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5 Fab Fall Vacation Ideas for 2020

This year has been a tough one for just about everyone, and things are still pretty stressful. Getting away from it all is high on the agenda for those who have already postponed much-needed holidays. With that in mind, we curated a list of fall vacation ideas for 2020.


Luckily, we don’t need to go far to find the right place to recharge our batteries and come home feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever challenges 2021 will bring with it.


Look for local opportunities to enjoy these fabulous fall vacation ideas, where you can just kick back and relax with your loved ones or take on a physical or artistic challenge to make things even more interesting.


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Fall Vacation Ideas for 2020

Go for a Fishing Holiday


Before you stop Dad from packing his fishing reels because you think fishing isn’t necessarily for the whole family, pause to consider the possibilities.


You’ll be relaxing in a waterside location, enjoying the tranquility of the countryside, and hey if Dad catches that big one with that fishing tackle he’s so keen on (for reasons you may not fully understand), there’ll be fresh fish sizzling on the barbeque.


Meanwhile, the kids can let off steam in the open air – something they’ve been eager to do for a long time – while Mom relaxes in the shade with a good book unless she’s keen to try her hand at fishing too, or is already a sharp angler.


Haven’t tried fishing before? That’s all the more reason to get out there and discover why so many people are passionate about their fishing hobby. But be warned: you’re likely to get hooked!


Once you’ve enjoyed the thrill of catching your first fish, you’ll be eager for more – and you’ll begin telling stories about the one that got away: “It was this big,” you say, adding a creative dose of exaggeration into the mix.


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Firs Mountains


Go Hiking in Scenic Sites


Open-air holidays are probably safer from a health perspective than a mundane visit to the supermarket, and way more fun too. National Park services around the world are striving to keep these open-air treasures open to visitors, although certain additional services may be limited.


Check out your local options and get to know the scenic sites near home. Active families will enjoy day hikes or longer treks through the scenic countryside where they can get back in touch with nature while escaping the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.


If you aren’t familiar with the trails themselves, do check how challenging they are. If you’re undertaking them with your whole family in tow, the more challenging trails might not be for you.


However, a lot of trails are basically pleasant day strolls that leave you lots of time to rest up, picnic in the shade, and still reach your target destination before night falls.


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3. Take an RV Road trip


If taking it easy in one spot isn’t your idea of an exciting holiday, consider your RV options. Reports say that RV holidays are undergoing a boom right now, and for good reason.


A good RV gives you home away from home comforts plus mobility rolled into one. Plan your route to take in a variety of landscapes and natural beauty spots.


Even if you’ve always been an avowed city-lover, there are country sights and scenes to fall in love with. If you don’t own an RV and aren’t yet sold on the RV lifestyle, consider hiring one for your trip.


Who knows? If you like it enough, you might end up joining the ranks of RV enthusiasts. After all, RV holidays offer a low-cost alternative to the usual hotel-hopping holiday, and since you’re taking your temporary home with you wherever you go, you can do things your way.


Cycling Road Trip


Plan a Cycling Tour


There’s a special something about taking in the road, mile by mile, with nothing to separate you from the surrounding landscape. Keep in mind, though, that this trip will require a certain level of fitness.


With this in mind, you’ll definitely want to train and try a few longer routes before undertaking a full tour. But getting in shape for your trip will be fun, and you’ll be able to spot those little details that will make a full-scale cycling holiday more pleasant.


Lightweight gear and provisions will be a must if you aren’t returning to home base every day, so enjoy shopping for the right clothing and camping equipment to turn your journey into a pleasant adventure.


If you have a good home base that’s central to lots of daily cycling routes, fitness and gear become less of an issue. Even young children can join in the fun. Take it easy and just enjoy the rides and rest stops as they come.


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Go on a Photo Safari


Although you might not be journeying to the African wilds, photo safaris are possible just about anywhere. Plan your route with photographic challenges in mind.


Do you think that you’ll be the one to take an iconic picture of famous buildings, mountain scenes, or majestic panoramas? Choose your main photographic targets and then go “hunting” for the amazing images you’re dreaming of.


Before you leave, brush up on your photography and photo editing skills. You’re about to take your hobby to the next level with a challenge the whole family will enjoy.


By the way, photo safaris make great weekend challenges too. All you need is a destination, a theme, and a photo challenge or series of challenges. You can undertake one in your own neighborhood or even your backyard.


Get your friends to take up the challenge and share your pictures online. Who is the winner? Let your group decide! It’s a great way to stay in touch even if you’re being careful about social distancing.


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You CAN Have the Holiday of a Lifetime in 2020

Think outside the box. Do something different. Make memories you can feed off during the months to come. Crisp autumn days and autumn colors set the scene.


Just remember to pack for all weather contingencies so that you can have a good time getting back to nature while still enjoying a little comfort and luxury.


Your positive mindset and the peace of the countryside will do the rest. Who needs Paris and London when you have all of these fabulous fall vacation ideas for 2020? There’s a whole new world just over the horizon! 

Carissa Shuman

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