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  Top 9 Family Activities in Pagosa Springs

Top 9 Family Activities in Pagosa Springs

Is there anyone who doesn’t love vacationing? It’s really hard to tell. Enjoying a family holiday is undoubtedly one of the most cherished memories for all your family members. And if you’re traveling to Colorado, here are some family activities in Pagosa Springs that you can check out.


If you’ve ever planned a family vacation before, then you know that it requires more planning in order to keep your kids entertained and engaged. This means that you need to start your planning from the position that you are going to have to have a certain number of activities each day, while also having enough flexibility to abandon those plans if your kids are too tired to enjoy them.


If you have yet to decide where to have a perfect family vacation, where both the adults and kids can have fun, then Pagosa Springs, Colorado is the answer. Surrounded by mountains, forests, and the San Juan River, this Southwest Colorado town is popular for its hot springs.


Fortunately, there is a multitude of family activities in Pagosa Springs, as well as many nearby.  Here is a sampling of nine of them.


family activities in pagosa springs, colorado


Family Activities in Pagosa Springs

1. Rent a Pagosa Springs Cabin


Camping is one of those things that many people come to Colorado to do, but unfortunately, tent camping isn’t always a great option, especially if you have small children. Fortunately, getting a cabin can give you the same access to the great outdoors with fewer of the drawbacks of traditional tent camping.


If you’re not sure where to go, vacation rentals in Pagosa Springs, CO can give you access to cabins that fit the number of people in your family and have other nearby activities that will be enjoyed by the whole family.


2. Have Fun on the San Juan River


The San Juan River runs right through Pagosa Springs, meaning that you have easy access to all that the river has to offer. It’s easy to rent a pontoon or kayaks, go tubing down the river, or go fishing at one of the many amazing fishing spots. In addition, the river feeds into multiple lakes that come with beaches that will offer fun for the younger kids and a chance to relax for the adults.


treasure falls, pagosa springs, colorado


3. Explore the National Forests


Pagosa Springs lies on the edge of three million acres of national wilderness, which means that you won’t lack options when it comes to planning a great hike. Maps of the local forests will give you an idea of what kinds of trails most match your family’s abilities.


There are also options for bike trails and for looking at local wildlife such as beavers. For those with more advanced hiking abilities, making your way up to Treasure Falls or one of the other waterfalls in the area will offer an amazing view that can be enjoyed by all ages.


4. Visit the Local Ski Areas


There are multiple local ski areas that will offer your family loads of winter fun. Wolf Creek Ski Area offers ski and snowboard lessons for the older kids and tubing for the younger ones.


The Pagosa Springs area gets an average of three feet of snow in the winter, so you won’t lack winter fun if you decide to go during the winter rather than the summer.


5. Soak in the Hot Springs


The unique natural features that give Pagosa Springs its name are the hot springs that can be found there. Soaking in a natural hot spring is a unique and relaxing experience that everyone should try at least once.


While this isn’t an ideal activity for younger kids, since people are trying to relax and may not appreciate rambunctious kids, preteens and teens will appreciate an opportunity to have fun while not being obligated to participate in something active.


Be sure to talk to a pediatrician before allowing your younger children to participate, though, since natural hot springs carry some of the same risks as hot tubs or spas.


family activities in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, mountain lion, rocky mountain wildlife park


6. Enjoy the Wildlife


Kids love watching animals and their activities. You, along with your kids, can enjoy watching wildlife animals in the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park. Here in this park, the animals enjoy an environment similar to their natural habitat.


Kids will get to enjoy and learn about the mountain lions, black bears, deer, and many other animals. Opened in 1986, this wildlife park also offers to provide wildlife education opportunities.


7. Get to Know the Pagosa Springs’ History


Museums are a perfect place to spend a day with family. Learning about the history of the holiday destination and arranging a picnic can be a great activity, even when you are vacationing.


There is a small historical museum located at Pagosa Springs, known as the San Juan Historical Society Museum. This museum features varieties of exhibits and collections like quilt exhibits, Oppenheimer’s chair exhibits, metal art exhibits, etc. You will surely have a good time with your family here.



8. Get the Hot Spring Experience in the Bathhouse


One of the attractive and popular places to explore is the Spring Resort Bathhouse. Even the non-hotel guests can come and visit this place and enjoy the luxurious hot spring experience.


The structure of the bathhouse is Mediterranean style and furnished with ancient artistic sculptures, heated floor tiles, and single-touch showers. You and your family will enjoy the hot soak in the therapeutic pools, along with other skincare services such as facials, massages, etc…


atv, colorado

9. Offbeat Experience


If you are someone who likes to have an offbeat experience, then you can rent ATVs and head towards the rugged area of the San Juan Mountains. Though it’s not an activity to enjoy with your kids, you can still have some adrenaline rush while enjoying your vacation.


You can rent Polaris automatic ATVs from the Outback Mountain ATV rentals. There are options to haul the  ATVs by yourself or they can be delivered to you at your desired ride point.


As you can see, there is a wonderful number and variety of family activities in Pagosa Springs that your family can enjoy on vacation. Whether you want to hike the national forests or relax on the river, you’re sure to find fun and relaxing activities for everyone in your family to enjoy. 

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