5 Expert Makeup Hacks for Travel

When going on vacation, most of us think about ways to relax our bodies and minds. Since we usually take a break from our everyday lives during a vacation, most people find it hard to keep up with normal makeup routines, which is where good makeup hacks come in handy.


Many makeup practices include getting up early to look in the mirror for an extended period, painting layers of different products on our faces to make us feel like ourselves.


However, vacation is all about getting a break from your normal routine. So, that usually means turning off the alarm clock and catching up on your sleep.


Yet, even if sleeping in is not on the docket, you likely just want to shower, dress, and leave to start your exciting day of exploration when you do get up early in a hotel room. 


So, delaying the fun to paint your face is not high on the priority list. This change in routine is especially enticing if you think you’re going to get sweaty or even get rained on since that will mess up your makeup anyway. So, why bother?


If those reasons aren’t enough to make you skip the normal makeup routine, the hustle of packing the makeup could be the icing on the cake.


Makeup is one of the hardest things to pack, considering some of our favorite brands are bulky and could crumble easily, like compressed powder and eye shadows.


Also, when using airplanes as a means of transport, there are several restrictions. Most airlines do not allow a large volume of liquids, for example, and most makeup setting sprays are restricted. 


Fortunately, makeup and travel enthusiasts have devised a few nifty travel hacks that will help you keep your makeup routine easy and travel-friendly. 


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Loving the morning seaside hike at Occidental Xcaret


Makeup Hacks

Following are five of the best makeup hacks you can use the next time you travel.


Consider a Multi-Tasker


A multi-tasker is one of the best makeup hacks since it saves you a lot of packing space. For example, you can take a 5-in-1 foundation cream, a perfect base, especially when traveling.


The cream fuses a concealer, primer, and foundation, all in a simple step. You can also pack and use cream blush for a natural glow on the go and conceal, cover, and highlight your skin in just one quick and straightforward action.


Matching the Makeup with the Outfits


It would be best to focus on the colors of the outfits you plan to pack. This fashion planning will ensure you only carry eye shadow shades that match the clothes you will wear.


You can choose three or four colors that will go well with all the outfits you plan to take. When applying matching makeup, you can blend different shades to get the tone you are trying to achieve.


If you want trendy and flashy colors, I would advise you to go for Manish Malhotra eye shadow. This tip also helps save time with the decision-making process.


If you plan out your outfits and the makeup to match, you don’t need to think about anything besides getting ready and getting on with the day. 


Makeup hacks, mascara


Pack Only One Waterproof Mascara


You are probably traveling for a vacation, and you want to look great all the time. For this, you’ll probably want a mascara that doesn’t run in case you are all sweaty or going for a swim in the pool.


For this, you will need a waterproof mascara, which is always smudge-free. Select the brand that will make your lashes voluminous and easy to remove to avoid spending a lot of your time cleaning up makeup during your vacation.


Or even better to use lash extensions. They have many advantages. For example, they can stay till the point you take them off, hypoallergenic, waterproof. Cruelty-free eyelash extensions from Lilac St can help you have a good vacation without worrying about lashes.


Consider Going Bare


If you are considering packing less luggage and carrying only the essentials for your trip, you can completely do away with the makeup.


However, you can load a small glamorous shiner powder that is easy to carry even in your purse. Any fixing powder and shimmer powder will be ideal.


They enhance the face’s natural luminosity and shimmer, even without putting on any makeup. And the fixing powder helps to keep the whole look in place for an extended period.


Mockup and Flawless Skin


Most people use a face primer to fill in and cover the pores and the fine lines to ensure they have a smooth-looking face. You can choose a tinted primer and use it independently for those lazy days that you will be in no mood for a full makeup routine.


It helps you to fill in the pores and get you just a little coverage that you prefer. You should wear it after putting on your moisturizer to attain matte skin for the rest of the day.


Ultimately, vacation is supposed to be an adventure, but that doesn’t mean you need to feel uncomfortable in your skin. Hopefully, these five expert makeup hacks for travel will help you feel camera-ready, wherever your adventures take you. 


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