How To Get Internet In Europe While You Travel

You are in the middle of the planning of your next travel to Europe. The itinerary is almost ready, you will see the great Eiffel tower, leave a potato on the tomb of Frederick the Great in Brandenburg, and you will learn flamenco in Seville among dozens of activities that you have planned for a lifetime. All tickets are purchased and hostels reserved. Nevertheless, there is something that worries you: How to get internet in Europe while you travel?


Internet In Europe While You Travel


We are here to tell you: no worries, you can easily get a pocket WiFi for Europe and travel around the whole European continent without thinking once about getting free WiFi connection or local paid internet. Therefore, on the next lines, you are going to learn everything you need to know to get internet when you are in Europe by exploring every option and products so you can make the best decision and only put the focus and enjoy the international food and creating many fun memories. 


Exploring All Options to Get Internet When Traveling in Europe


Nowadays, tech growth has been exponential, so it is very easy to get internet almost anywhere in the world. However, there are many aspects to consider when choosing the best option for you. But what are your options for internet in Europe while you travel.


Free Wi-Fi On Your Next Travel to Europe


This is the first option that many people think when they are doing their travel arrangements. Almost every international airport in the world provides the service of free Wi-Fi. Many hotels, restaurants, coffeehouses, malls too. However, you also need to consider a couple of things.


First, by using a very busy and public Wi-Fi, the connection speed tends to decrease greatly, so if you expect to do face timing with your parents to show you the Tower of Pisa in the background, you may suffer a little. This would not happen with a pocket WiFi because being a private network you will control the connections. 


Moreover, a pocket WiFi gives you the security that a public WiFi would never have because for being a public network is more vulnerable to any cyber-attack that could violate the protection of your bank accounts, for example. 

europe by train, Internet In Europe While You Travel


Using the Roaming to Get Internet in Europe


In spite of the “Free Roaming” law was enacted in Europe, this freedom only applies if they come from another European country and for the use of calls and messages, not data. So, if you have a European smartphone or tablet you can activate the data roaming service. Otherwise, we really recommend you to avoid this solution if you want to stay away from a bill shock.


Data cost can be quite expensive and quality poor. Plus, you will only know how much you have to pay when you receive the bill. On the other hand, the pocket WiFi is prepaid so you will know how much you are going to pay from the very beginning. 


Using a Prepaid SIM Card to Get Internet When Traveling to Europe


This is another common option to get internet. You may buy an international SIM card or a local one in your arrival place. Nonetheless, it can be complicated. First, your smartphone or tablet should have the option of being able to use a chip from another company. 


In that sense, many devices are already unlocked from the factory, but not all. So you will need to check that prior to your departure. Also, if you run out of the package you hired, the sim card will just stop.


Pocket WiFi


As you may already know, the international pocket WiFi a very cool high tech solution to be connected 24/7 anywhere. By using, travelers can have a proper internet connection wherever they go to Europe. So let’s take a look at all the benefits that a pocket WiFi can give you to make your trip in Europe more welcoming and comfy.

How Does a Pocket WiFi Work?


It is a very comfy and small a router that acts as a mobile WiFi hotspot. Therefore, this device which generally works with a sim card inside provides WiFi to other devices that have wireless connection such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, among others. You can also connect to the Internet via USB to a computer. In this sense, several terminals or users who may be using this device at the same time can be connected to it. 


How to Choose the Best Pocket WiFi for Traveling in Europe? 


This is very important to know to avoid having headaches when you walk in across the Champs Elysées and you are having a video chat at the same time. If you are visiting many countries in Europe, you need to have an international pocket WiFi which works all over Europe. You will want a pocket WiFi you can order and prepaid online and receive it wherever and whenever you decide. 


Connection speed needs to be 4G with high fair usage. At the same time, you should look for a pocket WiFi on which at least 5 people can be connected at the same time. It is perfect for group trips and split costs. Be sure that it has a long battery life and also be rechargeable too. 


My Webspot for Traveling in Europe?


Their device shows many advantages you can use to get internet when traveling in Europe:

  1. You can save up to 95% of roaming charges when you travel to. 
  2. This pocket WiFi offers a 4G LTE connection.
  3. Up to 5 people can be connected at the same time. 
  4. If you travel to several countries during the same trip, the Webspot will automatically connect to the country’s network as soon as you cross the border.
  5. My Webspot service is available in more than 100 countries through agreements with the largest mobile operators such as Verizon, AT&T, Orange, Vodafone, Deutsch Telecom and more.
  6. It has 8 hours lasting and rechargeable battery.
  7. You can order and pay the pocket WiFi from My Webspot online and even receive it wherever you want and the delivery is free in the United States of America, Mexico, Europe.


To sum up, now you are fully aware of your options to find internet in Europe while you travel.

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