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Gear to Take Your Next Outdoor Adventure From Arduous to Amazing

Love being in nature but hate the idea of roughing it? Outdoor adventure doesn’t have to be something you endure, an experience you have to tough out or get through.


When you invest in the right equipment, outdoor travel can be comfortable, and even (gasp) luxurious. From versatile clothing to useful technology, choosing the right items for the elements will make all the difference in your experience.


Here are three categories of outdoor gear that will take your adventure from arduous to amazing.


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Luxurious Outdoor Adventure Gear that Will Blow Your Mind – Here’s Why

Versatile Clothing


You wouldn’t show up to a black-tie event in your blue jeans, and you shouldn’t head out into the great outdoors without proper attire, either.


Now, your outdoors packing list will vary depending on your itinerary; after all, you’ll need very different clothing for a sea-kayaking trip than you will for a hut-to-hut backpacking adventure through the White Mountains of New Hampshire.


The general rule of thumb for outdoor clothing is to buy good quality, hi-tech layers that will move and breathe.


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However, one of the drawbacks of outdoor apparel is that it looks, well, like outdoor apparel.


And while that’s great when you’re knocking out a long ride on your Eastern European bike tour, it’s not as amazing when you’re unwinding from the day, sipping wine at a café along the Danube in Budapest.


Choosing pieces that are versatile and stylish — that you can dress up or down — will save you from packing a double wardrobe. Need some inspiration?


Check out the well-made, comfortable outdoor apparel sold by Columbia that you’ll want to wear even when you’re not outside.


For example, a piece like the Women’s Fire Side™ II Sherpa Full Zip Fleece for women works just as well as a basecamp layer as it does over jeans or a cotton dress for a casual dinner in town.


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Well-Made Outdoor Gear


So much of your comfort during outdoor travel depends largely on bringing the right gear. To that end, think about what your days and nights will entail and make a list of the items you’ll need.


Going on a climbing trip? You’ll need to invest in a well-made harness, climbing shoes, rope, helmet and more.


Likewise, if your trip includes nights spent outside, in addition to your warm and dry clothing layers, you may need gear like a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and headlamp.


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You’ll also want to pay special attention to your choice of shelter, as nothing will make for a miserable trip than spending a night in a shelter that cannot withstand the elements.


Similarly, a backpacking trip can be ruined with a heavy-duty tent that weighs down your pack and makes hiking unbearable.


For example, look for a range of tents and shelters that are high quality and built for everything from ultralight backpacking and car camping to bike camping and mountaineering.


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The Latest Technology


You’re heading out on an outdoor adventure to get away from modern society, but that doesn’t mean you have to become a complete Luddite.


Bringing along a few pieces of technology can help make your sojourn with nature not only safer but all around more enjoyable.


One of the most versatile and least intrusive pieces of tech you can bring is a rugged and waterproof smartwatch.


In particular, your smartwatch can keep you connected through text messaging and phone calls, entertained with music, and on track with a GPS. 


Check out Garmin for a line of rugged smartwatches that won’t self-destruct in water and are packed with a ton of features like superior battery life, heart rate sensors and color TOPO maps.


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Pack Accordingly for a Fantastic Outdoor Adventure


Your outdoor adventure doesn’t have to be rough; in fact, it can be fun, comfortable and even luxurious. Make your next trip enjoyable by bringing along versatile clothing, well-made gear and the latest outdoor tech.


Because, at the end of the day, investing in the right equipment will make all the difference.


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