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Scandinavian Interior Design, Farmhouse living room, budget friendly farmhouse decor, handmade furniture

How Scandinavian Interior Design Has Changed How We Decorate Around The World

Everybody has been on a trip to IKEA at some point in their life, but there is more to Scandinavian design than simply the most significant export to come out of Sweden. The design is now as popular as it has ever been, and this is down to the craftsmanship of pieces, the material quality and the pure lines that you get from these pieces. People such as Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton continue to revolutionize the way that we approach interior design to this day, but why is that?


Scandinavian Interior Design


The starting point for how things look nowadays can be traced back to the 1950s following the Second World War. Social democracy was at its pinnacle in the Nordic countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, and in direct line with this was a negative response to the expensive and unaffordable pieces of the new design. With that came the thought that they could just create objects at affordable costs, which were functional and straightforward.  Of course, the availability of the materials to build these pieces of furniture was easy to get since it was just made up of plastic, wood, and aluminum, but nonetheless, the helped ignite the Scandinavian design movement.


Farmhouse living room, budget friendly farmhouse decor, handmade furniture


Nowadays, the Scandinavian style is all about demonstrating the balance between life and minimalism and ergonomic function. A perfect example of Scandinavian influence would be the ‘Tulip Chair’, which was designed for Knoll. This was rolled out in 1956, and to this day remains a classic. The shades of color are how you can quickly find out if something is designed in this way. The reflection of brighter tones and more light in the room is the best way to spot Scandinavian design. This is the polar opposite from mid-century design, which plays on darker colors and little or no light.


Farmhouse dining room, budget friendly farmhouse decor, handmade furniture


Scandinavian design has also taught us the importance of having a clean look around your house or apartment. Most of the decorations that you would see in a perfect example of this kind of style would include only items that serve a dual purpose and were not just there for the sake of it. One of the best ways to de-clutter your house is by having storage spaces from places such as Wholesale Cabinets. Not only will these make your home look better, but it will also be a great place to store items that you need from time to time and would want to keep in a safe space. Along with the de-cluttered areas, Scandinavian design is also incredibly smart when it comes to enhancing the light in a room. This is done by mirrors and big ones at that. These can be located around the house, and it is a perfect way to reflect the daylight into the home.


It’s no surprise that Scandinavian style has been reborn in this modern age as people try and get away from the hassle of daily life and make their home a sanctuary for relaxing with clutter-free spaces and preferring to opt for quality instead of quantity. Because of these reasons, it’s likely that Scandinavian design is here to stay. 


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