Best Countries for Dining in Europe and Beyond

If you’re a foodie then you want to know the best dining in Europe. Cuisine plays a big part in choosing a vacation. Some travel the world looking for the best and most unusual food. Even if you’re going on vacation for other reasons having good food is a bonus. So where are the best places to eat in Europe and beyond?


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The Best Dining in Europe




Spanish dishes are eaten all over the world but nothing beats a paella or a tapas from its native land. The good thing is that paella and tapas restaurants are plentiful and can be found all over the country. The food is served to a high standard from on the go street food to expensive restaurants.


Many regions of Spain also offer a signature dish or variant of a classic. This is well worth trying out while you visit. 




Greek food is legendary. From the signature dish of moussaka to not quite so well known but just as tasty Fasolatha and Koulouri, food from Greece is diverse and delicious. Like most countries around the Mediterranean, the food is based on the classic Mediterranean diet with the addition of various meats.


Wherever you go in Greece you can be certain to find great restaurants to suit all budgets.




Turkey has some great dishes and like paella and moussaka, you haven’t really tried it until you’ve had its native land. Kebab is probably the most well-known one which translates to charcoal-grilled. There are wealth other dishes to delight your taste buds.


Consider dining on baklava a dessert that originated in the Otterman Empire and morphed into strudel when it crossed into Europe, or Kahvaltı, a Turkish breakfast consisting of honey, clotted cream, preserves like rose and fig marmalade, sheeps’ milk cheeses, and tomatoes and cucumbers drizzled in olive oil.


Every region creates its own variants and these should be tried and savored and possibly savored twice when visiting.


Good quality food is served at every level of dining although finding it may take a little bit of finding.




Head south to North Africa and you will come to the African country of Morocco. Best known for tagine. Most Moroccan food is a mixture of whole grains and vegetable and as such tends to be very healthy. They also tend to use lamb which again is quite a healthy lean meat.


Other dishes to consider include fish chermoula, which is grilled fish cooked in a range of spices, and pastille which is a sweet and sour pigeon pie although chicken is also used to make it.


Most regions have great restaurants especially in touristy areas where you can get a great meal at affordable prices.




This one is a no brainer. If you’re looking to mingle with top chefs and enlighten your senses with culinary delights and wine pairings, then this is the place for you. Plus, you really can’t beat a French dessert either. 


No matter where you go on vacation you find good food. But if you’re heading abroad and need to know where to find the best dining in Europe, then these are the best places to start. It can be fun and exciting to try native dishes at least once. You might find a dish that stays with you for the rest of your life and one that you might be inspired to make yourself.

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  1. I love travelling so much! I guess it is true that once you travel out of or in someplace in your country, you will be addicted to it. Experiencing the culture and food of others has a magic that can boost happiness within us. Travelling can teach us so many things such as compassion and open-mindedness. This article had inspired me to travel again since I’ve been really busy with work nowadays.

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