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Pokemon is an evergreen franchise that goes along for more than seven generations. Interestingly enough, each of these generations manages to stand on their own for their excellent gameplay, cool features and a new range of lands that the heroes can explore. And while there are 27 mainline Pokemon series in the market, there are only a few that make the cut to reach top 5. And in case you haven’t guessed already, in this article I am going to discuss the top 5 Pokemon games that are amazing to the core for their excellent range of features, nifty little tweaks, and excellent gameplay. So if you’re an avid fan of the game, here’s everything you got to know.


Top 5 Pokemon Games to Check Out


Generation II- Gold, Silver, Crystal


In Pokemon Generation II- Gold, Silver Crystal we witnessed the implementation of an entirely new daily cycle and breeding. And for avid gamers like me, these features were excellent, to say the least. I was also pretty thrilled by the fact that the makers managed to increase the overall number of Pokemon to 251. This feature let us access Cyndaquil. In addition to this and many other equally fascinating additions, this game allowed us to charter along the lands of Johto and Kanto, both of which belonged to the first generation.



Pokemon Ruby


If you’re fond of an addictive RPG gameplay, Pokemon Ruby is your ultimate game changer. This series comes with an entirely new storyline, some amazing Pokemon and a truly addictive RPG gameplay. However, regardless of all the features, the coolest tweak of the series is the two-on-two battle feature that’ll let you link with around three friends with whom you can them battle around competitive. And that’s not all! You also get a chance to showcase the coolness, cuteness, smartness, and beauty of your pokemon in these amazing contests.



Pokemon Sun and Moon


Both Pokemon Sun and Moon along with their amazing follow-ups offer you the most vivid and intense games of the series. In fact, once you start playing the games, you can actually guess that they are pushing their 3D consoles to the maximum limits. And the results? Well, they are successful, to say the least. As you start playing the Sun and The Moon, you’d be introduced to the land of Alola, which again is a region, completely different from every other region you’ve seen in Pokemon. The visuals, gameplay, and structure are entirely different, thereby rendering the kind of experience you always looked forward to.



Pokemon Black and White


These two games came from the fifth generation of Pokemon, which again was a `first’ for Pokemon. Interestingly, there wasn’t just an expansion but an entirely direct sequel in an amazing storyline. While the Pokemon games aren’t best known for their storylines, Black and White did a pretty well job with this.



Pokemon X and Y


These two were nothing but the visual representation of this Pokemon franchise. And interestingly enough, these were the very first games to be released with 3D graphics on a fully 3D console. The overall gameplay is excellent and the features too seem to be pretty decent.


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