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5 Practical Tips to Store Luggage and Explore Hands-free

Thinking of where to store luggage when you’re traveling is usually not a pressing matter until it actually becomes one. And by then, you’re scrambling for solutions.


I remember a few years back, I was passing through London for a city break on my way to Edinburgh. Having already traveled from the US to Dublin for a conference, I wasn’t much thinking about where I needed to store luggage.


Why? Because I went from the airport to the hotel.


But when I arrived in London with my luggage in hand, I didn’t have a hotel room. I was only spending a few hours in the city. That’s when it occurred to me that I needed to store my luggage!


Your luggage can be one of the most pressing concerns that you have on your mind. Having landed in London, hungry, tired, you don’t know which cafe to check out first. This is the point at which you are confused about the luggage and don’t know where you are going to put all of this stuff so that it remains safe and so you can explore without the burden. 


I felt the same way. So, I did what any normal twenty-something solo traveler would do. I panicked and then Googled, “where can I store my luggage.” Because we are in the modern century after all. 


So, the question remains, where does one store luggage when they are in a big city like London? Keep reading for the answer plus a few practical tips that will help along the way.


store luggage


But first, let’s explain luggage.

Yes, this is the most important decision you are going to be making and it is going to dictate just how comfortable your whole trip becomes. So, don’t take it lightly at all. Before you worry about where to store luggage, let’s be sure you understand the different pieces of luggage.


Portable Carryon Bag

The ideal size here is 18 to 20 inches and this is what is considered the international carryon size. These bags will be ideal for you if you’re trying to discover the city hands-free. They don’t limit your movement and you can carry them on you if you choose to.


The Carryon “L” Bag

This is a slightly larger version of the same bag and it is somewhere around 22 inches. It is quite handy and you may choose to take them along rather than store them.


Medium Size Bags Anyone?

These are a delight to carry because they scream to the onlooker that you are off to a new adventure. They will range above 24 inches and you might want to consider some storage solutions in London (as mentioned below in detail).


Large Suitcases

These are perfect for families and they allow you to fit everyone’s belongings into just one or two of these bags. They are usually somewhere between 25 and 27 inches.


Extra Large Suitcases

These suitcases come with a very large capacity. These can be too bulky for your standard trips though. It’s typically necessitated that you store luggage when they’re this large. 


Pack Your Bags Carefully

When it comes to maintaining the safety of your bags and managing all your luggage, the first thing that you will have to do is pack them by yourself. When you are crossing borders or catching international flights, you are bound to get confused.


Do not leave any loose pieces of baggage or backpacks unattended or unattached with your main luggage. Always count your bags so that you remain alert when any of your pieces or totes go missing.


This is the first step towards managing your luggage when you are on a different continent. And when you store luggage, they will want assurance that it remained in your care or the care of flight professionals.

store luggage


Keep Your Valuables With You

This is another useful tip that will come in handy when you are traveling long distances whether you intend to store luggage or not. You should take extra care of your valuables at all times.


Do not board any bus or any flight without making sure that you have your bag of valuables on you. Make sure that you have counted all the items inside it and that it is properly zipped before you start commuting.


Do not pack them loosely or with any other items that you may be carrying. Always store your valuables within layers of clothing and preferably in a bag that you can lock and keep in front of you.


Discover the City Handsfree

Is it possible to discover the city free of any luggage or any burden at all? This is a question a lot of travelers ask themselves and eventually land on one answer. Store luggage first.


If you haven’t considered using any left luggage London services when exploring this city, you haven’t experienced what true freedom feels like.


It is never a good idea to carry a big suitcase to every new eating joint or cafe that you want to explore. These storage solutions are there for a reason.


They offer you a lot of freedom in exchange for a very nominal fee. You can store luggage and at the end of the day, just get your package released in a matter of minutes. There is no risk involved and you can travel across your destination stress-free.

store luggage


Think About Insurance

This is another layer of safety that you can add to your overall luggage. If you haven’t yet considered taking travel insurance, maybe you could give it a thought right now.


If you are carrying anything expensive such as cameras, laptops, smartphones, power banks, and digital storage gadgets, choosing an insurance cover is probably the right thing to do.



It is very easy to travel stress-free provided that you are careful with your luggage. Don’t bear the hassle of dragging your belongings all over the city. Store luggage as soon as you arrive and follow the extra tips above and your trip will be far more enjoyable.

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