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gifts for a woman turning 40

Gifts For A Woman Turning 40, What To Get & Not Get

You might be wondering what gifts for a woman turning 40 because you fit one of two people; you’re either not a woman turning 40 yourself or you’re a guy and have no idea what to get a woman at any age in her life. 


That’s okay, I got you. 


I, in fact, am turning 40 in two short, dreadful, anxiety-ridden weeks, and I’ve had nothing but time to think on this topic as an abundance of people have bombarded me with questions about what I want.


So, I did what any normal, panic-ridden, 39-year-old blogger would do two weeks out from her 40th birthday, and wrote a post about it. You’re welcome.

Christa Thompson

Gifts For A Woman Turning 40

What to Get

I think the first thing you need to understand if you’ve never turned 40 is that 40 can either be an age a woman welcomes or repels. 


In my case, every cell in my body (and every cent in my bank account) repels this age bracket. This of course makes the gift buying process a little more complicated. 


As in, I don’t want to joke about my age, I’m not going to laugh, just get me enough wine to forget I’m turning 40 and I’ll be happy to drink myself through the day until the inevitable sets in and I am, indeed, 40.


On the other hand, if I were the welcome committee for 40, laughs are always welcome. 


Know your audience.

gifts for a woman turning 40, first relationship

There is No Standard, It’s All About the Relationship


The first thing you must, and I do mean commit to memory, you must understand that you will never figure out what to get a woman turning 40 unless you know a sliver about her. 


Is she a friend? A best friend? A co-worker? A relative? A sister? Mother? Wife? Girlfriend? Life partner?


You have to narrow that down first. It will help you decide how much to spend and how personal the gift should be. 


For example, you don’t want to get your wife a toaster oven, but that might be nice coming from a friend.


A Quick Relationship Gift Guide

Co-worker – $15 ‐ $25 Practical Gift


Friend – $25 – $50 Practical Gift


Best Friend – $50 – $100 Personal Gift, a special day planned


Relative – $50 – $100 Personal or practical gift


Sibling – $100+ Personal gift, a special day planned 


Partner – $100+ Personal gift, a special day planned 


Parent – $500+ Personal gift, money, debt relief


So what are these practical versus personal gifts? I thought you’d never ask!

gifts for a woman turning 40, Things to do in Cherokee County, GA, Woodstock Rootstock and Vine
Wine and tapas!

Practical Gifts

At age 40, many of us have already made a lot of great memories in life.


A practical gift like a photo book gift card as a present is one of the best options one can give to someone. Anyway, it still depends on the person you are giving a gift to.

Here are some examples of practical gifts ranging from $15 – $50 that are suitable for co-workers and friends:


  • Lunch date
  • Cocktail/wine date
  • Wine/Spirits
  • Nail salon
  • Dessert date
  • Gift cards (beauty, coffee, favorite store, Amazon)
  • Cool and useful gadgets (wine, kitchen, cocktail, beauty, tech)

planning a weekend trip, Relax in Nature

Personal Gifts

Here are some examples of personal gifts ranging from $50 – $300 that are suitable for best friends, siblings, and life partners:


  • Jewelry (watch, earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring)
  • Art
  • Dermatologist/spa day (injections, fillers, facials, massage)
  • Weekend getaway
  • Electronics (laptop, tablet, Kindle, camera)
  • Collectibles 
  • Undergarments (like hipster panties)
  • Girl’s trip 
  • Debt relief, money, family heirloom 
  • Funny custom shirts
  • Amish furniture decorations


gifts for a woman turning 40

What Christa Wants for Her 40th

You didn’t think I was going to write this whole post without talking about what I want for my own dreadful 40th birthday, did you?


I mean, what better way to answer the burning question everyone is already asking me, am I right?


If I had it my way, my perfect birthday would be spent sleeping in, turning off my phone, getting coffee in bed, and creeping my way into the morning with chocolate croissants and Mimosas! 


The experience will be much better if I spend it in one of the best romantic hotels with jacuzzi in room. I haven’t gone to such perfect accommodation in a long time, and I’ve been dreaming of it since the pandemic.


I’d take my sweet time right into lunch at a winery with my friends and settle the day with a fabulous dinner with best friends and family. 


As for gifts, I’d be elated to get some work done to my face and body. It’s not for everyone, but it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time. I’d get the whole damn mommy makeover, face included!


I love women’s rose gold watches, anything opal, and all things vintage Taylor Swift. Getting some debt paid off would also make me feel better about turning 40. 

gifts for a woman turning 40, women's rose gold watches

I’d also feel better about it if I had some spaces in my home customized, something I feel like I’ve failed at terribly. 


Honestly, if I rolled into 40 looking younger, with debt paid off, upgrades to my home, a new laptop, and a perfect day with friends and family, I think I’d feel a whole lot better about turning 40. 


Mimosa in hand. 


Tips for Shopping

No matter what your relationship is to the birthday girl when shopping for what to get a woman turning 40, you want to make sure you do your research. 


Find out her favorite color, if she has any allergies, what she doesn’t like, and, imagine this, ask her what she wants!


And life partners. Take note. Get. Her. What. She. Wants.


In Closing

If you listen to her, take note of what she likes (and doesn’t like), you will make her 40th birthday memorable. Don’t fret about what gifts to get for a woman turning 40. If you follow these tips, you’ll be golden, and she’ll be thankful.

Carissa Shuman

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