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cliffs of moher tour in summer

6 Reasons To Go On A Cliffs Of Moher Tour In The Summer

When you’re looking for the most beautiful, breathtaking, and incredible natural wonder in Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher is the place to go. I suggest everyone go on a Cliffs of Moher tour in summer.


The photos don’t even do justice to it. In fact, it’s not just the most beautiful in Ireland but can also make it to the top of the list of the most astounding sites in the world.


It’s on everyone’s bucket list for a good reason, and it should be on yours, too.


The Cliffs Of Moher is one of the most visited spots in Ireland. Today, there are even many specially designed vacation packages and travel deals for bringing you to the cliffs.


If you search for Ireland on Google, you might come across numerous photos of this scenery. With over a million visitors each year, there are plenty of reasons why new tourists like yourself should also go.


Read on below to find out a few of these reasons.


cliffs of moher tour in summer


Reasons to Go On a Cliffs of Moher Tour in Summer

There Are Many Fun Things To Do


If you thought that in the Cliffs of Moher, you’ll have nothing else to do but stare at nature, then you’re wrong.


There are a lot of fun things that you can do there, with something for everyone in your family.


In fact, it’s recommended that you spend at least five to seven days in the area for you to be able to enjoy everything that the cliffs have to offer.


Common examples of activities to look forward to are the following:


Watch the sunset. The sunset at the Cliffs is impressive, so you shouldn’t miss it while you’re there.


Stroll to the Hag’s Head. This is found on one of the southernmost points of the Cliffs, but here you can also find an old tower.


Give yourself the time to stroll to the Hag’s Head one afternoon and make it to the highest point of the watchtower.  In case the touristy crowd gets overwhelming for you, here you’ll have the peace and quiet that you need.


Join a cruise. Experiencing this site isn’t only done best from the top. You can also go down to the sea, where you can join a cruise. That way, you’ll get to experience the place from all angles.


cliffs of moher


The Cliffs of Moher Brings You Closer To Nature


When you’re in the Cliffs Of Moher, it’s like you’re making your way up to the highest point on the earth. When you see the views straight ahead of you, your heart is guaranteed to miss a beat.


You’ll be in awe at how such a beautiful world came into being. While you’re there, you get to marvel at all that nature has to offer.


You might even find a moment or two to think to yourself, have some quiet time, and reflect on your life.


The Cliffs Of Moher make you one with nature. In a world full of concrete jungles and stress and things to do here and there, simply being there in that moment is more than enough to leave you awe-inspired.


While you’re at it, take the time also to enjoy the sights and sounds that nature brings.


Waves crashing against the cliffs, wind gusting, a feel of the ocean spray from way below you, these all make for a truly unforgettable experience of a lifetime.


cliffs of moher tour in summer


Exposes You To A Lot Of Castles


Especially when you’re traveling with your children, you’d know that to see castles is a big dream. Along the way to the cliff, you’re going to find at least three to four Cliffs of Moher castles. One of the best to see is Kinvara Castle.


All are in habitable condition, and it can leave your children wondering too about the lives of people who used to live within the castle walls.


If you’re up for exploring some ghosts of the previous inhabitants, a night tour will also be an excellent experience for you.


Doonagore Castle. A cool castle nearby.


Relive The Movies


If you’re a movie fan, then that’s all the more reason for you to visit the Cliffs Of Moher. Movie producers all over the world, and especially in Hollywood, have taken notice of the splendor of the place.


Hence, it has become the setting for many famous movies globally. Of the many, the most famous could be the fact that this site recently appeared in Harry Potter’s Half-Blood Prince.


Apart from that, some other movies featuring this site include Leap Year, The Princess Bride,  and Maroon 5’s “Runaway”.


If any of these movies are your favorites, you can now re-watch them and see the different scenes that were shot in a place that you’ve gone to see and experience for yourself as well.


Doolin-Village-from-Sea-View-House- (1)
The view of Doolin Village from our room. Yes, that’s the tiniest village! You can walk to dinner and enjoy traditional Irish music in the pub. It’s perfect!


Visit The Small Town Of Doolin


Near the Cliffs Of Moher area is a small town in County Clare known as Doolin. It’s positioned on the western side of the cliffs, and also along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.


Despite being a quaint little city, there’s still so much for everyone to enjoy here. It’s an underrated town to include in your summer holiday bucket list, but there are plenty of reasons why it’s worth the trip.


Here are some of the reasons why:


You get to enjoy more unrivaled scenery and dramatic landscapes.


You’ll get to experience Ireland’s most beautiful sunset.


You can interact with, and get to know more of the local people’s stories and lives, as Doolin is quite the perfect place to hear stories of different people.


You’ll get to enjoy various music events and festivals, also depending on which time of the year you’re visiting.


You can also enjoy traditional Irish music in many of its local pubs.




Get To See Llamas and Alpacas Everywhere


Move along, sheep. In this part of Ireland, you’ll see Llamas, too. Yes, they aren’t just in Peru. This experience is also going to be a unique one, especially if you have young children.


It’s not every day of your life that you get to see Llamas freely grazing around in the greenery. 


cliffs of moher


In Closing


If you’re planning to be in Ireland you must take a Cliffs of Moher tour in summer.


Bring a jacket and an umbrella and be sure to take loads of photos as this will be one of the windiest and most beautiful places you’ve ever seen


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