7 Home Decoration Ideas for Travel Lovers

Those that consider themselves to be avid travelers will often get too caught up with where they want to be next rather than enjoy their quiet moment at home. So it’s important for them to have a home that they love to return to as a base. One way to do that is to make the home a mini-travel oasis. Fill it with travel memories or inspiration for future travels. Included here are just some of the many decoration ideas for travel enthusiasts.


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Travel Home Decor Ideas

Wall Murals


When looking to transform any room in your home to a travel dream space, a wall mural is a good, budget-friendly option. Mural wallpaper is easy to use and doesn’t interfere with your livable space.


Wall murals by muraldecal.com, among others, offer many inexpensive designs that are extremely vibrant and realistic. These stick-on murals are fast and easy to apply and replace. 


Furthermore, you can get traveling-related designs, such as landscapes, animals, nature, and images from different cultures. Want to sleep on your favorite beach? You can get a mural to cover an entire wall in your bedroom. Love that alley cafe in southern Europe? Get a window mural to place in your dining room. 


Mural wallpaper is easily customizable and some companies will let you upload your own images. You can even find wall murals designed specifically with kids in mind. There are plenty of cartoon characters and farm animal themes to choose from.


Mural wall decals are also a perfect choice if you travel in a van, as it’s the easiest way to apply intricate designs to the walls. Just be careful about the van walls as they’re rarely straight and flat surfaces.


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World Maps


Everyone should have a world map at home, and travelers are certainly no different. World map posters can come in all shapes and sizes, but placing one prominently on your wall or in a frame can really take the decor to the next level.


Alternatively, there are push-pin and scratch-off world maps in which you have a wall mural of the globe and can pin or scratch off countries you have been to. This reveals a clear divide between where you have traveled and where you haven’t. It can help you visualize your journey so far and encourage you to keep going.


decoration ideas for travel, travel home decor ideas, framed maps


Other Maps


Another option is to mount maps of individual countries, city maps, street maps, subway maps, or historical maps from tourist guides. You could even display postcard maps.


These maps can be put together as a collage, or framed and hung in various ways. You can highlight roads taken, locations visited, or make any other meaningful notes on them.


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Travel Gear Decor


You’re likely not wanting to spend an awful lot of money on home decor, given you’re always on-the-go. Furthermore, buying a bunch of ornaments only means you’re tied down. One way to fix this is to use your travel gear as ornaments themselves, meaning you acquire no extra unnecessary possessions.


An example of this is using your binoculars. Perhaps you have a vintage binocular selection that can look great on a chest of drawers or shelf. This can look as great as any vintage ornament array, and it’s something you already likely own. The same can be done for cameras and other equipment. 


decoration ideas for travel, travel home decor ideas, photos


Photo Display



Of course, your own photographs can be used as wall decor, which can be a proud thing to hang up. Plus, this way you can have precisely what you want on the walls without compromising.


Photographs can be used in all sorts of creative ways that aren’t limited to just frames. Add some sparkle with stunning silver framed pictures. Also, if you’re a regular buyer of travel magazines by National Geographic Society, then these make a great homely feel spread across a coffee table.



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Souvenir Shadow Box


Again, if you own a collection of souvenirs, like old tickets, foreign sand and shells, or other items you have acquired, then why not place them in a frame when you get back home?


There’s no extra cost and way more sentiment than buying generic pictures from a home store. Plus, you’re now less likely to accidentally lose or throw out those important memories that would otherwise be in a box under the stairs.


decoration ideas for travel, travel home decor ideas, coffee mug planter


Repurposed Souvenirs


Another fun idea is to take souvenirs (or potential souvenirs) and repurpose them. For example, keep that bottle of wine you bought from the local pub in England. Once the wine is gone, you can rinse the bottle, and use it as an eclectic candle holder or place a strand of fairy lights in it to make a nightlight centerpiece.


Other items that can be used to hold things can also be repurposed. Do you have too many coffee mugs, but seem to keep collecting more? Use one from your last destination as a new plant holder. 


The best part of using your own souvenirs, travel gear, and other miscellaneous items as travel home decor ideas is that they’re as unique as you are. We’ve listed several home decoration ideas for travel lovers here, but we’d love to hear from you too. What creative ways have you found to spice up your between travel space – or as some call it, home?

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