The Most Popular Northern Cities in The UK

As the North continues to grow in power and influence, with an increasing number of people wanting to move there for work and studies, the northern cities in the UK themselves are swelling in their respective populations, and bars, restaurants, and local attractions are thriving. 


Northern cities in the UK to visit


Gothic Castles in the UK


We’ve always loved visiting the United Kingdom and spent a lot of time in London. So, if you’re looking for a thriving hotspot to visit as an alternative to London here is a look a some of the most popular cities in the north. 




Named as one of the UK’s top creative cities, Leeds is an area with consistently growing influence. The housing market in the city is an exciting one for investors, with many people wanting to live there, and the student population is one of the strongest in the country.


The future of Leeds in terms of connection to other cities in the UK also looks bright. The city already has the third busiest train station in the country, with many commuting in-and-out of the city for work, and the development of train infrastructure (with the HS2 line, for example) in the coming years will give the northern powerhouse city a newfound bond with the influence of the south.




A quintessentially northern destination that wears its identity on its sleeve, Manchester is a must-visit city, widely referred to as the ‘capital of the north’. It holds host to a humongous, multicultural population of over 550,00, two of the most recognizable football teams in worldwide in the sport, and an unmistakable musical scene, just to name a few of its attributes.


Manchester’s student population is one of the largest in the UK, and may well be one of the large contributing factors to the demand from tenants to wanting to live on its many bustling streets. Student accommodation throughout the city is consistently popping up around these trending areas, only furthering their vibrancy and energy into the future. RW Invest is one of the many property investment companies preparing luxury apartment buildings and flats for the tenants of tomorrow, dotted around the most sought-after spots in the city.




Liverpool streets are some of the most lively in the country and carry a culturally rich, welcoming vibe. The city’s layout is conveniently segmented into different areas of interest, depending on what your aims are. The knowledge quarter provides students with multiple high achieving universities, libraries and facilities, Liverpool ONE offers an abundance of retail outlets that allows residents to shop to their heart’s content, and the Baltic Triangle (named as one of the trendiest areas to live) area poses an exciting hub of growing digital and technology-focused buildings. The city has many avenues and arms of influence, most of which are continuing to grow and thrive into the future.




York is another brilliant city that strikes an impressive balance between, rich, cultural history and modern facilities. Not unlike Edinburgh, another highly influential city in the north, York has distinctive landmarks such as the city walls and York Minster, making it a popular tourist destination.

One of the most unique and popular spots in this city is the Jorvik Viking Center, a state-of-the-art facility that delves into the Viking-centric past of the area.


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