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Easy Alternatives to Vitamins for Kids Who Don’t Like Capsules or Pills

Traveling as a mom always presents some interesting conundrums. Whether it’s logistics or packing for security, it’s always a challenge to get it all done while making sure everyone has what they need. However, there are quite a few tips and tricks out there to make traveling as a mom easier, including vitamins for kids who take capsules or tablets. 


Read on for more information about vitamins for kids and what you can do to overcome the hurdle of kids who won’t take tablets or capsules.




Vitamins When Traveling


Our parents must have had a difficult time trying to go anywhere with us, packing a suitcase full of things they needed just to make sure that we stayed healthy and content. But this has ended. Innovation has led to all kinds of new products that are making going to new places less difficult and uncomfortable.


An example of these innovations is the new vitamin options that make giving your children the nutrients they need a whole lot easier. 


Vitamins for kids (and yourself) are something you should remember on any trip. Supplements, essential vitamins, and herbal remedies can be a huge help to make sure the trip goes smoothly and happily.


Adults and kids alike can use vitamins to decrease inflammation, boost their immune system, and make sure they’re getting the nutrients they need. Additionally, probiotics will promote good gut health while in a new place with foreign food and bacteria. 


Vitamins may not be at the forefront of your mind when you are traveling, especially with kids when you have many other things to think about. Between the tickets, bags, children, the food they need, getting enough rest, and everything else that travel requires, vitamins can be pretty far down on the list. 


Xel-Ha Park, Gauge Rybak, vitamins for kids
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Vitamins for Kids and Why They Need Them When Traveling


Vitamins for kids are important. One of the most important reasons for giving vitamins or supplements to our children is to boost their immune systems.


While it is very possible to get all of the vitamins and minerals you need in your daily diet, many kids do not eat a balanced diet that covers all the bases when it comes to their body’s daily requirement of vitamins.


Many kids are fussy eaters, especially when they are being introduced to new foods in foreign places. Take, for example, a trip to Tokyo. As an American, I know my son would be very picky about what foods he ate at such a destination.


Whether you are taking that once-every-decade trip to Disneyworld or having a staycation around the home, boosting their immune systems can mean all the difference to avoid getting sick or affected by the different food they will encounter.


Vitamins are also essential for growth and development, not just for children. Adults need to continue to take care of their bodies, cultivating muscle fibers, healthy collagen, good bacteria, and much more.


Vitamins for kids can even play a role in cognitive and physical development and skills.


Are they feeling a bit foggy or slower on the uptake? It may be a vitamin deficiency. Are they lacking some energy, and have less motivation to go explore that hot spot in the new city you are visiting? Vitamins for kids can help provide what their bodies need to stay energized and healthy.


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What If My Kids Hate Taking Pills?


If your kids don’t like taking pills like capsules or tablets, don’t worry. There are plenty of people in the world who hate taking pills, and plenty more who simply want an easier way to get their necessary doses than tossing back a handful of large and terrible tasting pills every day.


Since supplement companies have recognized this, there are all types of alternative vitamins for kids (and parents) to choose from. 


Gummies and Chewables


There are two main delivery systems for vitamins that do not involve capsules, tablets, or pills. Many vitamins for kids come in the form of gummies or chewables that are very helpful when are traveling. These are vitamin supplements that can be chewed or dissolved in the mouth like candy, avoiding the need to swallow a whole vitamin. 


Usually, gummies and chewables taste better than many vitamins may on their own as well. This makes vitamins for kids much easier, and can even make it much more simple and easier for an adult to take their vitamins.


A vitamin C pill can be rough on the throat, tasting sharp and acidic. No thanks. A vitamin C gummy tastes like oranges, making it much sweeter and easier to eat. Vitamin D gummies, for example, may also deliver that healthy dose of the vitamin to your system faster than a tablet or capsule.


Liquid Vitamins for Kids


Most vitamins for kids can also be found in liquid form. While the taste of these liquids may not always be the best, most of the supplements can be mixed into something that will mask the taste and make taking vitamins as simple as drinking a glass of water.


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In Closing


No matter how your kids get vitamins in what form or when a regular vitamin regimen can help in many aspects of their life and yours. From the energy we need to run and play (and chase after them) to the immune system power we all need when jetting off to those foreign places. Vitamins for kids in gummies and dissolvables are a great way for both you or your child to get their nutrients without worrying about swallowing a pill.


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