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3 Unique Casino Trip Ideas That Are Not In Hotels

It is no question that gambling has made a massive rise in the entertainment area of the public’s lives over the past few years, especially with the increase in popularity of some of the best online casinos and betting applications. But people still want to get away and travel to casinos. With these unique casino trip ideas, you can do just that without going to a traditional hotel-casino.


Keep reading for our casino trip ideas so you can get away from it all while having a unique casino travel experience!

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Unique Casino Trip Ideas When You Want to Get Away


The public still loves the feeling of getting away from home and visiting a casino in the flesh. Some love going to Vegas or Atlantic City or other high-profile casino locations across the United States, but there are other options out there.


There are many smaller, vastly unique casino experiences and opportunities to have. These casino trip ideas are filled with adventure! 


These unique casinos may not be in the biggest destinations in the country, but they have unique characteristics that give gambling a whole new experience. They also give the gambler who likes to travel another excuse to visit other parts of the country.


Who doesn’t want to visit different parts of the country to visit a unique casino or get a unique experience? Here are our three casino trip ideas to consider for your travel planning.


X-Train Casino

First on our list of casino trip ideas is the X-Train. It’s a luxury train that travels a rail line between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and allows travelers to begin their gambling and casino experience during their travels.


This train started operating in 2011 and has continued to grow in popularity due to the great experience it offers. It may be a longer trip than taking a flight to Las Vegas, but the experience of riding on a moving casino makes it worth it.


The X-Train features casino cars with various games, multiple lounge cars with comfortable seating, its own sports bar, and dining cars. During this roughly five-hour train ride from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, train goers will receive a meal and a beverage as part of their ticket, which also gives them access to the rest of the train’s amenities.


What better way to kick off a trip to Vegas than by gambling while you travel!

unique casino, casino trip ideas

The Flying Casino

Second, on our list of casino trip ideas, is the Flying Casino. That’s right a flying casino!


There are some luxury airliner companies, such as Airjet that are designing and building large consumer planes that will offer the casino feel in air travel.


There are a few private airlines that are able to be rented for high rollers and their friends, but commercial airlines are looking to offer these types of special flights, especially to bigger casino-based destinations like Las Vegas.


While these tickets will come with a higher price tag, the experience would be phenomenal! 


These commercial casino flights are being built on Boeing 777 to have a regular seating deck and then a second deck that comes equipped as a lounge with gaming tables and machines as well as a bar. This is not something unusual, as these bigger planes often offer a lounge area for passengers aboard flights for those long trips.


But airlines want these types of luxury planes to be more of a social experience rather than just a seat on a commuter plane type of feel.


While these types of luxury jets aren’t mainstream yet, as airlines can lower prices and make this a more affordable experience, they will increase in frequency.unique casino, casino trip ideas

The Puddle

Finally on our list of casino trip ideas is The Puddle. The Puddle refers to the Rivers Casino located in Des Plaines, Illinois. Now, the middle of the midwest may not seem like it would offer the best casino experiences, but the midwest, especially along the Mississippi River offers a wide range of gambling and casino experiences.


That is because before gambling became more socially acceptable, states like Illinois only allowed legal casinos to operate on riverboat casinos. 


This led to the creation of the Rivers Casino which is actually located in the outer suburbs of Chicago. The original owner had to get past this law about riverboat casinos by constructing his casino in the middle of a man-made puddle.


This allowed him to get the licensing he needed to build his casino. Today, the puddle no longer exists, but this piece of history makes it worth the visit to the Midwest casino.


Other Unique Casinos

There are some other unique casino experiences and casino trip ideas to be had outside the U.S. but are much more unlikely for the average person to visit. Like Base Esperanza, also known as the Ice Cold Casino which is located in Antarctica. Or the Desert Cave Hotel in Australia which is built underground in the rocks.


Final Thoughts

Find that unique casino experience that gives your gambling ventures a whole new level of excitement. With these casino trip ideas, you are sure to land something special that will be fun for your whole travel party.


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