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5 Things to Do Before You Travel that Will Make You a Perfect Traveler

Travel is exciting, but before you travel you really need to take the time to plan ahead. Coming from me, someone who travels a lot, I know that getting ready for a big trip can be a chore.


But, if you get these five tips down, you’ll find that packing up and setting off gets easier and easier. Here is a checklist I like to think of when I am getting ready to go on a trip. 


Before You Travel Do All of This

Email Yourself The Essential Documents Including Your ID


Once you have planned and booked the entire holiday package, your tickets, itinerary and hotel voucher become the essential documents. It could become a nightmare if at the last moment you miss or lost your stuff including these documents and your ID.


Do not forget that thieves are everywhere. Although your money is the most important item while traveling to an unknown place, something more essential than it is your identity.


If you have your ID intact, all the other lost items can be recovered. So, the first smart move you should do after making all the bookings is sending yourself a copy of your passport and driving license.


After this, send a copy of all the reservations to your email so that you can recover them from anywhere and anytime. It will help you with your unfortunate times and save you from unnecessary stress.


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Inform Your Bank, Credit Card Companies And Close People That You Will Be Traveling


If you are going alone, you need better to be safe than sorry. Apart from informing all your dear and near ones about where you are going, for how long and what is your itinerary, you must notify your bank and credit card companies about the same.


Know if anyone of them is offering travel insurance for the same. Although this traveling hack didn’t seem complicated which is the reason why people forget doing it.


It is one of the smartest moves you can make. Forget telling the bank, and they may delay doing the things (or payments) which need immediate action.


For the safer side, have some cash with you especially for the first 2-3 days to overcome such embarrassing situations.


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Highlight One Meal Of The Day The Most and Stick to It


The cost of eating out can really hinder your budget. Plus eating out three times a day is not good for anyone. Before I travel, I like to sit down and think of where I really want to eat, and then do one a day.


That way, I am getting a taste of the food culture while sticking to a reasonable budget and diet. You can also bring protein powder to offset meals you will skip.


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Other than this, you can take simple health supplements like CBD pills and gummies or hemp oil that are enriched with nutrients. They help in revitalizing your energy and fulfilling your daily dose of nutrients.


There are lots of CBD variations in the market, if you are unsure which product is suitable for you, go find out what are the top CBD oils before making a decision.


These days, there are increasingly more places where you can buy CBD oil, including both retail locations and online marketplaces. Just do your research carefully when buying.


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Download Google Maps


They say ‘get lost to find yourself’ but won’t it get chaotic?


Imagine you are in a new place with unknown faces all around speaking an unknown language, how will you locate your destination? Well, simply through technology.


Before stepping out download the Google Maps to browse offline on mobile. It is such a lifesaver that you may never fear of getting lost in an unknown place. Offline mode will help you find the places without having an internet connection.


Right from using for navigation to finding places like nearby restaurants, museums, local stores, Google maps could do wonders in the life of travelers. So better download it prior and make the voyage easier.


For a safer side take screenshots of the routes and use them whenever needed.


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Exchange Your Currency at the Bank


You will find that ordering your currency from your local bank is a lot less expensive than getting it when you land. Do this about 2 weeks before you depart so your bank has time to get the currency in. 


There are a lot of things you need to do before you travel, but these are some of the most important. If you’re looking for more travel tips, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post.

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