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You Should Never Forget This When You’re Packing Your Bags for a Trip

Whether you’re staying in a luxury hotel or backpacking in a region that could fit into the Lord of the Rings film set, there are essentials you need to pack. You’re probably thinking about cameras, phones and chargers, but I’m going to tell you some super glue uses and why you should never travel without it. 


In many ways, super glue uses are even greater when traveling, and is more essential than having it in the house.


Here are some good reasons to keep it with you when you’re on your next backpacking adventure or vacation.


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Just look at all tbe things you could repair! 


Super Glue Uses – And Why You Should Always Pack it When You Travel


Don’t find yourself in need of a repair when you’re traveling. These super glue uses are perfect for on-the-go moments.


Backpack and Luggage Repair


Even if you have a brand new suitcase or backpack, they can and do get damaged. This can be on the flight or when hiking up mountains and across valleys.


Should something happen to your luggage mid-flight, or on the way to the hotel, it is an inconvenience you can do without. A dab of glue and the suitcase is usable for the rest of the trip.


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Luggage repair


If you’re moving around from place to place, this is arguably essential.


Similarly, if you’re hiking up a mountain and a strap breaks or starts to show wear and tear, a dab of glue keeps it in the game. It is not much fun hiking without a fully working backpack.


Fixing a backpack is one of the best super glue uses. 


Sunglasses Repair


If you’re laying on the beach, looking cool with your sunglasses, the last thing you want is for the sunglasses to break. This is when super glue can be applied to keep your coolness unaffected.


Christa Thompson, Tom Ford sunglasses
Sunglasses repair (keep your cool unbothered)


Yes, remaining cool is arguably one of the best super glue uses. 


The better brands of glue have good applicators allowing you to perform easy and precise repairs. Do it right, and nobody will know your sunglasses were in two pieces a few moments ago.


Toy Repair


Many families enjoy taking the kids somewhere special such as Norway, the place that inspired the smash-hit movie, Frozen. Chances are your children want to bring their favorite toy with them, and sadly, the toy may become damaged.


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Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash, toy repair


This can be a stressful time and your son or daughter may become upset.


Again, your trusty adhesive can save the day and fix most toys.


Clothes Repair


If you’re on vacation or traveling around somewhere amazing, the last thing you want is an item of clothing to start to show signs of fraying or indeed tear. Often your trusty glue can repair or prevent your clothes from tearing.


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Clothing repair


This is particularly valuable if you’re camping or hiking. 


In fact, if you’re camping super glue can repair your tent!


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Tent repair


In an outdoor environment, you can obtain adhesives that are waterproof which is ideal for repairing tents and waterproof clothes should you need to.


The uses for super glue are many. Thus, super glue sells over a hundred million units alone each year in the United States.


If you’re on vacation, this is an essential item to take. Tubes are small, and you can easily keep it somewhere reachable should you need it.


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Backpack repair 


If you are hiking, it can easily fit into a handy pocket, and the range of super glue uses are endless.


Now that I’ve shared some travel related super glue uses, you should ensure you have a good tube of glue with you on your next vacation. It will be invaluable should something break or show signs of damage.

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