Why You Need Travel Insurance – Better to be Safe Than Sorry

Most travelers tend to be quite excited and cheerful before taking a vacation. The idea of paying what seems like a large sum of money for something you cannot see can seem ridiculous to a traveler. However, an accident or illness in a foreign country can affect anyone, regardless of age and if you don’t have any form of travel insurance, your life could be in danger. 


A Travel Insurance Story


Last year, Omkar went on a vacation to the United States. Being excited about the journey, he spent days deciding about what all things will he need during his tour. He packed everything, ample of clothes, shoes, accessories and what not!


Once he reached Cascade Mountains of Washington, feeling young, fit, and reckless, he decided to join his friends in snowboarding. He was slightly nervous, but his friends persuaded him and told him that nothing could go wrong as he wouldn’t be moving fast enough to have an accident.


Unfortunately, due to some lousy amateur coaching, Omkar ended up having a big fall and had to be taken to a hospital. The hospital bill was massive, and it was then that Omkar realized, he had packed everything for his journey, except a travelers insurance. Learning a lesson, Omkar has never traveled without insurance since then.


Having understood how an unforeseen calamity can wipe-off massive chunk of your saving, it becomes absolutely essential to pack and buy a travel insurance online policy to assist you during your journey. Here are some basics coverage given by this insurance to make your vacation a peaceful and enjoyable one.


Overseas medical expenses


While we travel abroad, we tend to forget that healthcare in other parts of the world might not be affordable. If you go into a medical center with a fractured arm, you may leave with a $10,000 bill! When you buy a travel insurance online policy, you will get a dedicated emergency assistance and get the coverage for your medical expenses overseas.


Trip cancellation


Vacations and holidays whether international or domestic, come with a considerable price tag. While we invest our time and money in such trips, a travel insurance will help protect your investment, should you have to cancel or rearrange your trip due to any unforeseen circumstances. So, for example, if a volcano erupts just before you fly out to Bali, denying you that Bali beach holiday, you can claim for the unused prepaid transport and accommodation expenses of your trip.


Luggage and personal belonging protection


If your luggage or personal belongings are stolen, accidentally damaged or permanently lost due to circumstances beyond your control, worry not; it can be claimed up to the benefit limits when you buy travel insurance online.


Flight cancellation


Rescheduled or canceled flights can wreak havoc on your best-made vacation plans. Weather, technical issues and strikes could be the reasons for the flight cancellation.  However, travel insurance can cover these expenses, so you won’t be over budget before you even start off your vacation.


Stress-free stay


In the event of any sickness, injury or some other emergency during your holiday, a travelers insurance may compensate you for any emergency accommodation until you’re able to fly.


Buy travel insurance online; a must-have item in your bag!!!


Now, that you have your travel insurance online policy that covers you for everything, so after you arrive at your destination, you can have as much as fun. But don’t assume that just because you do have the travel insurance, you can take excessive risks.


Get the insurance way before you start the trip as many insurers will cover you if you buy the insurance before you leave.


Don’t forget to take your insurance details with you wherever you go, make photocopies and leave them with a friend or family back home in case yours gets stolen.




Any accidents caused by drug or alcohol abuse will completely invalidate your claim, and also penalties can be much higher than at home.


So, it’s really up to the traveler to decide how important all of the coverage is. By now you know the basics of travelers insurance, so shop around for the best deals and buy a travel insurance online policy!


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