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Things to do in Sri Lanka

The Most Amazing Sites in Sri Lanka, The Key to Paradise

If you’re looking for places to visit in Sri  Lanka then you’re off to a great start! A visit to this tropical island is on most traveler’s bucket list.


The combination of breathtakingly beautiful nature, as well as exciting cultural heritage and the delicious local cuisine, is enough to keep any visitor thoroughly intrigued for days on end.


Shopkeeper in Sri Lanka


Finding a way to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the spectacular sites is what is going to be most challenging. That’s why some suggestions might be good to have.


Something to also take into consideration before you go is that you might need to apply for an ETA visa for Sri Lanka.  


This should not deter you from visiting though, and this relatively short application process is a breeze considering it will allow you to enter paradise.  


ETA Visa for Sri Lanka


Most foreign citizens will require a visa to be able to visit Sri Lanka. Most will, however, be able to apply for a Sri Lanka ETA online, i.e. an electronic travel authorization for short-term stays for transit, business or most commonly tourism purposes.


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The Sri Lanka ETA was introduced in 2012 with the intention of facilitating travel to the region, effectively making sure that potential visitors no longer had to spend lengthy times at consulates or embassies.


The ETA is valid for a total of 6 months and each visitor is allowed to stay for a period of 30 days.


By filling out a simple online form covering some personal questions as well as a request for passport information you are able to apply for a Sri Lanka ETA, which is then processed within 24 hours.


Once the application is approved, an official Sri Lanka ETA document is sent to each traveler via email.


The document should be printed and carried alongside other necessary travel documentation.


For an exhaustive list of Sri Lanka ETA stipulations as well as other relevant information, it’s best to visit official sites online.


The Sri Lanka ETA online process is fairly simple and shouldn’t take too long to receive, to be on the safe side though, it’s best to not wait until the last minute to apply.


Places to visit in Sri Lanka
Ella Gap


Places to Visit in Sri Lanka that You Won’t Want to Miss


Ella Gap


Ella Gap is located in the middle of the beautiful countryside and is full of wonders such as tea plantations, forests and small vegetable slots.




The many temples of Polonnaruwa provide an entrancing site and are full of archaeological treasures.


The ruins consist of tombs and temples as well as monuments and heritages hinting to the rich Sri Lankan culture. 


Adams Peak


Adams Peak is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is situated in the middle of the island and provides you with a unique view of breathtakingly beautiful sunsets. 


Places to visit in Sri Lanka
Yala National Park

Yala National Park


Yala National Park is the home of the leopard and what is commonly known as a big cat paradise.


As one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries on the island, adventure is around every corner. 


Veylon Tea Trails Hotel


One of the most beautiful hotels on the island and a must if you are spending time in Sri Lanka.  


These are just a few places to visit in Sri Lanka. There are plenty more places to explore.


A trip to Sri Lanka will surely leave you feeling empowered from adventure and relaxed from the serenity of the island. Looking for more travel tips? Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!

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