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Where to Stay in Rotterdam – The Best Neighborhoods to Get Accommodation

If you’re planning a trip to the Netherlands and wondering where to stay in Rotterdam then you’ve come to the right place. The city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands is a great destination not only to tour but also to settle for work or study. It is a metropolitan that is very culturally diverse with slightly over twenty percent of its inhabitants being foreigners.


A contributing factor to this large number of expats and foreign students staying in the city is the hospitality and warmth of the locals. They have been accused of sometimes being a little too blunt but I think that is a good quality. Dutch people generally tell it as it is without mincing words, which means that you will always know where you stand with them.


Stay in Rotterdam


Rotterdam is a very vibrant and trendy city with a lot to offer in terms of job opportunities, nightlife, music, culture, art, festivals, theatre and sporting events. There is something for everyone here. The Dutch love to party and have a selection of over 800 local beer brands; this is almost a guarantee that you will always have a great time with the locals. The city’s architecture is also world-renowned.


They have a very reliable and efficient transport system that includes trains, trams, buses, taxis and bicycles. Bicycles are the most popular mode of transport within the city, there are actually more bicycles than people in this city. You can easily access parts of the EU and other towns in the Netherlands in just one hour using the train system.


Accommodation in Rotterdam is fairly cheaper than most major European cities. You are sure to find a place that will suit your budgetary needs. It would be prudent however to do a little research on what is available in terms of accommodation before you begin house hunting. Familiarize yourself with the requirements for renting different types of accommodation in Rotterdam and their price ranges to help with your comparison.


The aim of this article is to enlighten you on the most preferable neighborhoods to live in depending on your budget and preferences so you can explore the best places to visit in the Netherlands like a local.


Where to Stay in Rotterdam




This is a neighborhood that is mainly inhabited by numerous expats and working class professionals and is a bit expensive in terms of rent. It boasts of many classy bars, restaurants, the central station, market hall and the city hall. It has an amazing design and beautiful architecture that is complete with unique Cubic houses. This part of Rotterdam was destroyed during World War 2 and later rebuilt shortly after.


De Esch


This is a great neighborhood to stay in Rotterdam. The rental prices on this part of the city are pretty affordable. The neighborhood is very lush and quiet. It is situated fifteen minutes away from the city center by tram. It has excellent shops for daily grocery shopping and is a stone’s throw away from the popular Erasmus University. This area does not have many good restaurants or bars.




This is the perfect neighborhood to stay in Rotterdam if you are on a tight budget. It is located on the south side of the city near the Maas river. It mainly inhabited by the working class locals. Metro is the main mode of transport if you want to connect to the north side of the city, they are readily available every couple of minutes. It is home to De Rotterdam which is the largest building in the Netherlands. This part of the city is pretty hip.




This is a perfect neighborhood for young couples and families. It is located on the northern part of the city and has great manicured streets and buildings. It is an easy going neighborhood with proximity to the city center and is dotted with numerous shops and good international institutions. It is also home to the city zoo. The rent is fairly average for apartments, single rooms and shared accommodation.




This is the student haven in Rotterdam; the Erasmus University is located on its eastern side. This area has lots of single rooms, shared accommodation and apartments that are priced relatively high. If you are a fan of studios then this is not the area for you. The city center can easily be accessed in fifteen minutes using bicycles, metro and trams. It is inhabited by a mixture of both low and high income earners and has numerous shopping areas, restaurants and bars.


Oude Noorden


This is one of the youngest neighborhoods in Rotterdam and one of the most vibrant. It has a large multi-cultured community of inhabitants that contribute to its vibrant nature. If you are a fan of carnivals, festivals and food markets then you will really enjoy staying in this area during the summer because they host lots of them. The restaurants and bars in this part of Rotterdam are good, small and cheap. The rent prices in this part of the city are fairly cheap.


These are just a few of the options of places to stay in Rotterdam in terms of neighborhoods available. You can do more research to explore other options but I hope these ones help you in deciding the perfect neighborhood for you in Rotterdam. And be sure to check the weather in the Netherlands before you go! You will surely have a better experience if you pack smartly.

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