Benefits of Electronic Signatures to Sign PDF Files

There is no denial of the fact that PDF format is one of the most used formats around the globe. And the benefits of electronic signatures have allowed businesses to extend their research beyond the brick and mortar. 


PDF format retains the graphic integrity of a file. Imagine you are sending a file to your boss, and it gets altered. Wouldn’t that look very unprofessional? Of course, it would, and for this reason, most businessmen rely on the PDF format for the sharing of files.


Moreover, PDF files allow you to have an added security over your documents by locking up a file in a code. Only the receiver who knows the code can open them. These days, hackers are becoming even more clever and thus you need to take more steps towards adding security to your files.


You might be receiving a file from someone and it may contain an unexpected virus inside it. Therefore, to confirm the authenticity of a document, that it is sent by a specific person, people now rely on electronic signatures. By adding an electronic signature to your PDF document, you can actually prove its authenticity.


You can sign a PDF document online by using the software tool on your device. Gone are the days when people used to sign and validate documents traditionally. Technological advancements have made the world pretty fast, and now you can seal agreements with parties sitting miles away from you through electronic signatures.


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Benefits of Electronic Signatures for Businesses

Added Security


The best part about electronic signatures is that they can not be corrupted at all. They are more reliable than the manual signatures which can be altered. Businesses today need added security to secure their files and agreements, and electronic signatures are the best way to do it.


For those who don’t know, electronic signatures leave behind an auditable trail after the processing of a certain document. That auditable trail is archived too and anyone from around the world can retrieve it to verify.


Operations transparency is further improved by electronic signatures thus making your files even more acceptable in business. You can totally rely on these signatures and can be sure that your deals are closed at the minimum risk. This is especially important for small business success.


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Saves Your Money and Time


Getting your hands on electronic signatures doesn’t involve any rocket science. Moreover, you don’t have to install any specific software on your device for these signatures. Let it be clear that manual signing is a long process. You have to go through many different steps before the final step is taken. Many companies even lose valuable deals in the signing process as it’s a time-consuming process.


With e-signatures, that sure isn’t a problem because you can add a signature to your document within seconds. Moreover, electronic signatures save you money too. Confused how? It is simple, with manual signatures, you will have to buy paper, ink, and cover the transport costs in case you need signatures from someone who lives far. This consumes a part of the company’s financial resources. With electronic signatures, you won’t be dealing with these problems.


It often happens that when closing a secret deal, you want to reduce the staff involved. With the manual signing, that isn’t possible because you might need to involve your staff members to carry the files to long distances and this might put your secret documents at risk. With electronic signatures, you can easily sign the papers online, electronically, and involve reduced staff.


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Legally Binding


Singing a deal that is a multi-million investment with another company is a risky process. You must take all the precautionary measures to make sure that all the documents are legally binding and authentic. With electronic signatures, you can reduce your worries because you can easily trace the process to sign a specific contract. The contract you will sign electronically will not be easily corrupted, and the best part is that you can present it in court, in case something unfortunate happens.


So what are you waiting for? If you are still into signing your important files with manual documents, then my friends, all you are doing is putting your company at risk. Make use of electronic signatures and add security to your business. Trust me, your business files and documents will be more secure. It also portrays the professionalism of your business and the other parties will trust you even more.


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Increases Productivity


You can increase the productivity of your company to a great extent by using electronic signatures. Electronic signatures give you an opportunity to focus on the more important assignments of the company. If you continue with the traditional way of signing the documents, not only will you slow down the efficiency of the company, you will also reduce the productivity of your company.


Traditional signing involves a time-consuming process where the documents have to go through a lot of steps before the signatures can be authenticated. With electronic signatures, you can sign the documents within seconds and even create the template and use it as much as you need.

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