights and hotel bookings and let your mom enjoy the much-needed break from her routine life. 


So if you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway idea to make this Mother’s Day special for your mom, you are at the right place. In this article, we have rounded up the top 10 perfect weekend getaway ideas that will help you make your Mother’s Day more memorable. 


So let’s get started, shall we?

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Have a perfect spa weekend

What can be more relaxing than planning weekend spa getaways near me with your mama this Mother’s Day?


Spending a day or two at a spa with your mama can help you rejuvenate and recharge. You can enjoy specialized massages or a full body massage, soak in a hot tub or steam room, get skin treatments, relax with a drink, and indulge in a gossip session together!


You can unwind and kick back in bed with a book or enjoy a dinner night out during the evening. Moreover, if your mom loves delicious food, you can take her out for dinner where you can relish good food and some drinks and jazz music. 

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Visit a relaxing resort

A visit to the luxurious resort is a perfect way to spend a weekend with your mom without any hassle of planning a travel itinerary. So if you are looking for mini-vacations near me, a trip to a luxury resort is the perfect place to be. 


Furthermore, a visit to a retreat with your mom will give you a fun-filled experience where you can enjoy lip-smacking food, drinks, adventure activities, and soak in the sun at some of the luxury accommodations included in your package. 


It will help you eliminate your mom’s stress and give her a relaxing weekend. In addition, taking your mom to a resort with her entire friend group will assist you in giving her a much-needed break from the everyday monotonous life.


Similarly, if your mom is into meditation and spirituality, in that case, many resorts offer exceptional meditation and Yoga retreats that will help you and your mom relax and feel at peace.

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Go on a wine tasting trip 

If you are looking for a restful weekend getaway near me with fantastic food and, most importantly, some drinks, a wine tasting tour might fit your bill!


There are plenty of wine tasting excursions situated throughout the United States and beyond, so no matter where you remain located in the world, you are likely to be able to find the perfect wine tasting spot to visit with your mom! 


So this Mother’s Day, spend some time exploring vineyards, seeing how some of your favorite wines are made, trying luxury and regional wine drinks, and unwinding in the countryside!


To make your experience more unforgettable, you can combine this with an evening soaking in a hot tube, or hitting the town for a shopping spree!


Also, you can shop for some wine bottles for your mother and make a tradition of having a wine session every weekend where you and your mom would chit-chat endlessly for hours. 

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Take your mom on a shopping spree

What woman doesn’t like shopping? However, being a caring mother, your mom would usually spend all her money fulfilling her children’s wishes. So another perfect weekend getaway idea is taking your mom on a shopping spree and asking your mom to spend some money buying her favorite dress or jewelry.


So, this Mother’s Day, have fun with your mom and treat yourself and your mom to a much-needed shopping trip. 


Furthermore, going on a shopping trip with your mom has its advantages. For instance, your mother always remains versed with your likes and dislikes, and she can always help you pick the perfect items.


On the other hand, you can encourage your mom to try her favorite slip-on dress or shop for the jewelry pieces she always wanted to buy. 

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Hit the beach with your mom

With the sand touching your toes, crashing waves as your background, and your favorite drink in hand, worry and responsibility will be the last thing on your mom’s mind!


Bring a picnic lunch or find a nearby eatery or food truck, enjoy a tropical (alcoholic beverage), and capture some scenic views for your Instagram with some tan and lots of memories. 

woman cruise, weekend getaway, cheap getaway

Go on a cruise getaway

While some cruise trips are much longer and not possible as a weekend getaway, there are many overnight and two-day cruise options available that you can pick from when planning a weekend getaway with your mom.


You can quickly find numerous two or three-night cruises in the United States to the Bahamas/ Caribbean or discover destination-specific travel companies that will take you on short sails in the destination city location. 


Another alternative is to take a day cruise, whether it be an evening cruise, lunch or dinner cruise, and so on, and enjoy that in combination with some sightseeing experience, shopping, unwinding at the hotel, or whatever you feel like doing!


Remember that this getaway is solely to make your mother feel relaxed and offer her a much-needed break!

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Take a road trip to your favorite destination

A scenic road trip to your favorite destination is another perfect option for a quick weekend getaway with your mommy. While a road trip will likely be more fun-filled than resting in a luxury resort or heading to a spa, it would be worth it if your mom loves adventures! 


Choose a definitive destination or merely move from place to place, enjoying different places and indulging in some exhilarating activities! In addition, you can also seek out some remote places or visit some bucket list destinations you have been eyeing for some time!


Whatever you prefer, turn up the music and let your mother unwind and destress from all the worries!

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Tour a national park

If you like to have an outdoor getaway with your mom, a trip to a national park will give you just that! There are countless wildlife reserves and national parks located in the Western United States and a few sprinkled in the Eastern United States, with plenty more spread worldwide.


So, do some research and find a national park close to your home or distant and spend some time in the wilderness, admiring the natural beauty. 


Moreover, while on a getaway to a national park, you can enjoy various water sports or hiking that will help you get a more restful excursion. Many national parks offer picturesque drives with plenty of spectacular vistas you don’t have to work to see!

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Go camping amidst the lush nature

If you wish to have an outdoor weekend getaway nestled amidst the serene nature, camping can be the perfect option. To make your camping getaway fun, you can rent an RV, opt-in for a retro tent camping site, or do some research on camping sites that help calm your minds and bring you close to nature.


During your camping trip, you can take some quick halts near the waterfalls or mountains where you can spend some peaceful time watching the setting sun and clicking pictures for your Instagram. 


Also, when at the campsite with your mom, you can choose to relax with a good book, wine, and bonfire or take a dip in a nearby lake or sea, or make the trip a little more enthralling and hit some nearby hiking tracks and explore the surrounding scenic locations.

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Plan a fun hike

You might have heard countless times that escaping into the woods is an ideal way that helps you lose your mind and find your soul. So, if your mom is the adventurous type, taking her on a hike is the perfect escape to let all the anxieties of daily life fall off her shoulders and give you the chance to unwind and get back to the basics.


Also, a hiking trip will bring out the adventurer in your mom, and it would be a fun sight to watch your mom beaming like a happy kid. 


Reasons why planning a weekend getaway with your mom is the best

Here are some reasons why planning a weekend getaway with your mom can be the perfect gift for this Mother’s Day


Experience some quality time together

Do you remember the last time you spent some quality time with your mother? And by quality time, we mean time spent without any disturbances, where you would talk endlessly, laugh your heart out and enjoy each other’s company.


So, if you cannot remember or want to spend some more time with your mother, planning weekend getaways or mini-vacations near me sounds like a perfect plan. Also, when you travel together, you generally spend less time stressing about work or worrying about mundane issues.


It is why quality time is one of the reasons why you must travel with your mama. 

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Create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime

While going on a trip and making fun memories with your friends is an excellent idea, you must unquestionably try this with your mom. A perfect reason to plan a weekend getaway with your mom is to create memories you will cherish for a lifetime.


Moreover, the best way of reliving the memories with your mommy is to try DYing a collage or a photo album together. 


You can even keep these photos as a remembrance to show to your children and tell them about the fun experiences you had with their grandma. Hopefully, someday your kids will take a trip with you too, and this can even turn into a unique family ritual that would pass from generation to generation.


You will make excellent travel partners

You and your mother may not know everything about each other, but you unquestionably understand a lot about each other’s likes, personalities, and dislikes. Your mom would already know what kind of food you like, what’s your favorite TV show or pass the time, and vice-versa.


Perhaps, your mom would know you much better than anyone else in the world. 


You and your mom would assuredly prove to be the perfect travel buddy for your next weekend getaway. Moreover, spending quality time together with your mom would make you feel calm and comfortable in each other’s presence. 


Away from your day-to-day life, you can learn about what your mom likes and dislikes the most. You can tell her your secrets or discover some hidden talents that you both might be unaware of all these years.


Simple moments like these can turn into special memories for your mom. So this Mother’s Day is the perfect time to rediscover love and make the mother–daughter–son relationship blossom again!

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A weekend getaway together will take you out of your comfort zone

Traveling, quite different from how you and your mother live at home, can offer you both exciting new experiences that will unquestionably take you both out of your comfort zone. Is it on top of your bucket list? 


Would you love camping in Morocco? Or try bungee jumping in New Zealand? Have you always wanted to go on a hike or a trip to a national park?


Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to check these items off your traveling bucket list and get out of your comfort zone. 


You can make new friends

Given the age gap and numerous other differences, such as personal interests and lifestyle, you and your mom probably will not have the same group of friends. However, this can change when you go on a quick weekend getaway with your mom. 


While traveling with your mother, you will explore new destinations and have fun experiences, and these make the ideal opportunity for you to meet some new people along the way and quickly become friends.


Moreover, you and your mama can try visiting some new places with your new friends or grab a couple of drinks. And, when you interact with like-minded individuals who love exploring the world, age is just a number.


You can catch up with your mom if you live afar

In this modern, fast-paced world, you might sometimes not get enough time to spend with your mom. Also, if you live away from your home, spending quality time together would be even more challenging.


Plus, texting, talking on the phone, and Skyping is not the same as seeing your mother in person to spend hours chit-chatting with a cup of joe. 


Planning a quick weekend getaway together will give you and your mom the perfect opportunity to catch up away from any distractions. Additionally, you will have plenty of time to talk your heart out and catch up on what’s happening in your mom’s life.

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Significance of celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day celebrates maternal bonds and motherhood and is the day we thank our mothers for bringing us into this world. After all, mothers play a crucial part in our lives and stand by our side through thick and thin, inspiring and guiding us when we require it the most.


And who doesn’t like coming home to taste their mom’s deliciously cooked food?


So be it cooking food, looking after us when we are sick, or standing by our side like a rock, mothers are the most selfless creations of God. Thus, Mother’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to thank our mothers for all the love and care she gives to the family and bring a smile to their face. 


Final words 

Mother’s Day is all about honoring mothers’ influences on society, and nothing will ever compare to the awesome experiences you and your mother take together. So, this Mother’s Day, surprise your mom by taking her on a weekend getaway to her favorite place and making this day one of the best ones of her life.


Also, don’t forget to click pictures for your scrapbook to relive those memories again. Wishing all the beautiful mothers a happy Mother’s Day!

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