7 Great Wedding Registry Gifts For Couples That Love to Travel

One of the more fun and lighthearted parts of planning a wedding is creating a gift registry. Instead of shopping for yet another item you have to pay for, you get to take a break and browse for things you would like others to give you. And adding wedding gifts for travelers gives your guests a better idea of what you really want.


Traditionally, couples would search together for things to furnish their new home. As the dynamics of relationships changed over the years, this tradition faded. 


These days, wedding registries can include everything from cookware and linens to clothes and jewelry as more couples choose items that interest them personally. For example, a couple that loves to travel might be interested in adding gifts like those listed below to their wedding registry


Star Wars Luggage


Wedding Gifts for Travelers



If you’re going to travel, why not do so in style? Luggage design and function have come a long way. Whether you’re interested in durable designer rolling luggage and carry-on bags or tech-savvy pieces complete with chargers and adapter ports for your travel gadgets, there are plenty of options available. 


camera by water

Photo by Markos Mant on Unsplash


Digital Cameras


While camera technology has advanced on smartphones, frequent travelers prefer to use digital cameras to capture the best moments on film. If your camera is outdated, adding one to your wedding registry is ideal.


From high-quality zoom and lighting features to cool accessories like tripods and selfie sticks, you can get everything you need to document your journeys as a married couple. 


earbuds, wedding gifts for travelers


Headphones or Earbuds


Every traveler knows that you don’t leave home without a set of headphones or earbuds for the trip. Whether traveling by car, bus, train, or plane, there are going to be times when you need to stay entertained.


You could be listening to music or an audiobook, talking to a loved one, or watching videos, movies, and television shows online to pass the time. With many shapes, sizes, designs, and features to choose from, this is a neat and affordable gift to add to your wedding registry. 



Photo by freestocks on Unsplash




Again, staying entertained while traveling or during downtimes on vacation is a must. If you’re a traveler who likes to get lost in a good book, why not add a few titles to your list of wedding gifts for travelers?


Whether you want to learn some common phrases in a foreign language, discover the history of a destination, or get enlightened with a self-help book, there are plenty of options available. 


Cultural Home Decor


It’s not uncommon for travelers to bring some of that culture and history back to their homes. If you’d like to change the scenery in your new living space, add cultural home decor items to your wedding registry.


From sculpture replicas from Greece and Africa to authentic plates and handmade baskets from Mexico and Spain, there are so many different pieces you could ask for that would help to highlight your love of travel. 


wall art, picture frames, wedding gifts for travelers


Picture Frames and Photo Albums


An album on social media or saved in a cloud-based storage account is expected in this digital era. Yet, digital images pale in comparison to the authenticity of physical photographs.


If you like to get the film from your camera developed and relive your travel adventures, adding picture frames and photo albums to your wedding registry seems like a good idea. 




Are there certain places you like to visit when you go out of town? Perhaps there are certain activities you’d like to try on your next vacation? Whatever the case is, you can reduce your travel expenses by asking your guests to purchase gift cards.


A gift card to your favorite restaurant, a popular tourist attraction, or even just a Visa or Mastercard money card expands your budget and makes your trip a lot more meaningful.


Wedding registries used to be a good way for a bride and groom to get the things they needed to furnish their new home. These days, however, many couples already live together and don’t need additional items.


If you already have the basics, adding items of personal interest, like the travel gift ideas listed above, is a great way to allow guests to get you something you’ll cherish forever. Besides, people might not readily know what makes good wedding gifts for travelers. So, help them out.

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