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4 Simple Suggestions for Promoting Parent Wellbeing

You know what it takes to lead a healthy life but that doesn’t mean you always do what’s best for yourself. The fact is that it is just as important to promote parent wellbeing as it is to teach wellness practices to children.


Think about it. Each day, you instill these healthy-living practices in your children. You make sure they eat from each of the major food groups. You allow them to play outdoors and participate in activities for exercise and enrichment. 


You make sure that they get to bed by a decent hour. You even go the extra mile to ensure their safety and happiness. Yet, you fall short when it comes to promoting health and wellness for yourself. 


Though balancing your needs and your children’s needs is a common struggle for parents, failure to care for yourself has significant consequences. Sure, you’ve got many responsibilities and limited time to get them all done, but that doesn’t mean you can incorporate strategies to promote better health. Continue reading to learn more. 


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Promoting Parent Wellbeing:

Take Advantage of Early Mornings


You’d be surprised how waking up an hour or so earlier than the rest of the family can benefit you. It gives you the time you need to prepare yourself for the day before taking on other responsibilities. This is one aspect of parent wellbeing you don’t want to skip.


You can write in your journal, get in a quick workout, take a shower, complete your skincare routine, enjoy a balanced breakfast, and take your vitamins and natural supplements like CBD tablets


Find Shortcuts


With everything you have on your plate, you’re bound to become physically and emotionally overwhelmed. You can promote your wellbeing as a parent by finding shortcuts that save you time and simplify your life.


For example, if you don’t have enough time to eat a well-balanced breakfast in the morning, you can make smoothies, grab a piece of fruit, or enjoy a warm bowl of instant oatmeal. 


Does preparing meals take too much time? If so, you can always create meal plans and use prepping practices and cooking devices to save you time throughout the week.


Don’t have time for an hour-long workout session? Turn on some music and dance while cleaning the house, or find a short 15-minute video to follow. 

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Create a Schedule


It’s not that hard to overlook your health and wellness when you have so much to do. The best way to prioritize your wellbeing as a parent is to incorporate healthy habits into your day.


Review your current schedule. Eliminate anything unnecessary or burdensome. Then, add lifestyle practices such as exercise, meal times, and bedtime into your day.


While you may need an alarm or calendar to keep you on track initially, after a few weeks, these health practices will become a habit. 


Get Help


It’s amazing how many parents will suffer in silence. While you may feel like it’s your job to take on the weight of the world, you’re only hurting yourself in the end. As everyone knows, it takes a village to raise a child; you should have a few people in your corner you can rely on for assistance.


Your significant other, older children, parents, siblings, and close friends are willing and able to help you get things done. You can also turn to teachers, coaches, religious leaders, and babysitters. 


Asking for help goes beyond reducing your responsibilities as a parent and caring for your kids. It can also be useful in supporting your wellbeing. Having a best friend serve as an accountability partner for a new workout or nutrition program you’re trying can help you get through those tough times.


Venting to a close family member, mentor, or friend about your struggles as a parent can improve your mood. There are also life coaches and online support groups for single mothers who may not have as much support.


It’s uncanny how parents will bend over backward to ensure their children’s health, safety, and happiness but neglect themselves in the process. Continuing this pattern, however, can have an overwhelming effect on everyone. As such, you must find ways to promote your wellbeing.


Waking up a few hours early, finding ways to simplify your life, developing schedules and healthy lifestyle habits, and reaching out to others makes it easier for you to prioritize your physical and emotional wellness. 


Though these are simple suggestions, making any changes can seem daunting at first. Putting some of your energy and care into yourself is worth it though. Doing what it takes to promote parent wellbeing will have a positive impact on the wellbeing of children as well.


Carissa Shuman

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