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Damascus steel blades

The Mother of All Camping Knives – Damascus Bladed Perkin Knives

For all those cooking, fishing and hunting enthusiasts out there, buying a knife simply doesn’t mean picking up a knife from anywhere impulsively. A knife is an investment and spending a good amount of time to look for the best knife is worth it. Although there are varied options available, a Perkin knives made of Damascus steel blade is the best option. If you are not convinced enough, here are some of the key benefits of using Damascus steel blades.


The Beauty of Damascus Steel Blades & Its Distinct Patterns


Beauty at Its Best


One of the main reasons why buyers get attracted to this type of knife is due to its beauty. It looks so attractive that it seldom goes unnoticed. The Damascus steel due to its forging process comes with a beautifully designed blade. There are different patterns of Damascus steel available and one can choose patterns as per their preferences. If you are planning to buy a good knife, explore some of the greatest patterns of Damascus steel blades.


Timeless Treasure


The knives made out of Damascus steel blades are antique and the majority of people go for it. The technique implied to forge this steel involves casting multiple types of steel jointly to create one strong alloy. Due to this technique, the outcome is a metal designed with multiple layers of steel. The forging process has changed over the years, but the advanced version still works to create superior quality steel in distinct patterns that are commendable.


Damascus steel blades
Photo: Perkin Knives


Designed for a Purpose


The forging mechanism used to make Damascus steel makes the finished product not only of the best quality but also an essential tool. The maker of the Damascus steel chose the alloys that worked well jointly to create the best pattern. The features of these blades include steel alloy, which joins towards the edge of the knife and shows the cutting efficiency of the blade. Therefore, the blades are made based on specific requirements such as cooking, fishing, hunting and more.


Sharpness Remains Intact


A person who purchases a knife for a specific purpose expects it to be sharp and if the knife is blunt it only adds to their frustration. If you select the best handmade Damascus steel knife, you can expect great sharpness that lasts longer than other quality knives. Sharpening the knife occasionally may be required but not regularly. This is one of the reasons, why these knives are called investments and not purchases.


camping tips


Not Limited for Outdoors


Fishermen, campers and hunters certainly understand the importance of a good knife. When it comes to Damascus steel blade, it is one of the ideal gifts you can think of giving others. The best way to utilize the quality metal regularly is by adding them to your kitchen set. Damascus steel blades are not only effective in its performances, but they remain sharper for a longer duration of time. If you wish to add them to your kitchen, it is certainly a great idea.


Different Patterns of Damascus Steel


Basketweave Damascus steel matches the requirements of all kinds of projects. The makers use it for jewelry, weapons and also toys. Diamondback is another pattern that reflects differently based on your work. One of the best patterns for knife blades is the ones with broader and intricate designs. Dot Matrix is another design that comes with an advanced and digital feel. When you choose this pattern, you have the flexibility to be creative as the unique pattern provides a greater look even to small projects. Thus, these are some of the best patterns and uses of a Damascus steel blade.


There is no question, the Damascus Steel blade is one of the most distinctive blades you can have for a camping/outdoor knife. Whether you’re primitive hiking/camping, hunting, fishing or just playing on the farm, this blade will come through for you every time. For more of my camping tips, check out my Camping Gear Gift Guide

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