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NCAA tournament sites, Sweet 16 locations.

2022 NCAA Tournament Sites – First and Second Rounds

In less than two weeks, the March Madness bracket will officially be released. Millions of people will either be filling out brackets or betting on the games themselves leaving many looking for the 2022 NCAA tournament sites. 


One of the best parts of March Madness is finding out where each team will be going for each region. The First Four will be on Tuesday, March 15th, and Wednesday, March 16th. Keep reading for the first/second rounds’ 2022 NCAA tournament sites.


The 2022 First/Second Rounds NCAA Tournament Sites

There will be other regions for the first/second rounds of the NCAA Tournament from Thursday, March 17th-Sunday March 20th. March Madness Predictions will be made before those games begin.


What are some of the top destinations of the NCAA Tournament sites?


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

First up on the NCAA tournament sites is Pittsburg. These games will be played at PPG Paints Arena home of the Pittsburgh Penguins. It is also literally next door to Duquense University and also not a far drive to the University of Pittsburgh either.


They will host games on Friday, March 18th, and Sunday, March 20th.


The eastern region and the southern region will have some teams play in Pittsburgh that weekend. In the east, some of the matchups could feature 11 Loyola Chicago/Memphis vs 6 LSU and 14 Wagner vs 3 Villanova (+1400 odds to win it all). Make sure to get in on the odds at BetUS.


The south region could have 12 South Dakota State vs 5 Texas and 13 Chattanooga vs 4 Illinois (+2000).


Indianapolis, Indiana

Next up for 2022 NCAA tournament sites is Indianapolis, Indiana which was the home of the entire NCAA Tournament last year due to COVID-19. They did a great job of hosting it in the bubble with many different options to choose from.


These games will be played at the Bainbridge Fieldhouse, which is home to the Butler Bulldogs. 


Games will be played there on Thursday, March 17th, and Saturday, March 19th. The east region and the midwest region will have some teams playing over there that weekend.


The east region could feature matchups like 10 Wake Forest vs 7 Iowa State and 15 Colgate vs 2 Purdue (+2600). The midwest region could feature matchups like 10 Michigan vs 7 Marquette and 15 Jacksonville State vs 2 Kentucky (+2000).

NCAA tournament sites

Fort Worth, Texas

Third on the list of NCAA tournament sites is Fort Worth, Texas. It’s not far from the A T&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, which is home to the Dallas Cowboys, but the games will actually be played at Dickies Arena, which is right near TCU.


The games will be played on Thursday, March 17th, and Saturday, March 19th. 


The south region and the midwest region will have some matchups in this location for the first and second rounds of the NCAA Tournament. Some of the potential matchups for that region in the South could be 10 Rutgers vs 7 Boise State and 15 Long Beach State vs 2 Baylor (+1000).


Some of the matchups in the midwest region could be 16 Cleveland State vs 1 Kansas (+1800) and 9 Murray State vs 8 Saint Mary’s.


San Diego, California 

Finally, for the NCAA tournament sites, we have San Diego. They always say that the west coast is the best coast.


If you want to enjoy the sunshine and the warm weather for a weekend, this is the perfect destination to enjoy some March Madness games. Yes, it may not be in Los Angeles or San Francisco, but San Diego is a very popular city in the state of California and it is not far from the water.


San Diego State University will be the host for this. The games will be played at Viejas Arena in San Diego, California. The dates these basketball games will be played will be on Friday, March 18th, and Sunday, March 20th.  


The west region and the south region will feature some games for that weekend. In the west, some of the potential matchups could be 14 Texas State vs 3 Texas Tech (+2000) and 11 Davidson vs 6 USC. USC is not far from San Diego and they would get a big supporting crowd.


In the south, some of the potential matchups could be 16 UNC Wilmington vs 1 Arizona (+5000) and 9 Wyoming vs 8 Seton Hall. Arizona is not a very far plane ride to San Diego, California. As the days go by, March Madness creeps closer, and placing your bets with BetUS will ensure you are ready before the first tip-off.


Final Thoughts

For many, it’s not too late to plan a trip to see an NCAA tournament. Use this list of 2022 NCAA Tournament sites and start planning that trip for an exciting sports trip!



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