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Things to Know Before Moving to Edinburgh

Are you planning to move to Edinburgh? No doubt, it is an attractive historical place, but there are some things to know before moving to Edinburgh.


Historical Edinburgh attracts thousands of tourists annually. Moreover, you can enjoy a lively festival season during summer. Edinburgh is famous for cultural events and renowned arts.


This modern city is boasting the strongest economy of the UK outside. You can get the advantage of several employment opportunities in insurance and finances, business and technology, academic research, and education.


Moreover, the city offers several opportunities for tourism and travel.


Things to Know Before Moving to Edinburgh


Gambling in Edinburgh


Edinburgh has numerous casinos for gamblers. You can visit Grosvenor Maybury Casino situated near Edinburgh Airport. Genting Casino Leith closed in February of this year, but Fountain Park and York Place are still open.


If you can’t get to those, you can choose online gambling, agen sbobet as it may be the best guide for you. It is an excellent way to learn the basics of poker and other games.


At 124 Dundee Street, you will find Genting Club Fountain Park. It is the latest addition to the casino brand. Genting Casino York Place is another place to play your favorite games.


The bustling and vibrant capital of Scotland has numerous casinos. Remember, most prominent gambling companies of the United Kingdom are running these casinos.


These places allow you to play different games, such as Three Card Poker, Roulette and Blackjack. Genting is not dominating the market, but they are serving players with popular table games.


You can trust them because these are legit places to play poker. Fortunately, these casinos are situated near airports and dining facilities. For this reason, these are equally good for both locals and tourists.  


before moving to Edinburgh


Lothian and Edinburgh Area


Edinburgh is situated in the center of the urban area. The Edinburgh is surrounded by pleasant green belts, local council area, and other exciting places. Are you planning to live in this city (an ex-pat)?


You will not find housing or job without professional assistance.


The urban area stretches into Lothians (a region in Lowlands Scottish). Midlothian, East Lothian, and West Lothian are situated on its southern shore.


You can find numerous villages and towns in Lothians. Expiates often likes these places in Lothians:


  •       West Lothian: Livingston, Broxburn
  •       East Lothian: Tranent, Haddington, Prestonpans, Musselburgh
  •       Midlothian: Newtongrange, Bonnyrigg, Loanhead, Dalkeith


If you work in the capital, it is linked to Dunfermline through a bridge crossways the bay. You can visit this area by car within 30 – 40 minutes in average traffic.


rain in edinburgh


Weather and Climate


The Estuary of Forth can make your life uncomfortable with its local climate. Before moving to Edinburgh, you have to prepare for windy and rainy weather.


You can’t ignore coastal fog from the sea. This area is famous for rains and fog. For this reason, you should pack some fleece jackets and an umbrella.


The climate of maritime can be favorable. You may experience over 0 °C in winter. In hot summers, you must not swim in the Northern Sea. Local beaches are suitable for bird watching, long walks, and beautiful views.


Population of Edinburgh


The residential population of Edinburgh is more than in other cities. See the population statistics of adjacent areas.


  •       West Lothian: 176,000 residents
  •       East Lothian: 100,000 residents
  •       Midlothian: 84,000 residents


After moving to this city, you can notice lots of foreign people. Expat community has immigrants and polish workers along with Chinese residents and Irish nationals.


You may find large communities from Canada, South Africa, Australia, France, Germany, and the US.


If you consider religious and ethnic diversity, the city has 10% of the non-white population. You can find non-believers and people with Christian faith.


Islam is a minority religion because Edinburgh has only 3% of Muslims. Moreover, some Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews and people of other Baha’ I faith also live in Edinburgh.


Before moving to edinburgh


Housing and Cost of Living


Remember, you may find this city really expensive. However, some reasonably priced areas are available. For a bedroom flat in the center of the city, you have to pay £550+.


Outside the city, you can get the same flat at £400+. For a three-bedroom flat, you have to pay £1000+ in the town and £780+ outside the city.


If you are planning to visit Edinburgh for a long trip, you must check the cost of apartments and flats. Feel free to rent a flat instead of checking-in in a hotel.


Of course, there are other living expenses in Edinburgh like getting around and eating. If you’re from the U.S. you won’t find these to be too expensive. 


Edinburgh is an amazing city. It’s one of my favorite in the world. Before moving to Edinburgh be sure you have a plan and stick to it so you can enjoy your exciting new chapter. 

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