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7 of the Best Restaurants in Canada for Foodies

There are hundreds of top restaurants in Canada if you fancy culinary delights. However, if you’re planning a trip to Toronto, St. John’s, or Montreal, you’ll want to take note of foodie favorites.


Each province has unique characteristics; therefore, restaurants in Canada deliver culinary history like a dish with numerous elements. Dining out in Canada’s cities is just as sophisticated and diverse as it is in any other large city in the world and brings you on a culinary adventure.


While you may not be able to do a cross-country culinary tour anytime soon unless you charter a private jet, these restaurants in Canada will encourage you to keep your to-eat list handy and use it as quickly as possible.


With people from all over the world calling Canada home, you can actually enjoy traditional Chinese food, classic French, and modern Canadian all on the same road.


Many restaurateurs adapted to the lack of in-person dining by focusing on takeout or opening temporary bodegas, butcher shops, bakeries, and bottle shops; while some have returned to purely operating as restaurants, others have decided to preserve these components.


Keep reading for a few of the most sought-after restaurants in Canada.

noodle, restaurants in Canada

Restaurants in Canada for Foodies Visiting Toronto St. John’s, or Montreal

Overall, Canada remains thirsty for delicious food thanks to its tenacity, determination, and unwavering taste for mutual support. These are some of the restaurants in Canada you have to visit, whether you’re a local or from out of town, we’re sure you will find something for everyone.


Wonton Hut – Toronto

Our first recommendation on our list of restaurants in Canada is for noodles. If you’re a foodie looking for the best restaurants in Toronto then look no further. Wonton Hut is a culinary delight for anyone who loves a good noodle bowl.


This homey street food establishment, sandwiched between a McDonald’s and a strip mall brunch location recalls the dai pai dongs you’d find in Hong Kong. Chef, and owner, Eddie Yeung serves colossal bowls filled with silky egg noodle strands swimming in fortified broth, topped with unctuous fatty and collagen-laced beef brisket pieces.


Are you a beef-averse person? Replace it with his tiger shrimp and pork wontons, which only require a dab of his house chili oil before disappearing down your throat. You will struggle to find wontons as good as this outside of China.

plant based food, restaurants in Canada

Avelo – Toronto

Next up on our list of restaurants in Canada is Avelo. Avelo is a plant-based restaurant that even carnivores can support because of its friendly ambiance, excellent service culture, and creative menu.


If you’re looking for plant-based restaurants in Toronto, this beautiful yet unpretentious restaurant is housed in a classic Toronto Victorian townhouse and exemplifies everything great about Church-Wellesley Village.


It’s fun, it’s current, and it illustrates that new ways of eating can be just as enjoyable as old methods.


At Avelo, the menu varies virtually every day. It also has one of the most incredible vegan drink selections in the city, with various organic options free of animal-based fining agents like egg whites or milk proteins.


You may expect a younger and funkier audience here, as it is a refuge for all things plant-based. The dining area has only 22 chairs, so the atmosphere is quite intimate. A great choice among restaurants in Canada for friends, families, couples, or businesses.

dim sum, restaurants in Canada

Yu Seafood – Toronto

Another best place to eat among restaurants in Toronto is Yu Seafood. If you’re looking for seafood restaurants in Canada and are near Toronto, definitely give it a go.


While the city’s renowned Chinatown remains a part of the city’s cultural tapestry, the suburbs provide even better Chinese culinary selections. In communities like Markham, Richmond Hill, and Unionville, successive waves of immigration established a rich melange of Asian fare in the 1950s and 1960s.


Yu Seafood in Richmond Hill is one of the best dim sum restaurants in the area. The restaurant isn’t cheap, but it does provide opulent service, top-notch ingredients, and gorgeous presentations of a mix of modern and classic meals.


You also can’t ignore the immaculate interior that adds another layer of opulence.

salmon dish, restaurants in Canada

Canoe – Toronto

Our last recommendation for restaurants in Toronto is Canoe where you’ll find the most pleasing view in the city. You’ll find the CN Tower to one side, planes landing at City Airport to the other, and Toronto’s shimmering skyline stretching beyond the horizon.


Yes, the food is just as good as the real estate in this restaurant. Canoe’s menu is an exciting, surprising, and just wonderful celebration of flavors and ingredients from all over Canada making it a top choice of restaurants in Canada for many.


Quebec foie gras, the flakiest fresh Pacific salmon, and exquisite Ontario fruit and dairy are all available. Start with the Ontario burrata with birch-pickled cucumbers and prairie seeds or the foie gras with rhubarb, pink peppercorn, and sumac meringue from Quebec.


The tea-smoked duck breast with duck liver mousse, parsnip, and poached Niagara pear is heavenly.

sea urchin, restaurants in Canada

Terre – St. John’s

Moving along, our list of restaurants in Canada brings us to Terre in St. Johns. Terre is a lovely restaurant with delicious dishes inspired by the surrounding nature and sea. You’ll find it located in the lobby of the ALT Hotel in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Labrador.


Terre focuses on fresh local products. Chefs Matthew Swift and sous Drew Wolfson Bell also establish a niche for ingredients like sea urchin, which are plentiful yet underappreciated on local menus but deserving of attention.


Potato bread with shallot butter and sea salt, cod “en papillote” with young potatoes, fennel, beurre blanc, and hanger steak with oyster mushrooms and red wine jus will all be on the menu.

Italian food, restaurants in Canada

Blandino – Montreal

Our final choice among restaurants in Canada brings us to Montreal where you’ll find Blandino. Known as the Montreal neighborhood Italian brasserie and pasta spot, Blandino is the perfect combination of high-end and relaxed.


Serving up some of the best Italian food in the city, their drink selection is nothing to turn your nose up at either.


Blandino sets itself apart by doing away with the typical high-end look and instead aims to serve up the best food you have ever eaten among restaurants in Canada. Whether it be pasta, meat or seafood dishes, or their desserts, there is nothing Blandino can’t do.


Final Thoughts

There are loads of restaurants in Canada for foodies to devour their favorite dishes. If you’re looking for restaurants in Toronto, St. John’s, or Montreal, these locations will not disappoint!

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