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Cruise Food – Eating On a Cruise With Your Foodie Friends

Going on a cruise is great, but do you know what’s even better? Going on a cruise with someone who loves food! I mean, cruise food is a whole mood when it’s with good company.


Together, you’ll get to journey on the high seas, explore exotic destinations, and, best of all, eat your way around the ship. Read on for more benefits of eating on a cruise with someone who loves food.


Here’s why going on a cruise is the perfect trip for those who are ecstatic about cuisine.


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Cruise Food – Eating On a Cruise With Your Foodie Friends


Before we go into the specifics of cruise food, let’s back up and review the basics. Most cruises include three main meals a day, however, extras such as specialty meals and alcoholic beverages may cost extra.


Cruises feature a variety of dining options, from casual to more elegant. For starters, there’s the main dining room, typically a formal area that serves a variety of upscale main courses.


Cruise food here is generally influenced by American and international dining (think dishes like roast chicken with mashed potatoes and greens, steak fries and vegetable stew with a side of fresh fruit).


Cruise food, eating on a cruise,


Apart from the main option, there’s generally a buffet, featuring various stations with options such as grilled favorites, breakfast staples, international eats and dessert. This is typically popular with families or more casual diners.


While the main dining room tends to only be open one or two times a night, the buffet is open to all passengers all day long. Meaning, there’s always food available for you and your companions to eat!


That’s not all — specialty dining, including restaurants made to look like scenes from a particular movie, that feature a certain type of cuisine or serve a certain purpose are also available. Stands serving pizza, baked goods or items to munch poolside are common as well.


I think we can all agree here that eating on a cruise is a vacation in itself.


Cruise food, eating on a cruise, restaurant


What Types of Food are served on Cruises?


You and your travel party, the foodies especially, are in luck. Cruises serve a wide variety of food to satisfy diners with different preferences, special diets and needs.


Looking for All-American fare, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, barbecue and French fries? Look for the quick-serve stands or the buffet. If sorbet, pizza and pasta is more your preference, look for ships that feature Italian restaurants.




Food that is typically served on cruises includes cheese and pepperoni pizza, spaghetti, salads, roast meats, vegetable and fruit platters, soft-serve ice cream, tacos and sushi. And, that doesn’t even include what’s served on private islands and wherever the ship docks!


Eating on a cruise has come a long way over the past couple of decades, so there’s something to please even the pickiest eaters.


Royal Caribbean Cruise Line


The Best Ships for Foodies


Once you know you want to take a cruise, the next step is determining with which cruise line to sail. The list of cruise providers is extensive, but the paragraph below may help you out. Each of the ships listed has been noted for having excellent food.


Overall, Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises have highly rated dining options.


On an individual level, Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas and Allure of the Seas, as well as Celebrity’s Equinox, Eclipse, Reflection, Silhouette, Summit and Infinity came out on top.


Praised for their variety, cruise food quality, themes and stellar service, these ships are worth a look the next time you want to take a cruise.


cruise ship in venice italy
Cruise docked in Venice, Italy


Top Foodie Destinations


The good eats don’t end on the ship. Ports of call offer plenty of opportunities to indulge as well. If classic European cuisine is what you’re after, check out Italy for pizza, pasta and all of the wine, or France for cheese, chocolate, bread and delicate pastries.


Those who would prefer to stay closer to the U.S. may want to look for an eastern Caribbean cruise.


Hopefully, these tips will convince you to take on cruise food like a boss with or without your foodie friends. After all making memories while enjoying some fantastic food is probably one of the best ways to spend your time off. Here’s to vacations and food! Bon voyage!


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