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Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price,

The All New Kia Stinger – The Hottest Car of 2018 Costs How Much?

  1. Disclosure: Kia Motors America flew me out to LA on an all expenses paid trip to experience the Kia Stinger. This does not shape my opinion in this post. All my opinions here are sincere. 


Oh. My. God. If ever there was a time to be in the driver seat of a Kia, that time is now. Forget everything you think you know about the thirty-year-old Korean auto brand because the Stinger is here, and she’s coming in hot! The Kia Stinger is not turning heads it’s whiplashing them.


Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price, Kia Stinger Review and Comparisons


Yesterday I attended the Kia Stinger National Introduction event in North Hollywood where I got an inside look at the hottest car of 2018. I repeat, THE HOTTEST CAR. I learned everything about the Stinger from concept to launch, I spent an entire day driving it through the Angeles National Forest and even took it to a test track to compare it to cars that I can’t even believe it compares to given its price point.


You won’t believe what I found out.


From its design, comparisons, to its official pricing, I’m here to give you all the deets. But first, I want to tell you what it’s like driving the Stinger for the first time.


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Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price, Christa Thompson, Emma Loggins
I took a little road trip through the Angeles National Forest with one of my best friends and blogging buddy Emma Loggins.


I’m not a sports car enthusiast. And by this I mean, I don’t follow them, I don’t have a car calendar in my office and I don’t know what makes one sports sedan better than another. All I have to go on is what a car feels like, what it looks like, its safety & technology, what it’s going to cost me, and how it makes me feel behind the wheel. So allow me to sum that up for you with regard to the Kia Stinger; POWERFUL, SEXY, CONFIDENT, AFFORDABLE, BOSS.


At first approach, I about fell over myself as I set my lasers to the rows of Stingers before my eyes. Right there on the spot, it was love. From the GT’s Brembo brakes to its 5th-door trunk cargo space, this car literally whispered into my ear “milk runs are for mom bosses.” But enough about my near drool-in-public experience. Let’s talk shop.


Everything I Learned About the Kia Stinger from the National Press Introduction


Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price,
Sitting pretty in front of the Garland Hotel.
Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price,
I was in Stinger Heaven!
Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price,
Just look at these booties!


Kia’s Hottest Car Yet


Hands down the Stinger is Kia’s hottest car yet. It’s the game changer. For the purpose of this article, I want to tell you that I had my experience with the Kia Stinger GT but the five-passenger Sportback is offered in five trims (Stinger, Premium, GT, GT1, GT2). Every version of this sports sedan is luxurious and powerful.


Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price,
Sitting like the sexy, princess, boss that she is in the Angeles National Forest.


How Does the Kia Stinger Compare?


I drove the Kia Stinger GT through the Angeles National Forest taking turns and taking names at miles per hour that I will not disclose (because it was illegal AF). Not only was the ride comfortable, I felt like a BOSS behind the wheel. More confident and safe than I’ve ever felt in any car before. I had no idea I could love a car this much. So how does it compare to other cars in its class?


Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price,


We were given the opportunity to take the Stinger on a test track to push the limits behind the wheel. First I was driven. I had never tested the limits of a car with this much power before. After that I took it on the track myself, just to get a feel for the way it handled hairpin turns at high speeds. At first, I was nervous, but once I hit that first turn and heard the tires burning I was PUMPED! I had no idea I could do that with so much confidence and control behind the wheel.


Afterwards, I took the Porsche Panamera, the Audi A7, and the BMW 440i out on the track. While these are all nice cars, I was not nearly as impressed with their interior comforts and they handled pretty much the same, except for the BMW which I felt didn’t take the turns as well as the Stinger. So for under $50,000 fully loaded with all the glorious bells and whistles I was still comparing the Stinger to cars reaching over $100k. FOR REAL! It has a longer wheelbase than the Audi S5 Sportback, the BMW 440i Gran Coupe and the Lexus GS and an overall longer length than Audi S5, BMW 4401 and the Infiniti Q50.


But don’t let me tell you. Look at these comparisons for yourself!



kia stinger comparison 2
Quicker and more powerful than the BMW 440i Gran Coupe, BMW 640i Gran Coupe, Lexus GS and Porsche Panamera
kia stinger comparison 2
Lower starting price and better performance than the Audi S5 SB, BMW 440i BC, BMW 640i GC, Porsche Panamera, Lexus GS and Infinity Q50.



Real talk, you can get a powerful, sexy and luxurious sports sedan for a lot less than other cars in its class. Once again Kia brought the A game by adding way more product for the cost. And that’s just one of the things I love about the Kia brand.


What it Feels Like to Sit In the Driver Seat – Like Being a Jet Pilot


From its hand-stitched components to its leather trim, the Stinger is luxurious at any angle. Its metal ringed gauges and turbine-shaped air vents give you the feeling of being inside a cockpit. It was actually aircraft inspired. With room for five, everyone is going to want to be inside this car.


Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price, Kia Stinger Interior

Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price, Kia Stinger Interior

Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price, Kia Stinger Interior


15 high-performance Harman-Kardon speakers deliver 720 watts of Clari-Fi music digitally restored and pounding through QuantumLogic Surround Sound.


The Head-Up display keeps your eyes on the road, and the UVO3 Infotainment & Telematics system keeps your hands on the wheel with Apple Carplay/Android Auto.


Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price, Kia Stinger Interior

Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price, Kia Stinger Interior

Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price, Kia Stinger Interior


There are 18 available advanced technology driver’s assistance systems to make you feel like the safest driver on the road. When I was at the National Press Introduction I learned a lot about what can be added to the Stinger. Check out these available options:


Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price, Kia stinger options


The Kia Stinger Price Tag is Looking Pretty Amazing


You have to see this car to get the full effect of my shock level when I found out that the Kia Stinger price starts at $32,000. This comes with the leather package, UVO technology and so much more. There’s no other car in its class with so much for this price. You can find a complete listing of everything that’s included in the base price here. The Kia Stinger price goes by trim:


  • Stinger – $31,900
  • Premium – $37,100
  • Stinger GT – $38,350
  • GT1 – $43,250
  • GT2 – $49,200
  • AWD – + $2,200


When people are comparing the Stinger to cars like the Porsche Panamera and the Audi A7, you’re still coming in thousands of dollars less with the top of the line model. As in try $50,000 dollars less than the Panamera. Is this even real life?


Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price,
Want to add a body kit? Aftermarket kits made from the design phase up will be available to order.

Kia Stinger GT, Kia Stinger, Kia Stinger Price,


Can We Talk About the Warranty?

By now I think we all know that Kia offers one of the best warranties in the automotive industry. The same goes for the Kia Stinger warranty which boasts a 10-year/1000,000-mile limited powertrain warranty and a 5-year/60,000-mile limited basic warranty and a roadside assistance plan.


So car problems… next.


A World Class Brand

Lest we not forget that Kia has won #1 Initial Quality for two straight years by J.D. Power and top 3 in reliability by Consumer Reports, while the Niro was ranked the most reliable car in the U.S. by consumer reports. And Kia is the only non-premium brand to earn three APEAL Awards from J.D. Power.


Watch the Story Behind the Kia Stinger:


I am head-over-heels in love with the Kia Stinger and even more with the Kia Stinger price. I had no idea a car could do this for me and actually be something I can afford. If you’re dying to test drive this car, head over to your local dealership and make it happen. Sales begin December 1st.


For more information on product details, pricing and more go to Also try and check out what you can purchase online.


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What do you love most when you’re behind the wheel? Tell me in the comments below! And if you’re shopping the Kia Stinger, tell me what stands out most to you about the new sports sedan.



Christa Thompson

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  2. Wow the Kia Stinger is one hell of a beautiful car and I love how affordable it is in comparison to other cars! I love the red glossy finish and the car looks so powerful!

  3. What a sleek design! Wow I never paid attention to Kia as sports car! But it’s very great affordable price too. Unbelievable! And better performance than all other luxury brands! What a great deal!

  4. I’m not a hardcore car enthusiast either but my dad is so I kinda grew up around cars. That’s a pretty sweet drive! I’m always looking for power but easy to handle. PS: Driving on a test track – dream!

  5. This looks a grand car, super comfy with some good features and yes I need to say that it is way too elegant. I love driving such classy cars if they come in my budget:)

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