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So, you are off to visit Jiayu Pass and the end of the Great Wall of China? Or, maybe you are taking a walking tour of the Sinai Desert this year? Either way, there is an important part of travel preparations that can make all the difference to your experiences abroad –– choosing the right water bottles to keep you properly hydrated. 


Why you Need Water Bottles for Wherever You Go


Uncertainty is just one of the fun things about travel. Breakfast is an adventure and how you will get to your next destination can be full of surprises. But keeping yourself well-supplied with fresh and clean water should not be left to chance. 


Here are some of the most important reasons water bottles and travel plans are indivisible.  


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You Need Water to … LIVE! 


Yes! The human body will not last too long without a fresh supply of water. But, long before death, dehydration can make your trip especially tedious.  Dehydration is a major setback when visiting distant locations where the temperatures and relative humidity can be drastically different from our home town. But staying properly hydrated is the key to feeling great during your vacation and staying healthy while you travel


Increased Physical Resilience


Getting enough water will also make your body more resilient to the different foods, activities, and situations you will find yourself in.  Being in a new location will mean your body is subjected to all kinds of new experiences and having enough water will increase your resistance to toxins, heat exposure, and potential disease. Having more water will allow you to get the most from your trip. 


Save Cash, Save Time! Have More Fun!


Whether you are on a business trip or vacation, keeping your water supply safe in your carefully selected water bottles will remove one more item from your itinerary. When you carry your own receptacles, you can fill them up at your hotel on your way out and remove an expense and cost from your budget. You will find that most restaurants are more than happy to refill with their purified water supply –– make sure it is actually purified!


Save the Planet! 


Not every country you visit will have equally effective solutions for plastic waste. This means that every plastic water bottle you buy will eventually end up choking some poor defenseless manta ray or sea turtle to death–– it’s a practice that needs to stop. The perfect solution? Use a non-disposable water bottle and eliminate this problem. If you consider that you might drink up to three bottles of water a day on a two-week trip, your non-disposable water bottle kept 42 Manta Rays from an untimely demise.    


Luckily, all manner of thirst related setbacks and plastic pollution issues can be avoided by including one of the many terrific water bottles on the market today. There is a hydration solution to suit every occasion and when planning a trip to some far-flung outpost in the middle of nowhere they can make all the difference in the world.


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Choosing Your Travel Water Bottle


The water bottle you choose to take with you on your voyage will need to suit your plans precisely or it could turn out to be a real hassle and you may leave it somewhere out of spite –– defeating the purpose. 


Actually, you will want your water bottle to reflect the values, style and activities your travel plans include. The closer your selection of water bottle aligns to your trip the better value will get from its important service. Here are some things to consider: 


Travel Size


Your water bottle needs to be with you at all times for it to function properly and that means being a good size to fit in your backpack, rucksack, handbag or purse. The most important consideration when choosing the size of your water bottle should be the distances you are planning on being from the closest source of fresh water. 


If you realize you might be pressed for space you should consider the many collapsible water bottles that won’t take up much room and are always there when you need to refill them. 


Styles and Designs


Because your water bottle will be with you all the time, take time to consider the style and design features. Some of these are especially rugged canteen types that can carry hot and cold beverages and clip on to the back of the belt while you shimmy up a rock face. Others have fewer bells and whistles and doo little more than carrying water at room temperature. Be sure you consider specific designs of straws, mouthpieces, and caps when you choose the water bottle for you. 




You may think that the team going to the summit will need a more durable hydration system than the team lounging on the beach, but this is incorrect. Water bottles are just one of those belongings that sees extra rough treatment over its service life. There is really no reason to purchase a travel bottle you couldn’t dropkick into the Grand Canyon and pick up as good as new from the bottom. 

Seriously though, buy the last travel water bottle you will ever need! 


If you will be heading out with the entire squad, a collection of matching water bottles will keep everyone hydrated and ensure that none of these will get left behind. Small children and teenagers are more susceptible to heat and dehydration than adults. Providing everyone with their source of water will allow you to make sure everyone is drinking enough and staying safe while adventuring. 


Final Notes on Travel Tips and Water Bottles


Water keeps you feeling fresh and cool and will keep you from the premature effects of aging too. Be sure you take plenty of water along with you on your trip and keep it in an accessible place. Water bottles for travel are just one of those smaller details that will make the entire journey a little better.


Nia McKenna

Nia is an Associate Editor at The Fairytale Traveler and self diagnosed travel junkie. Having traveled to 5 of the 7 continents, her love of good food and culture is a force to be reckoned with. When she isn't off adventuring with her husband, which she writes about on her blog CircaWanderlust, she can be found with a good cup of tea cuddling her pups and taking pictures of her food. She loves black and white movies and could listen to Elvis on repeat.

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