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Common Moving Services You Should Know About

Moving has always been a back-breaking but very common process. Everyone has to go through this phase at least once in a lifetime and there are common moving services everyone should know about.


People have to move houses and/or offices for various reasons. So when we think of hiring movers, we expect them to do everything right from planning the move to executing it.


But, not all of us are aware of the fact that different types of moves need different services, and professional moving companies divide the type of moving into various categories.


Though many of the best local moving companies around provide services for all types of moving, there are specialized companies too.


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Common Moving Services – What You Need to Know


The average person moves 11.7 times according to the migration expectancy survey by the U.S. Census Bureau. Moving services fall into two broad categories: commercial and residential. While commercial moving is its own category, residential moving can be subdivided into smaller categories.


You should know about each of these common moving services so that when you’re faced with the task of moving, you can choose the service that is best for you at that time.


Commercial Moving Companies


As the name suggests, commercial moving companies deal in any kind of commercial moves. Commercial moving is considered to be more complicated than a residential move.


It takes more planning and preparation to move an office, so properly trained staff and labor need to be involved. Office equipment is very delicate and heavy, and moving such devices requires experts. 


Make sure the company that you hire for your office move is specialized in the process and is trustworthy. Moving an office impacts the functionality of the whole office, so it is necessary to move it in a short span of time and sometimes even within the office working hours.


While hiring a commercial moving company, make sure they will send people with the proper experience, as they will not only be handling electronic devices but also sensitive documents like employee data. It takes experience to pack devices like computers and multi-function printers.


As moving an office needs a lot of professional guidance, it is more expensive. Commercial moving companies charge based on per square foot of the facility and per square foot for the packing of office equipment.


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Residential Moving Companies 


Residential moving companies specialize in moving household items. Moving your home is a long process that includes everything from planning to packing to transporting.


You may need to change your residence due to many reasons, some of which include buying a new house, ending a rental lease, job transfer, etc.


Whatever the reason, moving your home is a tedious job, and residential movers have all the expertise of moving your household things safely from one place to another.


Local Residential Moving Companies


Almost all moving companies provide the service of intrastate or local moves. These include moves within a radius of 100 miles.


Moving companies that provide only local moving services do not need a USDOT number, but they do have to get a state license to operate within the defined area.


While hiring a local moving company, make sure you check their working license, have a written quotation to avoid any last-minute chaos such as hidden costs, and don’t forget to check their ratings and reviews to be sure of their track record.


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Long Distance/Inter-State Residential Moving Companies


Moving interstate or more than 100 miles is considered a long-distance move and needs a specialized moving company to administer.


A company that deals in interstate or long-distance moves must have a USDOT number provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the U.S.


The long-distance moving company charges you based on the weight to be transported and the distance to be covered. Make sure you hire an experienced and professional moving company while moving interstate to make sure that your goods will be safe.


Don’t forget to check the website of the company before you officially hire them. Specifically, check the authenticity of their address and license.


You should also ask the company if they are capable of handling specialty items. Finally, as with any of the common moving services, make sure you check the ratings and customer reviews of the company.


International Residential Moving Companies


Though moving itself is a very overwhelming experience, moving internationally is all the more a tedious and complicated task. You have to understand all the customs obligations and laws of the new country before you move.


Thinking of a DIY move in case of an international move is not at all advisable. Consider hiring an experienced professional moving company that can ease the process for you.


An international move is a complicated process, and shipping your goods to another country needs a lot of paperwork. A professional international moving company will do it for you.


International moving companies charge based on the distance to the location, mode of transportation, and the volume of the shipment.


When hiring an international moving company, make sure you compare quotes from more than one company. Check and confirm the services provided by them, and don’t forget to read the customer reviews to be sure of their services.


Before you trust any moving company, check their credibility, and then hire reliable moving help. Understanding how these common moving services work should help you choose the best one for your move.

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