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What Is The Difference Between Tarot Cards And Cartomancy?

You may be wondering what the difference is between tarot and cartomancy. You’re not alone.


During these times, many have been left feeling trapped inside their homes with nothing to do. Having a lot of time to ponder things while being stuck inside can lead to such questions. 


At this moment, I am sitting on a beach in El Nido, Philippines. I have a cocktail in one hand while I type with the other, an umbrella giving me the perfect amount of protection from the sun.


At least, this is where I am in an alternative reality in which a global crisis has not made a mockery of my plans.


Travel and adventure is not the most important thing right now, but it is certainly something I am longing for.


I’m happy to give up a trip or three for the sake of my health and the health of everyone around me. However, I also know it is important not to minimize the things I am missing.


The good news is that there are other ways to adventure right now, one of which is the world of online psychic readings. If you’re a skeptic, I get it. The truth is that psychic readings are not what you see on TV.


They are closer to a sort of therapy session than a prophetic experience. That said, they will give you an idea of what will happen in your future.


Two of the most popular types of online psychic readings are cartomancy and tarot cards. People get the two confused, so it is important to take a quick look at the difference between them.


Cartomancy vs tarot


Tarot vs Cartomancy, Are They Really That Different? 

What is Cartomancy?


Let’s start with the basics. What is cartomancy?


Cartomancy has been popular at least since the 1700s, though it can be traced back a few hundred years before that. It uses a standard deck of cards to give you insights into yourself and your future.


It is supposedly particularly accurate in telling you when and how things will happen. This is because there is less room for interpretation with the meaning of the cards. It makes cartomancy the better choice for those who want an answer to a question instead of potential outcomes.


With cartomancy, every card of every suit has its own meaning. But on its own it does not tell you much. You need an expert who can interpret it.


This expert should be an excellent judge of character so that they can understand the layout of the cards within the context of your personality and life circumstances.


If you want some more certainty during these times, cartomancy can be the perfect type of psychic reading for you. But it sounds an awful lot like tarot cards, doesn’t it? So, how different are they?

Cartomancy vs tarot


What do Tarot Cards tell us?


Tarot cards are perhaps the better-known type of psychic reading. They are not a competing type of reading, however. Rather, they tend to tell you about different aspects of your life, particularly love and relationships.


A tarot card reading, which typically uses a deck of 78 cards, looks for patterns that can be used to interpret your past and/or present to help you make predictions about your future. How and where certain cards appear in a layout can be used to help you answer questions. 


Although a reading about your future love life might not seem all that useful right now, some people are succeeding at building online relationships in quarantine. 


On the contrary, if you want insight into how to keep your current relationship from toppling under the pressure of being constantly in close quarters, tarot card readings can be ideal.


A good tarot card reader will be able to give you practical advice as to how to deal with problems that are likely to pop up during this time.


Frustrations and irritation are normal, and what is important is understanding where they come from and how to mitigate them effectively.


Cartomancy vs tarot




Tarot card readings and cartomancy are similar, in that they both make use of a deck of cards as a means of divination. However, cartomancy uses a regular deck of playing cards and will give you more definitive answers.


Tarot cards, on the other hand, will give you insight into your relationships and how to take approach any problems that arise.


Whether you’re interested in receiving a cartomancy or tarot card reading, getting in touch with an online psychic can be its own adventure, and you’re sure to learn something about yourself in the process. In fact, there are many other types of readings you can get. Just like tarot and cartomancy, other readings vary in their methods.

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