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5 Must-try Adventure Sports for Your Next Great Vacation

Many people associate holidays with relaxing on the beach, reading books, sunbathing, or sipping drinks by the pool. Of course, relaxing is one way to spend your vacation, but it will not be perfect for everyone.


Some people prefer active vacations or even adventure sports.


There are adventure lovers who need to have some more attractions in their free time. One type of activity that certainly gives an adrenaline rush is adventure sports.


Sports lovers can choose various disciplines and workouts to boost their adrenaline level, but not every workout is perfect for that.


However, while on holiday, you can usually try a wide range of adventure sports, depending on the location and other conditions. Below, we present five extreme adventure sports that you must try while on holiday!


Whitewater Rafting


Adventure Sports – 5 Activities to Try on Your Next Adventure Vacation

White-Water Rafting


White-water rafting, also called ‘river rafting,’ is an adventure water sport that involves going down a river on a rubber raft, while being carried by the white water rapids.


Sometimes the speed can be excessive, so it’s not an utterly recreational activity.


You can participate in white-water rafting in many rivers worldwide, and it doesn’t require any professional equipment – usually, just a paddle. And all the participants need to have life jackets on.


The best thing about rafting is that the water fully controls the speed and that you can have fun and meet new people.


A more extreme version of white-water rafting is jet skiing. If you want to boost your adrenaline level even more, simply go for it! You can read more about this sport and get some tips at Jet Ski Reviews.


adventure sports, paragliding, parachute




If you spend your holidays in a place with wonderful views, for instance at the seaside, it would be a good idea to try parachuting on this occasion.


There are a lot of companies that offer these kind of air adventure sports for adrenaline-hungry holidaymakers.


Parachuting is an excellent choice for anyone who’s not scared of heights since it involves jumping from a plane or other aircraft into the air.


Of course, the parachute is a kind of protection, but the adrenaline rush still stays quite high. 


adventure sports, rock climbing, rappelling


Rock Climbing


Rock climbing is a perfect activity for those who spend their vacation in the mountains and are bored with just trekking or hiking.


A lot of places in the mountain regions are prepared for mountain climbers, as they have special facilities and even climbing courses.


Rock climbing is an extreme way of feeling the mountain atmosphere, but it is definitely worth the effort. The views are stunning, and the satisfaction of reaching the mountain peak makes it worthwhile.


However, as a beginner in rock climbing, you should remember that rock climbing involves a certain risk of injury or even fatality. That is why you should always go climbing well-equipped and prepared and use high-quality equipment.


Be sure to practice enough before starting to climb in the real mountains.


scuba diving, sea turtle


Scuba Diving


Water lovers will surely appreciate scuba diving on their active holidays. It is one of the most popular underwater adventure sports and it is the fastest-growing nowadays.


Apart from the thrill of being underwater, the aim of scuba diving is simply to enjoy the views and nature that vary so much from the environment on land.


Scuba diving can be done in any large area of water, but it does require some equipment.


The most basic thing every diver needs is a SCUBA – it’s an abbreviation for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus – a piece of equipment that enables you to breathe underwater.


Apart from a diving mask, every scuba diver needs to wear a special wetsuit and be equipped with fins to put on their feet. Scuba gloves are also useful.


Comprehensive lists of equipment for scuba divers are available.


adventure sports, Downhill Zorbing


Downhill Zorbing


Mountain regions offer perfect conditions for extreme adventure sports and activities. Another one that’s worth considering while in the mountains is downhill zorbing.


It is an activity that involves experiencing a downhill ride in a zorbing ball.


The thrill involves being rolled up and down during the ride, but with minimal risk of injury because you’re protected by an elastic bubble.


Downhill zorbing is usually organized by local companies, who carefully choose the slopes and prepare the site for the participants. The hill can be small, but in extreme cases, it can be a bigger slope.


To see what downhill zorbing looks like, have a look at this website.


Holidays are a great occasion to try some new extreme adventure sports and activities. When you’re not limited by time or place; it is possible to relax and fully focus on the new activity.


What’s more, every holidaymaker can try their favorite disciplines, or you can share the experience and try something together. Whichever option you decide to choose, it will be great fun.


All you need to do is check the local adventure sports offers at your holiday destination and choose the most suitable ideas for yourself!

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