The Five Best Ways To See Europe

The European continent is full of fantastic sites and hidden gems. Millions of people visit each year to see all of the beautiful sites and historic landmarks. So, what is the best way to see Europe?


Trying to see it all in one trip is a daunting task. Rather than try and see everything at once, let your method of travel help set the theme for your vacation. The best way to see Europe is dependent on you and how you like to vacation.


Cruiseship in the Geirangerfjord, West Norway

Cruiseship in the Geirangerfjord, West Norway, photo Fredrik Schenholm –


The Best Ways To See Europe – 5 Popular Options

Coastal Tours 


The French Riviera, Icelandic volcanoes, or even the coast of Croatia, are just some of the amazing sites that line the coast of Europe. Trying to decide which places to see or where to begin can be overwhelming.


To get you started, consider looking at cruise deals that offer opportunities to see a variety of ports and coastlines. These cruises can vary in length, the number of stops, and of course, destinations.


If you are at a loss, think about the season and what you can see. For example, a late-season cruise to the Norwegian fjords could have you relaxing under the Northern lights this year.


There are always new experiences you can have with coastal tours, and that’s why they are some of the most extravagant ways to see Europe.


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Surprise Trips


For those who don’t know where they want to go, consider booking a surprise vacation. German air carriers Lufthansa and Eurowings offer flights where you do not know where you are heading until you pay.


To get you started, choose your departure city and theme. This will give you a list of potential locations, with some flexibility to remove spots. Once you pay, you will receive your confirmation and destination.


For those looking to add spontaneity to their next vacation, this is the perfect option. Before you book your European vacation, pay attention to the departure options as these flights only take off from select cities.


Keep in mind that everyone needs a break in their routine, break that normal routine, and spice up your life with a surprise trip.



Classic Vacations


European train travel has been immortalized in films throughout the ages, so much so that when picturing a European tour, you most likely think of traveling by train.


This classic mode of transport offers unique views of cities and landscapes only visible from the window of a train. To help you decide which route to take, think about costs, dates, and locations.


If you are looking for a taste of pure luxury, consider booking yourself on the Oriental Express to get you from London to Venice and back again. This offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those seeking an extravagant vacation.


Consider booking a tour by train, to have a truly unique European vacation.


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Budget Travels


If you are looking for a more cost-efficient tour of Europe, consider booking your tickets on one of the many budget lines available. Europe has a variety of affordable travel services, ranging from budget trains, cheap bus routes, and even long-distance car share.


These offer regional or international options for tours. As you decide where to go, take the time to review what routes are available, schedules, and types of transport.


This will help you choose how to get to your destination, and whether you can squeeze in some extra sites while in transit.


Additionally, be sure that you mark your arrival and departure spot as sometimes the city may be the same, but you will need to transfer to a different station.


Many people are unsure if they would be able to travel to Europe for a bargain, but do some searches on the internet and you will be surprised at what you will find for a deal.


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Immersive Nature Trips


For those looking to get fully immersed in nature, consider booking a hiking trip. These provide you with the opportunity to see parts of Europe rarely seen or experienced.


There are many different trails you can follow, which will take you to high mountain peaks or through lush valleys. However, hotels are not common on most of these tracks, and you may have to stay at a rustic hut or campsite.


Before you book, be sure that you are physically ready for the commitment. If you get tired mid-hike, you may be stuck for a while as these are far from main roads, and turning back may be a challenge.


Finally, take the time to make sure you have everything you need since there will be limited to no shopping options on the way.   


A trip to Europe can be a life-changing event that can bring new perspectives and experiences to cherish for the rest of your life. There are so many wonderful sites to see that one trip is far from enough.


Regardless of which one of the best ways to see Europe you choose, it is sure to be amazing!

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