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Spa Day Ideas, Luxurious Spas to Visit for Spring Renewal

After a long winter, most of us are in need of a good spa day or even a spa weekend. You might be looking for a wellness spa or a couples spa. Or maybe you are in need of spiritual renewal or a fitness spa. Facial and massage included.


Most of us spend our long days at work dreaming of relaxing massages, amazing scenery, and refreshing treatments at incredible spa destinations. Many of us have to settle for a day pass to our local spa while others have the opportunity to travel across the globe and dip our toes into the waters of the most luxurious spas on the planet.


Spa day trips and getaway spas have evolved immensely in the last decade and now cater to so much more than the typical hot stone massage seeker or mint spa facial lover.


They’ve expanded to include hikes, tennis, and other sporty activities for the more adventurous, deep bonding therapy sessions for those looking to improve their relationships with others and themselves, and spiritual rejuvenation and awakening practices for those who want to explore their spiritual life more deeply.


Whether you are looking for a full-body tune-up, somatic therapy, relaxation after epic hikes, a spa day, or a chakra realignment, we can guarantee that there will be a spa that is the perfect fit for you. In this post, we’ll first give some benefits of visiting a spa, and share some of the top destinations around the day, luxurious spas, spa facial

The Benefits of Visiting a Spa for a Spa Day or Spa Getaway

There are several benefits to you from visiting a spa, especially one of the luxurious spas we will talk about below. A spa day or spa getaway can help with the following:


De-stress: one of the main reasons to have a spa day is to relax, this is also one of the major benefits. High levels of stress are not great for your well being and a spa day can help you to de stress and relax!


More radiant skin: More radiant skin helps you feel better and shine brighter in your everyday life, who wouldn’t want that? A spa facial can help your skin glow and is a popular choice for just about every spa day.


Better sleep: by helping you unwind, get rid of nasty back knots and revitalize your body, a spa day can aid in better sleep.


Releases serotonin and dopamine: serotonin and dopamine are both chemicals released by our brain to make you happy. A spa day can help release these chemicals making you happier and healthier.


Spas for Everyone

Whether you’re looking to renew your spirituality, energize your fitness levels, or just lay back and be pampered, there’s a spa day for just about everyone, and on every level of luxury.


Spas for Spiritual Renewal

In the last few years, there has been an increasing interest in holistic living and spiritual awakening. Many truth seekers are becoming more and more aware of the impact their spiritual life has on their physical bodies and are looking for holiday experiences that enrich every part of themselves.


We’ve found some amazing spa retreats that cater to these needs. Check out these spa day ideas:


Aja Malibu, California
Aja Malibu, California, is a great retreat for the more spiritually inclined. They host a 7-day program that works through one of the seven chakras (or energy centers) each day.


This spa uses meditation techniques, sound healing, breathwork, and “living foods” to balance each chakra and bring your entire light body into alignment.


Vana, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Vana, a 5-star ashram in India, is another amazing spa for deeply spiritual people. This spa combines traditional yoga, meditation, and ayurvedic medicine with your more usual spa treatments.


They focus on intense detox and spiritual rejuvenation. But there won’t be just one spa day here. The minimum stay at Vana is 7 nights.


Mii Amo, Arizona 
Situated in Arizona, Mii Amo is a retreat that specializes in Native American treatments and has drawn in some of the world’s best and most well-established healers.


To top that off, it is situated on sacred ground in Boynton Canyon. It’s a perfect place to relax for a spa day.


Kamalaya, Thailand
Kamalaya in Thailand was founded by a former yogi monk and his wife. Their practices are steeped in traditional Chinese medicine and are the perfect place to relax.

spa day, luxurious spas, spa facial

Relaxing Retreats for the Fitness Fanatic

If you are into breaking a sweat while still enjoying relaxing treatments, incredible scenery, and 5-star pampering sessions, we have spas that will suit your needs to a T. Get a jump on your spring fitness goals or just find your inner energy with these spa day ideas:


Canyon Ranch, Massachusetts
Canyon Ranch is a retreat that combines fitness and education with tons of activities to keep both your mind and your body in tip-top shape. 


Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal
This health devotee’s paradise is situated in Portugal’s destination wine region and comes equipped with all a highly-pampered health enthusiast could ever want. They create personalized treatments based on your body’s biomarkers and use wine as part of their therapies. What more could you want?


Destination Spas for the Finer Side of Life
If you are more into arts, culture, and business connections, we have you covered too. After all, if you’re traveling for a spa day or spa weekend, you’ll want to be at a destination that appeals to your taste. Here are some luxury spas worth getting away to;


La Reserve Geneve, Switzerland
Surrounded by the classic Swiss scenery and a passion for perfection this spa is just perfect for politicians, businessmen, and ladies who lunch. This resort boasts saunas, a hammam, and an indoor pool, never mind the incredible 20,000-square-foot Lake Nescens.


They employ doctors and other health specialists to provide top-class anti-aging treatments that do not disappoint. A spa day here would surely leave you invigorated and ready to explore.


Schloss Elmau, Bavarian Alps in Germany
This retreat is more holistic and cultural than La Reserve Geneve and is aimed at a more culturally minded individual. The resort combines art, music, and literature, with yoga, massage, and hiking and is perfect for those looking for deep rest and relaxation.


And need we mention that it’s located in one of the most magical places in the world!


Final Thoughts

There are many other spa day destinations that we could mention, but these are where you want to start. Relaxing in luxurious spas is a treat that cannot be underestimated and will leave you feeling fresh and renewed after the long dark winter months and ready to take on anything.



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