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Mount Fuji, beginner Mountain Climbing

8 of the Best Mountains to Climb for Beginners

More and more adventurers are looking towards beginner mountain climbing. And understandable so, mountains are one of the most beautiful things nature has to offer. They have attracted people from all over the world as long as history can remember.


They protect countries from the enemy, they affect the weather you get, they provide work, but most of all they are a challenge. This is why we love mountains so much, for the ability to test ourselves.


The culture of climbing is pretty popular. We all follow annual expeditions to climb Mount Everest. And it might feel like climbing is only for professionals, but that is not necessarily the truth. It is for everyone!


And since we all have to start somewhere, let’s talk about the top mountains to climb for beginner mountain climbing.


Where to Start for Beginner Mountain Climbing


Mount Kilimanjaro, beginner Mountain Climbing
Mount Kilimanjaro Photo source CCL


Mount Kilimanjaro


Mount Kilimanjaro is the crown jewel of Africa and the tallest peak of the beautiful continent. It is one of the Seven Summits, and the easiest to climb from all of them.


If you look at the history of people who successfully climbed it, the youngest was eight years old, and the oldest 85. It is fair to say, it is for everyone who wants to embark on an adventure.


It is also the perfect mountain if you want to overcome the fear of heights. It has eight different paths to the top, you can find more info here about them, and choose one that is most suitable for you.


But be warned, you won’t be lonely on your journey, many people try to climb it every year.  


Breithorn with snow




Breithorn is located in Switzerland and is quite unique. You can climb the 4000 meters by yourself, or there are other options you can go for. The mountain offers a cable car service that will take you to just under 300 meters below the summit. 


From that point on, you can embark on the most challenging part of the climbing when you need crampons and an ice ax. It is a short climb, but it is excellent for beginners that want to have a taste of professional climbing. 


Mount Fuji, beginner Mountain Climbing
Mount Fuji


Mount Fuji


Sushi after a climb, anyone? Mount Fuji, located in the heart of Japan, is one of the most climbed wonders of nature in the world. If you are in good shape, you can climb it in about eight hours, up and down the mountain.


So you will be back for dinner with the accomplishment of climbing one of the most famous mountains on Earth. It is also less challenging when it comes to technicalities of climbing, so it is excellent for starting your mountaineering career.


Pikes Peak kissing camels
Pikes Peak


Pikes Peak


North America also has a mountain for you to climb that is suitable for beginners, and it is Pikes Peak. You can easily climb it on the trails that do not require any additional skills.


The advantage here is when you get to the summit, you have the option to go down on a cog railway and enjoy the beauty without the effort. And when you are climbing big mountains for the first time, it is good to have options. 


Tofana di Rozes, beginner mountain climbing
Tofana di Rozes


Tofana di Rozes


The old country, Italy, is also a friendly place for inexperienced climbers. Tofana di Rozes, part of the Dolomites, Is not only an excellent destination to go skiing, but it is a lovely mountain to hike.


It is also the place to feel a little bit more hardcore without the dangers that mountains can provide you with. The Iron Path, aka via Ferrata, is a built-in system of ladders, cables, and rungs to help the climber make the ascent that will give you that feeling. 


Mount Kosciuszko
Mount Kosciuszko Photo source CCL


Mount Kosciuszko


A mountain from down under, Mount Kosciuszko is more than suitable for beginner climbers. You can scale the tallest peak on a continent with no mountaineering experience, and this is exactly why this mountain is so attractive.


You can expect a chairlift from Thredbo that can get you part way up and then the gentle wander to the 2228 meter peak. You will be done in approximately four hours, up and down.  


Villarrica, beginner mountain climbing




How about climbing a live volcano? This is what you can expect from climbing offers from Chile. Villarrica is one of the most active volcanoes in all of South America and almost a 3000-meter peak at the same time.


It rises above the beautiful Lake District scenery. Remember that you will probably need a guide, but other than that, it is going to be a marvelous six- to seven-hour round trip.


Island Peak
Island Peak Photo Source CCL


Island Peak


Nepal is world-famous for its mountains, and there is a pretty good reason why Island Peak included. This particular mountain is the most popular trekking peak in the country.


You can climb it in one day, but you can also choose to climb it in two days, no need to rush things. You will need a guide and some additional equipment, but other than that, it is a great adventure.


Mountains are merely incredible and help us get to know our limits. They have a purifying quality to them and keep you calm and patient. Starting a mountaineering journey is not that hard if you choose an appropriate peak to climb.


If you’re serious about beginner mountain climbing, go with one from the list, and you will fall in love with climbing till the end of your life. 


Christa Thompson

Christa Thompson is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Fairytale Traveler. She started traveling the world in 2003 when she attended a summer abroad study at the University of Cambridge in England. Since then, her wanderlust has been fierce. Her three passions in life are her son, traveling, and being creative. The Fairytale Traveler brand gives Christa the opportunity to do all of these things and to live intentionally every day. "It's never too late to believe in what you love and to pursue your dreams." -Christa Thompson

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