10 Breathtaking Picture-Perfect Mountain Villages to Visit Before You Die

Places with fascinating beaches or huge skyscrapers are very famous for holidays. Give yourself a chance to try something different this year and explore one of the best mountain villages in the world.


Mountains are the perfect haven for connecting with nature while marveling at beautiful landscapes and we’ve made a list of the most beautiful villages in Europe, the USA, and Canada for you to check out! Some mountain villages in this world are particularly a must-visit, especially during the winter, when one can see lantern-lit cobblestone streets and warm cabins.


Not only can you enjoy the beautiful scenery, but you can also have a breath of fresh air and a friendly welcome from the people. Here are ten of the best mountain villages for staycations that are worth using hashtags for Instagram.


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A Few of the Best Mountain Villages


Grab your camera and your hiking boots as we go on an adventure to some of the most beautiful villages in the mountains. One of these towns is a national chocolate champion, so go hungry for some tasty handmade treats. 



Lake Tahoe, California


Lake Tahoe, California is home to some of the most breathtaking views in the world. It’s a place that invites visitors all year round and offers a variety of outdoor adventures for just about anyone. Even if you’re just into driving around for pretty vistas, this is one of the best mountain villages to visit.



Canazei, Italy


Whether it is during summer or winter holidays, Canazei is a perfect escapade from a busy routine. Visitors can enjoy endless hiking trails while taking time to appreciate the view of valleys and mountains.


There are also challenging climbing practice areas for capable mountaineers. The place is famous for its ski center and modern ski lifts.



Crans-Montana, Switzerland


Crans-Montana has much to offer to tourists who are looking for a great mountain view. It also offers state-of-the-art alpine shopping and a distinguished cultural and congress center.


This small town is also home to a national chocolate champion, so do not miss your chance of eating some chocolates that are wonderfully made by hand. This alpine town is hands down one of the most beautiful villages in Europe!



Hallstatt, Austria


Hallstatt, Austria is another great place to be. Hallstatt is situated between the edge of Hallstatter See and the takkDachstein mountains. Visitors describe it as a “fairy tale” since it looks magical in the Salzkammergut Lake Region.


Try walking from the market square and taking a picture of the many picture-perfect places you come across. Locals recommend having a nature walk through the Echerntal path.



Fernie, Canada


Fernie is a great choice for tourists who are into relaxation, exploration, and adventure. It is popular for its ski resorts and mountains for the whole family to enjoy. You can try skiing or cat-skiing, where you can ride on a heated snow-grooming vehicle to discover the untracked area.



Torla, Spain


A small community to the Ordesa National Park, Torla provides a variety of picture-perfect sceneries to see and activities to do. Visitors should discover the high mountainous trails of the Pyrenees through hill walking, mountaineering, or skiing.


Or you can enjoy the waterfalls through canyoneering or rafting. In the evening, spend a relaxing time with home-cooked delicacies and wine from the locals.



Megeve, France


If you want to take a break from the buzz of the city, then Megeve can offer a serene destination.  It is in the southeast of France and is well-known for its ski destinations.


Megeve is a good location for winter sports. Spend some time sitting in the shadows of Mont Blanc or plunging into their luxurious spas. This town is quiet and is excellent for relieving stress.



Cavalese, Italy


Cavalese is a popular holiday resort with a variety of ski resorts. Visitors can explore the mountains by walking, hiking, biking, or horseback riding.


A splendid mountain village you should explore, Cavalese is acknowledged by UNESCO as one of the most beautiful villages in Europe (and the planet!) because of its fauna and flora.


best mountain villages, Helen, Georgia

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Helen, Georgia


Hidden in the mountains of Northern Georgia is an Alpine Village called, Helen. A trip here will make you feel like you took a transatlantic flight to Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. It’s got all the German food, sweets, and flare you could want.


And it’s surrounded by mountains so waterfall hikes and vistas are minutes away. Camp nearby or stay in town!


best mountain villages

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Flam, Norway


Flam, Norway is one of the most incredible little Fjordside villages I have ever seen in my life. The backdrop of the towering mountains to the miniature houses and villages along the fjord is captivating.


You can take a three-hour cruise to this tiny village and feel like you are in the farthest corner of the earth while still having shops and eateries within walking distance.


Visiting the mountains is one the best activities that can be done any time of the year. Exploring the best mountain villages is definitely perfect for all nature and adventure lovers. Fill your Instagram posts with snapshots of the famous mountain landmarks while giving your mind the relaxing break it deserves.


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