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How To Have A Socially Distanced Vacation

As lockdown restrictions are coming at an end in the U.S., many people are thinking about potential summer travel plans. Even so, social distancing is still a priority for many people, leaving them to wonder how to have a socially distanced vacation.


If you are considering a vacation, one of the big decisions you’ll have to make is whether to drive or fly. There are risks with both.


Flying is typically safer from a statistical standpoint, particularly when you consider the fact that distracted driving accidents result in thousands of deaths when you’re on the roadway, and that’s just one specific risk.


Now, is a different story, however. If you’re in the high-risk category of contracting COVID-19, you might decide the risks of flying and spending time in an enclosed space outweigh the risks of driving.


Beyond the driving vs. flying consideration, what else should you keep in mind for a vacation that includes social distancing?


What are some creative ideas that will let you break your cabin fever without being exposed to too much risk from the coronavirus?



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Firs Mountains


Socially Distanced Vacation Options

Get Back to Nature


There are a lot of opportunities to explore the United States right now that you might not otherwise do if it weren’t for the pandemic, so take advantage.


Many of these options involve being surrounded by natural beauty because a crowded city might not be your idea of a safe vacation right now.


Both National and State Parks might be something to consider for a socially distanced vacation. If you want to visit a National Park, you might rent a camper or an RV, or set up a tent for a rustic experience.


There are even some companies that offer “glamping” experiences near many of these parks. However, if you are thinking about renting an RV, keep in mind they’re in high demand right now so you may have to pay a premium rate.


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Boating can be a very socially distanced activity you can enjoy with your immediate family. You can rent a boat for a day or a week and explore a lake, or if you’re feeling adventurous, perhaps go somewhere like the Florida Keys.


Some places can be tricky to navigate, so you want to prepare yourself ahead of going to your destination. Or, explore the possibility of hiring a captain if you’re not comfortable with the idea of helming a boat yourself.


Once you’re on the water, however, you can enjoy the breeze and the beauty that’s around you without worrying about being in an enclosed space with too many other people.


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Work with a Travel Agent


If you haven’t planned a trip with the help of a travel agent in a while, you aren’t alone. But working with an agent can actually be really helpful to you right now.


There are a lot of changes in hotels and resorts, and a travel agent will likely be aware of what these are so they can prepare you.


They’ll be able to tell you what’s open and what’s not and secure your reservations, which might otherwise be limited or not available.


A travel agent might also think of things that you wouldn’t otherwise have considered, so your trip can be not just safer but smoother.


Considering how overwhelming travel can be right now, having an agent to work with can take some of the unknown out of the planning.


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Go Somewhere That Requires Masks


If you’re worried about your health, but you’re also ready to take a vacation of some sort, there are plenty of places in the U.S. that are requiring masks.


For example, many cities and areas in Florida mandate masks, as do states like California and New York. North Carolina also recently enacted a mask mandate.


Choosing a location requiring masks might give you peace of mind, so you’ll enjoy yourself more. You can wear a trendy pink face mask to match your vacation outfit and forget you are in the middle of a pandemic


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Feature Photo by Link Hoang on Unsplash


Being Safe on the Beach


People are quite literally flocking to the beaches right now as quarantine fatigue has fully set it, but medical experts are warning against letting your guard down in these situations.


Try to find beaches that aren’t so crowded, and if you go somewhere that looks crowded, you might want to come back during an off-peak time.


Finally, you need to think about where you’re staying if you take a trip. House and villa rentals may be optimal if you’re fearful about coronavirus because they give you your own space and you don’t have to worry about a shared air conditioning system.


If you stay in a hotel or resort, check on their policies and what they’re doing to keep guests safe and to keep their facility clean and sanitized.


It’s an unsettling time for some, but still many people are ready to get out and about responsibly. There are ways to manage a socially distanced vacation with some planning.

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