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Shopping Tips for Vintage Nightstand for Luxury Bedroom Look

If you’re anything like me then you’re always looking for a way to upgrade your luxury bedroom look. The bed is usually our main focus when designing our bedrooms. It is the furniture piece we will spend the most time in, and making sure it’s comfortable and meets our needs is a priority. But, the right nightstand is equally as important to the room’s function and aesthetic appeal.


Traditionally, nightstands should match the rest of your bedroom set. Not only is it thought they should be the same color, but the same finish and style, but those days have long since passed.


It’s okay to get creative and add depth to your luxury bedroom look with different pieces that complement each other.


Nightstands add to the room’s functional layout and often serve more than one purpose. They can bring symmetry to the space and provide storage that’s within your reach.


With so many styles to choose from, finding a nightstand that works with your lifestyle means you will have to think about what you need first. And for me, that usually means doing some customization to really nail the luxury bedroom look.


Luxury Bedroom Look


Vintage Nightstand for Luxury Bedroom Look Tips


If you’re sharing the space, two nightstands would be best. Your partner’s comfort is important, and a nightstand will give them enough surface space for their items.


If it’s not a shared space, but you enjoy symmetry, two nightstands will complete the design. However, if your bed is placed against a wall, one nightstand is all you need. That is usually the situation in smaller spaces and children’s rooms.


If you and your partner have different styles, you can both find nightstands that match the décor, but not each other. A mismatched set that complements the current color scheme will add character to the room. And when going for a luxury bedroom look, you can play a bit with shape.


You each will have a piece in the room that represents your creative side. Maybe you want a travel themed bedroom! If your needs are different, you can also pick different styles.


Perhaps you only use the nightstand to set a lamp on, so you need a simple table-style stand. However, your partner has books and magazines they like to look over before bed. Their nightstand can have open storage beneath a drawer to hold items.


What about the height of the nightstand? The rule of thumb is to find a bedside table that meets the top of your mattress and is not an inch higher.


The room is balanced, and it makes reaching over to grab something off the table easy. If you have a low platform bed, then a smaller set of nightstands would complete the luxury bedroom look.


Luxury Bedroom Look


Get your measuring tape out decide how wide of a table you need. You want to make sure the nightstand is a few inches away from the bed frame. That way, your bedding will properly hang off the edge and not get bunched up between the furniture.


You also don’t want the table too close just in case you toss and turn at night. There’s nothing worse than being awoken by an accidental bump into the nightstand. Avoid the hazard and keep the table at a safe but practical distance.


When deciding on the proper width of the table, think about how much surface space you’ll need.


Do you like to keep a glass of water next to the bed while you read? Then you’ll need space for lighting and a cup. Do you keep your phone there as your morning alarm? What about a tv remote? Think about all the things you reach for while in bed and find a nightstand that can fit them all.


As stated before, the nightstand should match the color palette in the room. You don’t want to throw the room off and create a disconnected feeling, so find items that include the current décor’s colors, patterns, or prints.


Keep in mind that lighter colors reflect light and can bring extra light into the room. Darker colors absorb light and will tone down the brightness in the bedroom.


You can buy nightstands like this and more at online shops like 1StopBedrooms. Shops like these offer a huge selection of designs and colors to choose from at deeply discounted prices.


One of the first things you’ll notice is the discounts offered on nightstands. These savings are a result of dealing directly with the manufacturer.


Most retailers have to use third parties to get the furniture to you. Those parties must get paid, and the costs are hidden in the prices of the furniture. These overhead expenses make it impossible for the retailers to offer the same sales you’ll find on 1Stop.


Some tips for shopping online: Filter the search results by brand name, and you’ll find a variety of manufacturer’s designs with discounts of up to 75% off. Industry leaders like Ashley, A.R.T., and Coaster are among the brands on sale here.


You can find storage nightstands, open nightstands, tall or short nightstands, and any other style to fit your needs.


More savings are just a click away if you follow the Coupons link near the bottom of the page. Select the one that’s right for your order. There are manufacturer coupons as well as discounts based on order totals.


With free shipping also available, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.


Luxury Bedroom Look


If you don’t have the full payment today, apply for one of the financing options. You can choose from twelve, twenty-four, or thirty-six months and manage your payment in low monthly increments. These low costs are guaranteed, and they offer a price-match if you find the identical piece with a competitor for less.


If you run into any trouble deciding on a style, reach out to a design specialist. They are on staff to answer your questions and help select pieces that fit the style you desire. It’s a completely different experience compared to shopping with a major retailer.


The design team is not a sales team that earns a commission, has a quota, and is instructed to push you to buy designs you may regret over time. Instead, they are only motivated by your overall satisfaction with the purchase.


Remember, getting the luxury bedroom look is not hard to do if you shop online. So, skip the long lines and shop online for your new nightstand. No matter what style of bedside table you need, you’ll find the right one to enhance your bedroom’s look. 

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