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What’s the Difference Between Business Class and First Class?

If you’re flying on a business trip, you may be wondering what’s the difference between business class vs first class. Both are a step up from the standard economy class, but how do first class and business class flights differ? Read on to discover the differences and find out how you could obtain an upgrade and good travel expense management


Business Class vs First Class – Questions and Answers


Can you upgrade from economy class to first-class or business class?


First-class and business class flights provide more luxurious options than economy class. That means they typically cost more. However, you may be able to get an upgrade to first-class or business class without having to pay additional expenses. You can try upgrading to first class if you’re a frequent flyer, as most major airlines value loyalty.


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For instance, many airlines are part of an alliance that honors each other’s customers with shared lounges, connecting flights, and other benefits. If you’re a loyal customer and there’s an upgrade to be assigned, staff will consider upgrading the best customers first. By putting in the miles, you could receive upgrade vouchers for benefits like first-class seating.


What do business class flights provide?


Generally, business class is a step up from economy class but not as luxurious as first class. As a business class passenger, you’ll still receive some luxuries, such as free meals and drinks. That usually includes unlimited alcoholic beverages. The food options could be a step below first-class offerings, but it will be much better than the food available in economy class.


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In addition to better food and drink options, the business class offers more comfortable seating than economy class. You’ll also have more legroom, which can be an important factor when deciding which class to fly. However, your seat may not fully recline to a horizontal position in business class. Typically, long haul flights in business class do offer seats that recline to a flat-bed position, whereas domestic flights do not.


Business-class features vary depending on the airline you fly with, and whether the trip is international or domestic. Compare flights with different airlines before you book your flight so you can get the features you want.


What do first-class flights provide?


First-class generally differs from business class in several ways. Foremost, your seat will usually be extremely comfortable and spacious. If you’re traveling on a long-haul flight, having space and comfort can make all the difference to enjoying your trip. Also, first-class seats will likely fully recline to a flat-bed position, so you can ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Some first-class seats even have enclosed pods so that you can have additional privacy.


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As well as excellent seating options, first-class flights serve the best food and drink, including unlimited alcoholic beverages. First-class can also provide other perks, such as in-flight showers, slippers, and pajamas. A first-class ticket will typically cost more than a business class ticket, but with all those added benefits, it can be worthwhile paying more.


The criteria of the first-class cabin ultimately depends on the airline and whether or not they are domestic or international flights. 


What airlines have the most luxurious first-class cabins in the air?


There are some seriously luxurious first-class cabins in the air. Take for example Etihad Airways’ ‘Apartment’ cabin. That’s right I said, “apartment”. How about 45 square feet of private cabin space? And if that’s not enough to make your bucket list, what about the personal butler, free WiFi, shower, 7-foot bed, wide armchair, makeup vanity, complimentary lounge-ware, bathrobe, free WiFi, and TV screen with entertainment system? 



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Another incredible airline is Emirates. Their first-class starts before you even hit the tarmac when you’re transported to your flight in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan. You’ll barely notice you’re among normal people as you make your way to your fully enclosed private suite. Get comfy in front of your 32 Inch TV with an entertainment system, fully stocked mini-bar, and video chat with aircrew to order food! And if you’re in the middle of the plane, you can enjoy the virtual windows for a view. 


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Photo Source By Travelarz – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0


In Closing


This should help you understand the difference between business class vs first class. Business is an upgrade from coach and first-class is an upgrade from business. If you are lucky enough to fly first-class then be sure to take it all in. Unless you’re rolling in it and find yourself in a private 45 square foot cabin in the sky. In that case, take me with you. I’ll gladly take the virtual window seat.

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