Local Focus Cherokee County – Why Getting My Oil Changed No Longer Sucks

This post was made possibke by Carriage Kia of Woodstock. This in no way changes my opinions in this post.

For me, getting an oil change is about as exciting as buying toilet paper. You always need it when you don’t have time to get it, it’s money you don’t really want to spend, and it takes you away from about a million other things you’d rather be doing. But what if it didn’t have to be like that? Imagine getting excited to get your Kia serviced.


Yeah, I said, “excited”.


Before I go into why it’s exciting, let me tell you why I’ve one thousand percent dreaded getting my Kia serviced until now.


Firstly, my Kia needs to be serviced during regular business hours. This means I have to take time away from my own work to do something I already loathe. Secondly, it’s not cheap. An average oil change for me runs about $50-$70. Thirdly, It’s boring. I’d much rather be having a coffee, hanging out with my dogs or writing. All these things have been true my entire adult life until I pulled into the Carriage Kia of Woodstock.


Carriage Kia of Woodstock Service


Getting My Oil Changed at Carriage Kia of Woodstock


If you own a Kia and you live in Cherokee County, Georgia then you know that Carriage Kia of Woodstock is the local Kia Dealer. Gone are the days when going to the dealership to get your car serviced is about as exciting as watching paint dry. This dealership is reinventing the service experience with a coffee bar, snacks, a kids room, wi-fi workspace and a pet-friendly environment.


Getting My Car Serviced at Carriage Kia of Woodstock Turns Sucks into Awesome


Carriage Kia of Woodstock Service

The 2018 Kia Sorento EX posing in the service bay.


When I first rolled into Carriage Kia of Woodstock to get my Sorento serviced I immediately noticed the intake bay. Its pristine white floors made me feel like I was driving into the showroom. A service specialist greeted me right away and gave me the important customer feels as I was ushered to the waiting area.


I was floored when I saw what they had in their beautifully designed lobby. Set up like a small cafe complete with snack bar, coffee station, fresh popcorn, tables, chairs and even high top counters with outlets for charging, this space was more like a place you go to on purpose.


Carriage Kia of Woodstock Service

Waiting area

Carriage Kia of Woodstock Service

Work on your laptop with your coffee

Carriage Kia of Woodstock Service

Read, get some work done

Carriage Kia of Woodstock Service

Help yourself to snacks and coffee


I was happy to grab a coffee and a granola bar. I happened to have my laptop on me, so I jumped right in and started to get my work done!


“Is this real life?” I thought to myself as I enjoyed their cafe vibe. There I was totally feeling like I wasn’t missing out on anything by getting my stupid oil changed! But that’s not the only thing that impressed me.


Carriage Kia of Woodstock Service

Kids can play


They also have a kid’s playroom and they’re pet-friendly! Which means that no matter who jumps in the car, we’re all having a good time when we head to Carriage Kia of Woodstock for servicing. And that kind of added value is exactly why paying a couple bucks more at the dealership is worth it.


Carriage Kia of Woodstock Service

She just loves posing for the camera!


With Carriage Kia of Woodstock’s exceptional service, staff and amenities, I’ll never go anywhere else again for the purpose of getting an oil change. I know they have my back by keeping service records on my vehicle and they even send me coupons. It’s a no-brainer for me. So, if it’s time to get the dreaded il changed, head over there! We might just run into each other! (Spoiler alert, look for the adorable dogs).

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  1. Great customer service is everything. I love the Kia brand for its quality and style, but what I love even more than that is how attentive they are when you need your car serviced.

    StacieinAtlanta / Reply
  2. Wow, it is so clean and bright there! I love the kids area! Not having a kid’s area deters me from too many places.

    jareddesrosiers / Reply
  3. I never really cared to have the oil in my car changed. I usually have Bill do it
    IF, for some reason I get it done, I go to Walmart and shop while I wait.

    Vera Sweeney / Reply
  4. I remember when I was a kid and going with my dad to get the family car’s oil changed. I’d get bored easily. Places nowadays have tv’s, toys for the kids, and drinks/snacks. I’m glad you like getting your oil changed.

    Bill Sweeney / Reply
  5. That cafe vibe they have going on is really nice! I hate sitting in a service station lobby in hard chairs with nothing to do while waiting to get my oil changed. This is a super nice option for Kia owners!

    Theresa / Reply
  6. That really does look like someplace you’d go on purpose. I’m due for an oil change again. The last time I went they left their tool under the hood and spilled oil everywhere. -_-

    Rosey / Reply
  7. I think this is pretty cool! It’s so nice how Kia takes very good care of their customers and having your oil changed here is definitely delightful and it won’t even feel like a chore!

    Carol Cassara / Reply
  8. This is really great! We always wanted to try a Kia

    Kristin Lesney / Reply
  9. My first 2 cars were Kias. I am in GA so Woodstock is about 45 mins from me.

    Kiwi / Reply
  10. It’s always great when you have a place to go that you trust when it comes to servicing your car. I’ve loved KIAs when I’ve driven them.

    Shannon Gurnee / Reply
  11. Wow, it certainly looks like Kia have gone above and beyond to make their customers feel appreciated. I wish we had a place like that here!!


    organisedmumlife / Reply
  12. Wow! The showroom looks great.. Kia is a nice brand for cars.. vroom vroom!

  13. I get bored when I go to change the oil of my car. I think I will stop driving and syarat using uber for everywhere..

    Deserted_Queen / Reply
  14. Being a New Yorker, I don’t drive lol but this echoes what my friends with cars say. So much so that they gave up their cars to use the subway like the rest of us. Of course, we have to contend with very minimal parking here unlike in your area.

    Kemi / Reply
  15. Wow!I’d actually not hate changing my oil if the filling station was this pampered. That cafe spot is just fabulous which means that KIA owners just hit it right!

    Dalene Ekirapa / Reply
  16. If I could get excited over getting my car serviced it would be a new day in this world for me, haha. Those synthetic oil changes are so pricey, but they do provide with more mileage in between oil change visits. Your post has encouraged me that it can be possible to sit in the dealership and be excited knowing that your car is getting tip-top treatment.

    thevintagegypsygirl / Reply
  17. This place looks great! I hate taking my car in for an oil change, but it seems like they make it a good experience.

    Whitney Kutch / Reply
  18. A kids’ playroom is an awesome idea. Sometimes we have to bring the kids in with us on something like this no matter HOW badly we don’t want to. That playroom could save a parent’s sanity.

    Stacie / Reply
  19. Super impressive place! I hate going to car places because they are never family friendly.

    Amy Desrosiers / Reply
  20. Wow, that place is really nice. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car place look that nice. Great to see it’s so family friendly too.

    Kathy / Reply
  21. I don’t live anywhere near there, but it seems like they really treated you well. I hope their business continues to grow and thrive!

    Jennifer Prince / Reply
  22. Got to love a nice car dealership. I am all for any business who gives me coffee while I wait. I live for coffee.

    Rebecca Bryant / Reply
  23. That’s a very nice oil changing place! Wish ours looked as good where I’m from. I am glad your day turned into something better than you anticipated.

    Jana / Reply
  24. Having my car serviced is something I always dread. With a place to go to like Carriage Kia of Woodstock I would actually enjoy going. I might even find it relaxing!

    Dawn Lopez / Reply
  25. Sounds like an awesome place! Love all the convenience and comfort!

    Claudia Krusch / Reply
  26. That looks really cool! Would love to visit one time!

  27. I’ve always heard great things about Kia and their service. That place is SERIOUSLY awesome, though! They definitely create a great place to wait!

    Jeni Hawkins / Reply
  28. Oh wow! Now that is a waiting room. How awesome is it that they have snacks available. I wouldn’t want to leave.

    Sherry / Reply
  29. Kia takes care of our oil change. I always ask my husband to take the car and wait for it. He’s always raved about how pleasant it’s been.

    Wanda Lopez / Reply
  30. That is awesome. I LOVE that they have an area for kiddos. That makes running errands for me so much easier. Awesome review of a local business!

    sarahcarleypaul / Reply
  31. Car dealers these days have nice locations. We have many and we use them for EV charging so we spend some time around and they have so much to offer.

    Kristin Lesney / Reply
  32. So I’m from Georgia, but I also work for an automotive marketing company and am familiar with Carriage Kia! They really are far and above so many other car dealers!

    Helen Bailey / Reply

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