7 Really Cool Things You Must Do When You’re in Sweden

Sweden, the largest Nordic country, has preserved all of its beauty and cultural heritage. Famous for its food, pop music, and the royal clan, Sweden is home to numerous national reserves and historical places that are sure to mesmerize you. If you’re looking for places to visit in Sweden then you should add these to your list for sure.


Top Places to Visit in Sweden


Of course, there are many reasons to get outdoors, in fact, there are seven of them listed below. But don’t forget to unwind between adventures. After all, you are on vacation right? If you aren’t busy playing the new Swedish casinos at your hotel room all day long, below you can find some of the coolest places in Sweden you must add to your bucket list!


The Ice Hotel (in Jukkasjärvi)


A temporary hotel constructed from snow and sculpted blocks of ice, the Ice Hotel is maintained at a temperature below 0° C. It houses hand-sculpted ice artworks and ice furnishings. For tourists who intend to stay overnight, they are provided with thermal sleeping bags, reindeer skins as the bed linen and warm lingonberry juice. The hotel is rebuilt every year taking snow and ice from the Torne river nearby.


 Øresund Bridge


The Øresund Bridge is the most important and the busiest bridge as it acts as a connector between Sweden and Denmark. The humongous bridge gives you a breath-taking view as it seems vast and never-ending.


The Kalmar Castle 


Situated in one of the oldest cities Kalmar, the Kalmar castle dates back to the early 12th century and is a legendary beauty. The castle puts up a number of exhibitions that project the dramatic history of the castle along with various other exhibitions with different themes.


Visby City Wall


Sweden’s largest island, Gotland, is situated Visby. It is renowned for its medieval architecture, especially the centuries-old St. Mary’s Cathedral (which is still in use) and many other church ruins. It also includes art galleries and museums. The city is only accessible by boat and air! It attracts thousands of tourists during the summers.


Drottningholm Palac (in Lovö Island)


Although Sweden possesses uncountable palaces and castles, the Drottningholm Palace is the current residence of the Swedish royal family. It is also listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the Drottningholm Theatre and the Chinese pavilion on the palace grounds which was a Chinese – inspired pavilion. The palace involves a church, numerous gardens, national hall and the library.


The Stockholm Archipelago 


A few minutes away from the capital city Stockholm, the Stockholm archipelago is a cluster of around unique 30,000 islands, rocks and skerries. You MUST go kayaking and hiking on these islands. The Gustavsbergs Porslins Museum takes you through a journey of Sweden’s industrial past and it’s history of porcelain making. The Ängsö National Park, one of Sweden’s first national parks gives you a view of an enlightening landscape and garden arts. The floral displays there are specifically serene to look at during spring and early summer.


The Ale’s Stones (in Ystad)


It is also known as the Ales Stenar or the Stonehenge of Sweden. A megalithic stone ship monument in South Sweden, 59 in number is a 1,400-year-old excavation. It is believed that the stones serve as an ancient astronomical clock positioned in a manner that the sun goes down on the northwestern stone and rises at the exact opposite stone in winter. Another interesting myth related to these magnificent stones is that they were considered burial monuments. Whether you believe these myths or not, the Ale’s Stones give you a splendid view.


Which of these do you plan to visit first? Let us know in the comments below!


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