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Best of Uganda Safaris For An Unforgettable Vacation

The gorgeous scenery, an abundance of intense wildlife, an awesome weather, a rich culture, and the pure variety, are all the reasons for which Uganda is named as the “Pearl of Africa”. In Africa, Uganda is among one of the best safari destinations. It is the source of The Nile, as well as the home of the mountain gorillas. Every day spent here is a genuinely African Adventure. Gorilla trekking experience, visiting 400 mountain gorillas in Bwindi, climbing the ice-capped Rwenzori mountains, taking on to the tour of chimpanzee tracking, enjoying the white-water rafting on the Nile, seeing the beauty of Murchison falls and so many other experiences. Personally, interacting with local people of Uganda and observing Uganda’s scenic wonders like Wild Life, Savannahs, rivers, and lakes, and much more than making it, itself a memorable thing to experience. Here, the options for travel memories are endless! As Uganda is not a crowded place that is why it’s a perfect technique to spy on the animals!


Best of Uganda Safaris


Why You Must Take Uganda For Safari?


Uganda has a collection of exciting adventures to offer for those who come to see this wonderful country. Some of these adventures are written below:


  • Wildlife: Remarkable views of chimpanzees and Mountain Gorillas along with other wildlife living there in natural habitation and in a secure environment as well.


  • Safaris: While on Uganda safaris, there is so much for you to experience. Uganda is probably one of the abundant countries across Africa. It offers you the Big 5 animals which are worth sighting on your safari in Uganda. On your Uganda tour, there is a list of 330 mammals for you to see in which dangerous species of animals also included. The common wild animals include lions, giraffe, zebras, buffalo, rhino and others. There are 10 national parks & each park has to offer different activities for you, such as bird watching and fishing. Gorilla tracking is the most famous thing to experience in Uganda and it is done in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park & Bwindi National Park.


  • Lake Victoria, the biggest lake on the African continent, features its heavenly delightful islands, that give you an incredible resting place after a lengthy safari. Relaxing under a tree on sandy beaches and pleasure in weather around 22 degrees Celsius all over the year. This is definitely the perfect weather for vocations even in rainy seasons.


  • The snow-covered Rwenzori mountains, standing over Western Uganda, its rainforests and the jungles, you cannot be able to see in any other country within East Africa.


  • Fish at the lowest part of Murchison Falls, to catch the Nile Perch of 150 kgs. Which are quite impossible to catch anywhere else.


The green vegetation of Africa offers you a beautiful environment, that’s why it is referred to as an “Evergreen Country” of Africa. Many visitors refer it as Africa’s banana republic also, as uncountable types of Bananas found in this country. Here, in Uganda, the cultivation of bananas is much more than all another world.


While on a tour of Uganda safaris, you will get to taste several local fruits and especially the pineapples here, are matchless in their taste, moreover, you can also eat the juicy and delightful papayas and mangoes as they are full of flavor. Also, don’t miss the Jackfruit there, as it tastes like the closest thing to honey in any other fruit.


June to August & December to February are the drier months, so are the best times for wildlife and Uganda safari. So if you want to have some great adventures to experience in your life, you must plan a tour with, as soon as possible to Uganda a Heaven for Animals and you too!


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