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How to Throw the Ultimate Surprise Birthday Party

Throwing a surprise birthday party can be a great way to treat your loved one and get all of your family and friends together to celebrate. Keeping a surprise party a secret can be a challenge, but you can easily pull it off with some key preparation and planning. To help you plan the perfect celebration, use these surprise party tips for an ultimate event.


Surprise Party Tips to Live By


Pick a Date Before Their Birthday 


Choosing to hold a surprise party on the person’s actual birthday may be difficult as they are likely to expect you to have planned something, especially if they are close to you. Avoid pretending that you have forgotten the person’s birthday or you risk raising suspicion.


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The last thing you want is for them to make other plans if they think you’ve forgotten their birthday or that you haven’t arranged anything. You should therefore try and choose a date a day or two before their actual birthday. Make sure you pick a day and time that everyone can make and give your guests plenty of notice.


Choosing to hold your surprise party on a weekend would be best as most people won’t have to book time off work. 


Choose the Perfect Venue 


When planning a surprise birthday party, you have the option to either host the celebration at your house or hire a venue for the celebration. Planning a party at home is often a lot cheaper, but it is also more time consuming as you’ll have to arrange all of the food, drink, decorations, and entertainment yourself.


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You will also be responsible for cleaning up the next day! If you have the budget you may want to consider hiring a venue for the event, especially if it’s a special birthday. You can choose to host your surprise party at a huge variety of venues including restaurants, nightclubs, and outdoor sites. Try to choose a venue in a good location that is convenient for all of your guests to get to.


You can find plenty of great advice and tips on how to pick the perfect party venue


Arrange Plenty of Entertainment 


No party would be complete without lots of fun entertainment. You can hire a DJ or live band to keep your guests dancing all night. If you’re holding the party at home, then get some good quality speakers and create a playlist of your loved one’s favorite songs.


You may also want to consider arranging some other exciting activities to keep your guests entertained. Some popular entertainment at birthday parties include magicians, cocktail-making classes, and outdoor garden games. If you really want to impress, then you could arrange a spectacular firework display or release Chinese lanterns to make the party even more memorable. 


If you really want to make a splash at your next party, why not include an inflatable pool? Not only is a custom inflatable pool a great way to keep your guests cool, but it can also provide hours of entertainment. Whether you choose to fill your pool with water or with balloons or colorful balls, you’re sure to have a blast. And if you’re worried about the cost, don’t be. There are many affordable options on the market. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to make a splash at your next party!


Create a Fun Party Theme 


Fun themes are a great way to get people excited about a party. Try to choose a birthday party theme that the guest of honor will enjoy. This could be anything from an exciting casino themed-night to a cocktail mixology party. Make sure you get creative and decorate your venue to match your theme.


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You should also consider adapting your food, drink, and activities to reflect whatever theme you choose. Asking your guests to dress up can make the party even more fun. If you do choose a fancy dress theme, then make sure you buy the guest of honor a great outfit that they can get changed into once they arrive at the party. 


Find a Meaningful Gift


Planning a surprise birthday party is not cheap and your loved one will appreciate the time you spent planning a special celebration. For that reason, you don’t need to worry about spending lots of money on an extravagant birthday gift.


However, you may want to find a small meaningful gift to give to your loved one on their actual birthday. Some ideas include a Wine Gift Basket customized with their favorite wines, an album with photographs taken over the years, or a memory box filled with mementos.


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You could also see whether your guests would be willing to contribute to one large gift like an experience day or a weekend away. 


Make Sure Everyone Keeps it a Secret! 


The hardest part about planning a surprise birthday party is making sure that everyone keeps it a secret.


You can ensure this stays a secret by telling all of your guests individually rather than in a large group. That way, you can emphasize the importance of keeping the party a secret and not telling the guest of honor anything that might raise suspicious. It will also ensure that no one tries to make plans with the person on the day.


You should remind your guests regularly not to mention the party or ruin the surprise. 


If you follow these surprise party tips then the guest of honor is sure to have an incredible experience that both you and them will never forget.


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  1. recently had a surprise party for her sister, she was thrilled. All her friends came and agreed to keep everything a secret. Super!

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