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Expat Tips For Moving To A New Country

While moving to a new country certainly is exciting and the start of a new chapter in your life, it is also incredibly daunting.


This is true no matter where you are moving to or whether you are doing it by yourself or not. Moving to a new country is a life-changing event.


There is sure to be a huge amount that you are leaving behind and you will have to rebuild an entirely new life for yourself when you arrive.


This is, of course, all part of the excitement, but many people find that it is a little intimidating and hard to settle when you first arrive.


Here are a few tips from expats, which will hopefully help you to settle faster and truly make the most out of this new opportunity.


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Moving To A New Country – What You Need To Know

Visit First


If possible, it is a good idea to visit the country before taking the plunge. You can never truly prepare yourself for a move to a new country if you have never been before.


Visiting allows you to get real-life experience and get an idea of what life will be like here, as opposed to simply reading online and looking at photos.


Work Out How You Will Make a Living


You will want to secure some form of income quickly after arriving, and this can be a great cause of stress.


In some cases you might be moving for work, but if not then you need to research the area and think about how you will start bringing money in.


There are, of course, options such as bar work and shop work, which can be a good way to start while you find your feet.


You might also want to think about setting up a meeting with a recruitment agency shortly after you arrive, which can be a good way to open new doors and find work quickly.


Research the Cost of Living


You also need to have a clear idea of what the cost of living is in your new home. Otherwise, you could be in for a shock.


This can vary greatly from place to place, so even if you live comfortably in your current home you might find a very different situation when you move abroad.


Even items like the cost of a pint of milk can vary greatly. So you should always do your research and work out if you will be able to lead a comfortable lifestyle and how much money you will need to earn.


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Save More Than You Think You Need


One of the most common pieces of advice that expats have when it comes to moving to a new country is to save more money than you think you need.


This is to cover the various costs that will be involved in the move, but also so that you have a safety net that will provide peace of mind.


Having savings that you can use can alleviate the stress of securing an income immediately, and could help you to enjoy your new destination more in terms of going out and exploring, which is so important when it comes to settling in.


Find a Short-Term Rental


Accommodation is one of the most important factors to consider, but instead of finding somewhere long term, you might want to think about a short-term rental initially.


This is so that you are not locked into a long-term commitment without having settled. A temporary place can be a good idea for finding your feet and working out where you want to settle down.


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Have Reminders of Home


In your new accommodation, it is a good idea to have reminders of home so that you can feel connected and avoid being homesick.


This might include having photographs of family and friends and having a similar layout/decorative style in the new property.


Use a Trusted Moving Company


You should take as little with you as possible when moving to a new country, but it is inevitable that you will need to transport certain items.


It is important to use a trusted and experienced company for this so that you can rest assured that your important possessions are being safeguarded, protected, and safely shipped for peace of mind.


Additionally, you will find that experienced shippers such as 1st Move International often have helpful guides.


For example, they offer a USA expat lifestyle guide for those that move to the States and want to learn about important factors such as moving with pets, education, and driving.


Research and Stay Current


It may seem obvious, but researching your new home and staying current will help you to feel settled much faster.


This should include elements of life including the job market, schools (if applicable), and local customs.


However, it should also include aspects such as where the best place to shop is, what the nightlife is like, and what local events are happening.


This should make the new place feel slightly more familiar when you arrive, which will be key for settling quickly.


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Network With Other Expats


Building a social life is vital when it comes to settling in a new country but this is easier said than done.


One of the best ways to make friends early on is to find other expats, and this should be easy enough—you could even do this before you move.


In addition to a quick and easy way to make friends, you will find that networking with expats is helpful as they will have the best advice for settling in your new destination.


Find People to Meet Online


Another good way to meet people when you move to a new country (or anywhere new) is to network online.


The internet has made it easier than ever to meet like-minded people, so it should not be too hard to find group social events and people that have similar interests to you.


You can also find people to connect with simply by looking at online on platforms such as social media and Reddit.


Make Time to Explore


Moving to a new country is incredibly daunting and it will always take some time to find your feet, but you can speed this up by making some time simply to explore and get your bearings.


Once you begin to have an idea of the layout of the new destination, it will very quickly start to feel like home.


It is also worth asking the people that you meet for their recommendations in terms of where to shop, places to go, restaurants, and other activities.


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Try New Hobbies


Moving to a new country is a fresh start and a great chance to pick up a new hobby, especially if it is somewhere that the hobby is popular.


This will help you to settle faster, reduce stress, and it could also be another great way to meet some new like-minded people.


You need to enjoy yourself when you arrive in a new country, and hobbies are one of the best ways that you can do this.


Stay Connected to Loved Ones Back Home


It is difficult leaving loved ones back home. Everyone feels homesick at times and this is perfectly natural.


Instead of ignoring these feelings, it is always worth reaching out to loved ones and staying connected.


Video calls are a great way to do this as you can see and hear your loved ones, but handwritten letters and care packages can also be a thoughtful and special way to stay connected.


It will always take some time to settle in when moving to a new country, but these tips from expats will hopefully make this faster and allow you to start enjoying this exciting new chapter in your life.



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